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Between Master and Disciples

Tim Qo Tu's Love Will Win, Part 2 of 9, June 10, 2020

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I offered all the Saints I know from the Shadow World, like Fifth Level, etc., (Yes.) to go to my New Realm, if They wanted to. Some refused. They refused because They would like to stay in the Fifth Level to help Their disciples or some other people. (Wow.) Because from there they cannot access Tim Qo Tu’s Land at will.

Where were we? Ah yes, I’m going to tell you this now. Before I forget. Or you want to ask something first? (Oh, Master first, please.) OK. Because I asked and They said I can tell you. (Cool! Thank You. Wow!) I offered all the Saints I know from the Shadow World, like Fifth Level, etc., (Yes.) to go to my New Realm, if They wanted to. Some refused. They refused because They would like to stay in the Fifth Level to help Their disciples or some other people. (Wow.) Because from there they cannot access Tim Qo Tu’s Land at will. So if They want, I can bring Them up. But They would prefer to stay in the Fifth Level, for example, just to help others, help more the world. So I say, “What Heroes!” (Yes.) with exclamation mark, and with a heart, and then with thanks, and then with the infinity plus sign. Somebody said something here… It’s in quotation marks, but I don’t know who told me at that time. I forgot to write. Must be OU (Original Universe) Godses, then. “M” − means Master, me − “can’t be attached, even the love and respect for a teacher before would hinder Your peace mission.” That’s what one of the Godses told me, but I forgot who. Never mind, it must be one of the High Heavens. So I said, “Thanks.”

This one, I cannot tell you, it’s some prediction. Another line is: “This is Final Judgment time. Some of those who die in pandemic are also long-term.” Some of them. Some of those that get COVID-19 or any other pandemic are long-term demonic workers. (Oh, wow!) “They’re torturers of innocents. (Yes, Master.) Not all of them are possessed by demons. And then here it continues: “After the possessed bodies die in disasters or diseases, zealous demon spirits dragged to hell.” After this time now, the Final Judgment now, they’re not allowed to possess another body to live on. So, I said, “Zealous demons’ spirit will be dragged to hell because the real zealous demons are made of low substance and energy, so not redeemable. Those who are coerced,” forced, or are threatened to cooperate with the zealous demons and made into one of them, but they are coerced and they repent, “will be saved by Tim Qo Tu to safe New Realm.” (Thank You, Master.) Oh! The Godses say, “This You could tell openly so people are happy.” (Yes!) Yes. And the other one, this I cannot tell you yet.

Next one, I’m explaining here how they got human bodies. (Yes, Master.) As I just told you before. “They use their magic.” This is very powerful magic. It’s not normal magic like hula hup in the world. (Yes.) “They use their special magic to force the humans out, or to control their mind to turn them into zealous demons, to transform the living into zombies!!!!!!!” (Wow.) Exclamation marks, many, many. “By yanking the souls away from people, leaving their bodies empty, so the demons can manipulate these bodies to do whatever they want!!!!!!!” Many exclamation marks. And then next paragraph: “Not only humans, but animals are also used in the same way.” (Wow.) “Their souls, their spirit just gets swooned out, and the soul leaves the body, and…” This is the OU (Original Universe) that was talking. (Yes, Master.) All this way. (Yes.) And then, They were explaining it to me. They continued saying, “After the soul’s detached from the body, detached from the zealous spirit, You revive the soul lovingly, save it and lead it to Your Safe Realm.” (Wow!) Parentheses: “(meaning New Realm, Eleventh Level.)” (Wow.) Close parentheses. Something like that. (Wow. Thank You, Master. Thanks Master.) I told you before, Alzheimer’s are cases of zombie possession. (Yes, Master.) That’s very obvious. That’s why they’re still alive, they’re healthy, but they don’t recognize any of their relatives, friends or people they knew before. Because they are not really functioning. (Yes.)

One day the maya appealed to me, saying, “Oh, You don’t feel sorry for the people? The world is in trouble, like the flood victims, and all that. Why don’t You give a lot of spiritual merit for them?” I said, “I do what I do. You don’t try so hard to make trouble.” The OU (Original Universe) Godses told me, “Oh, they just want You to lose a lot of precious merit for… actually it’s for his people, not for Your people.” Because these are the camouflaged appearance. (Oh.) They’re not real people. (Wow.) Many people who die in disasters and all that, are not real. (Wow.) This is OU (Original Universe) still talking. “By appealing to Master’s love.” So, I said, “Huh, huh! It’s time for them to go. Go, go, go, go far to hell! Don’t bother me anymore.”

One time I was so tired and I could not meditate very well that day. I said, “Sorry, I feel like I’m so lousy, so lazy, but my body really is so tired. I don’t know why.” So the Godses told me, “You are not lazy, You are not lousy. It’s the karma of the world that drags Your body and mind to tiredness often. Not Your fault. Heaven Beings know Your heart, know what You’re doing.” I said, “Thanks for loving kind words.” I don’t always write grammatically. (OK. Yes, Master.) So I read what I wrote. Because I wrote only for myself to know. Just to remember. I don’t care grammatic or not. I don’t have time to sissy-sassy about all that. (Yes, Master.) I said, “Thanks for loving kind words. Always feel I not do enough.” So, They said, “Not worry, You will win.” (Yay! Yes.)  I said, “Win what?” They said, “Your disciples love You.” (Yes. Yes, Master.) I said, “Oh, how surprising.” And the rest, some positive encouragement and prediction but I don’t think I should tell you. (Oh! Wow. OK, Master.) OK.

“We always have to pray to the Almighty God, and dedicate all our good and failure to the Almighty, to ask Hirm to forgive our sins and give us liberation. New disciples, old disciples should all say this.” (Yes, Master.) Recommended by OU (Original Universe). Before initiation and after initiation, and all the time. (OK, Master.) And when we’re working, we dedicate that to God Almighty as well. Not us. Not that we do it. Like this, we can avoid karma. (Yes, Master.) Good or bad karma, we don’t want.

Then, the maya asked me about… I should sympathize with the victims of disasters, etc. This is more on top of that. I read only the bottom, and now I read you the rest. (OK, Master.) And on top. Because sometimes I thought I might write at the bottom first. And then, I save for other on top, but then it continues, the same story. So originally it goes like this: “Do You love Your people in the world?” And this maya even faked, told me that he is an OU (Original Universe) Protecting God. I said, “Hey, come on. Come on!” “You want me to destroy you or what? You know already my condition. Anybody lies to me using the Holy Divinity of any kind, I will destroy you. So tell the truth.” So he said, “I’ll tell You later.” I asked him, “Why you ask me whether or not I love my people? You know I love people. Why ask?” So he said, “Because danger is near.” The future. I said, “What kind of danger?” He said, “Typhoon, more people die from pandemic, sickness, lost world from diseases, from blowing wind, from zealous kind of war, from snowstorm, from all kind of problems, from pressure riots, from doomsday, left people without safety.” I said, “Thanks for the bad news. You don’t tell anything that I didn’t know already, what’s the use of all this? What more can I do anyway? They don’t even listen. They don’t care about the suffering of fellow beings, weaker beings. They continue eating meat and drinking alcohol and fighting each other. I’m talking to deaf ears. Even if I can help or pray for them, for their wellness, so they will continue to live and be happy and well, then they will continue their wicked way, to murder others and to murder animals and torturing the weak and the defenseless, like animals and those who have no one to lean on, etc, etc. Then, it will begin another bad effect again. Disaster will befall them again. Because the humans, they don’t listen to me.” So I said, “Why do you ask me all this? Because I know you are maya. What for you bother about my people, anyway? Even if they are my people. But I know, they are not my people. Your people are the ones who are disguised in all these people, causing a lot of trouble. That’s why they die in disasters.” Many of them are not my people. Some are but it’s just their karma and their time to go. But many of them are zealous spirits hiding inside. So this is the time that Heaven wants to clean them all out. Not just me alone. (Yes, Master.) Not just I alone that cleans all the bad spirits and demons out, but here Heavens are also doing that. Also, the humans, some of them have so bad karma that they had to die this way. (Wow.) Also, they don’t listen anyway, so I say, “Why you ask anyway? You don’t care. You torture my people all these countless eons and now you talk like you’re very compassionate!” So, the OU (Original Universe) told me, “Oh, the maya just wants Master to spend big precious merit for (his people), by appealing to Master’s love.” So I said, “Hah!” “It’s time for them to go go go. Go far, far to hell. Locked in there.” That was on May 20th. And the one I read just before this, is May 21st.

On May 19th, the Godses comforted me. “‘Don’t feel sad,’ I’m told, but my tears just keep naturally flowing, often. I can’t help it. In Heavens the system is easy. Here working for years, nothing seems to be really happening here. Let me just cry in some moments like this to wash myself of the dirt of this world. People are so lost in their fleeting, mundane pursuit. Nothing else matters to them. Words won’t penetrate them. They are sitting there forever. How would I move? Where to? What with?” Meaning what would I do, what can I do, where should I go, to do better. “Yet, if you criticize them it may be worse for you. They are made of steel, iron. I am made of what. Can’t go against them: mainstream, power. Tears won’t melt them either. I just cry myself, alone.” (Oh.) They told me again, not to be sad. “But how am I to be happy?” I answered Them. “Looking at this mess of a world, of irresponsible creation. Anything really good here? I can’t shake off the illusionary feeling of knowledge about it.” About all this mess. “On the other hand, feel suffering for them, tortured by them, torn inside out mentally, physically by karma heaped on me non-stop. Yet, changes are too few. Just look at some of these so-called leaders. They sit on top just to obstruct others to do right, even. To make so bad examples. Yet the public listens, worships, follows them to the wrong way, to the hell way.” I told Them that’s why I’m sad. (Yes, Master.) And that continues with the one I read before. I don’t want to feel sad, but my tears just naturally flow etc., etc. (Yes, Master.)

They keep telling me it won’t be long. I say, “Yeah, keep promising, comforting, but it’s too long, too long. All beings suffer endlessly. My tears are flowing endlessly. What for, all this? The stupid world, stupid humans. All they do is kill, kill, kill, kill and kill each other and whatnot. I don’t really want to stay here anymore. They are all just too stupid.” Pardon my words. I wrote to myself. I was very sad. “Too poisoned. Too arrogant. Too thick. Can’t hear, can’t feel, can’t see nothing. Nothing can move them. Will I even last until peace or security yield for all beings and animals especially, with all daily stress about work stuff?” Like Supreme Master Television work, stress, and… (Yes, Master.) I have to think, I can’t just say, “OK, good.” I have to think to make comments. (Yes, Master.) And write things for you guys, etc. “Even working for Supreme Master Television stuff, though it’s good, it still has inner obstacles and unsmartness. Will I even last to see that day?” You know, the promised day. “Feels like working for nothing, too little, too slow. Is there any use talking to humans who seem blind, deaf and dumb. Oh God. Too little, too slow to build up Heaven here. They are so blurred, blank, blunt. Some religious leaders, politicians, environmentalists, even animal activists, etc., it’s just talk, talk, talk and talk. Many of them are just talk and talk and talk. I talk too, to deaf people, to blind humans, to a stupefied race on Earth?!” Question mark, and exclamation mark.

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