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Between Master and Disciples

Tim Qo Tu's Love Will Win, Part 7 of 9, June 10, 2020

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Between every level, there is a buffer zone, vast and massive and unattainable. If you are there without anyone, you will be lost. You can never find your way out. (Wow.) So, if you want to go to the Fifth Level, for example, you need a Master to take you across the Fourth Level.

That’s why if I can do it… You see, now I clean my own house. I wash my own clothes by hand (Oh, Master.) because I don’t want to ask our electrician to come and install the machine for me. I dislike asking, number one. Number two, I’m in retreat; I don’t want anybody to come and disturb my energy. Even if people bring the food, mostly they have to put it far away outside the gate, something like that. Sometimes they bring near, it’s some special situation. But mostly, they have to put far away. Before, the Gods even reminded me to be nine meters away (Oh wow.) from anybody, any of the workers, my staff. Including you. (Yes, Master.) Sorry if I offend you. Even the Godses remind me that. (Yes, Master.) I knew but I asked them why. I knew but normally I knew vaguely, I don’t even go into detail. Things like this you would know. No need to even go into research to know why.

The different energy, different magnetic field, it disturbs. And then you have to begin all over again, at least for a few days to pacify the energy around you. (Oh.) But sometimes they come because misunderstand or something like that, startle me, and then everything goes bad. (Oh, no.) It’s very difficult to concentrate again, and all kinds of things. Snake came and ants are coming in tons instead of before, only a few. Insects run and bite, and all kinds of things happen. Or this broken and that broken. (Oh, Master.) Then I have to start to clean it up again. That’s why I’d rather wash my own clothes by hand. And do all things myself, clean the room myself.

But I’m in a smaller area now, smaller than the storehouse before. Much smaller, so it’s easier to manage, even though with ants. (Oh, Master.) I like small things, small houses, because I do things myself. I don’t want to have big rooms to have to clean and sweep all day, every day. And just a room with everything in it. I eat in it, sleep in it, have a sofa and telephone and a small little shower room and toilet. That’s perfect already. In France, that’s what I lived in also, even though if I have a house. (Yes.) I lived in a cave also, or I lived in a small storeroom, even smaller than here. Oh, I think you saw it. (Yes, Master.) In France, in SMC, behind the SMC, a storeroom. Like one meter by one and a half, something like that. Or one meter or two by two, one by two, something like that. Enough for me already. I’m small. Even if I am taller, you’re not supposed to lay down and sleep, so what’s the problem?

The reason I have a sofa and not meditate on the floor is because of the ants. At least they did not crawl on the sofa, that many. Easy to manage. If I sit on the floor, they will crawl all over me, or I might be hurting them. (Yes, Master.) When I meditate, I cannot sweep. I sweep only when I’m not meditating. (Yes, Master.) And because of the sofa, it saved my life once in that storeroom before. If I wasn’t on the sofa, then the snake would have bitten me already. (Oh!) Because he was under my sofa, Sometimes they told me. The reason I got up was because I wanted to write something, I wanted to go to the desk in the corner to take a pen. So I used the mobile phone to turn on the flashlight to go to the switch to turn on the light. And meanwhile I heard, “Not turn off light. Stay away from sofa.” (Oh.) That’s exactly the words the spider told me. Oh, he’s big! He’s like my hand spread out. (Wow!) Seldom I saw such a big spider.

Other postmen are smaller. That’s their job. But I am very touched sometimes because they have to stay where you’d see them, so that they can pass on the message. But most humans are deaf already; they cannot hear anything. Telepathy is just a dream now. Too far gone. So they are postmen. (Yes.) They deliver messages to help humankind. But humans, if they see them, they just squash them. (Oh.) I don’t do that. (No.) I did not know spiders are postmen before. (Wow.) Until recently. Even when I fed the spider outside my small little room before, (Yes.) I did not know they are postmen. (Wow.) I mean, because I had not much to do with them. Only when I pay attention to them, then I listen to them. Only in that urgent moment that he was very loud, and it took such a big spider to awaken my attention. (Wow.)

And from then on, I listen when they come, and they come many times now telling me things. Sometimes good things, sometimes to pay attention. “Don’t go out. The snake’s waiting to bite You.” I said, “Really? So what will happen to me if he bites?” He said, “You will be dead.” (Oh!) If it’s poisonous, maybe I have no time to react. Within one hour, if nobody takes you to the hospital, you’d die. (Oh.) Poisonous snakes are like that. And I don’t always have the phone with me to call anybody, number one. Number two, maybe it numbs you, it paralyzes you. It depends on where it bites you. (Yes.) And then you will never have a chance to call anybody. You will just die like that, quietly. At night, you guys don’t go around too much, OK? (OK, Master.) You never know. They should be afraid of all of you, but I don’t want to risk it. (Yes, Master.)

Not every snake wants to bite me. I saw two of them, they ran so fast away from me. But I don’t feel any bad intention from them. I feel they are so lovely. I feel they are so cute and like they’re my family members. (Yes, Master.) I feel like they are just like my dogs. If they’d be around, I would pet them, or they would want me petting them. That’s what the feeling is. (Yes, Master.) So I never pay attention.

I rescued many snakes before. They never wanted to harm me. (Wow.) Sometimes they told me, “We didn’t want to. Sorry, sorry. We didn’t want to scare You even.” After the zealous gone, they told me, “Sorry, sorry.” That one. So anyway, I let him out and he said, “Sorry, sorry.” That one almost bit me. This one I didn’t see until the bird killed her. All gone, all disappeared. The rest of the snake was taken care of by other insects. Whenever I pass by, I don’t see it. Before, I still saw some part. Now I don’t see anymore. Gone. Maybe also the rain washed it away sometime, or other insects, they shared.

If I did not sit on that sofa, I would be gone because he was under my sofa, exactly where I sat. And his head was already rising up. I saw it. And then I saw it when I turned the light on. And then I understood why the spider told me, “Not turn off light.” He did not say, “Don’t turn off the light.” He said, “Not turn off light. Leave the sofa.” Because I wanted to go back to the sofa to write my diary there. (Yes.) Normally I clip a pen onto my diary. (Yes, Master.) But that day, it dropped somewhere, so I got up and wanted to go to my desk to take the pen. And that’s how I turned on the light, and oh, luckily I did. If I just sat there a few more seconds, the snake would be able to raise his head up and finish me off, (Oh, my goodness!) peacefully. (Thank goodness for the spider.) Yeah. The spider, he was so big, and oh! His eyes were like two small flashlights. (Wow!) Two like, there are some points of light. There are some people who sell this like a flashlight, but it’s in one point only. (Oh, yes. A laser pointer.)

One time, that laser pointer saved my life, also. There was one guy who was hiding outside my house some other time in France. And I saw something shining, like a gun or something, a blade or something. (Oh, my God.) And reflecting the moon. So, I used this…Somebody just gave me, I don’t know for what reason. Ah, I think to play with my dogs. (Oh, yes.) Because Goody, remember he liked to play with shadows and anything that moves around? (Yes.) So I used it sometimes to play with him.

That night, it was almost midnight already, I used that light to point at that area where I saw vaguely something flashing and gleaming. And the car, with no light on. So I pointed my pin pointer light there, and that car immediately started the engine and ran. (Oh, my.) If it’s good people, they don’t do that. (Yes.) Right? (That’s right. Yes, yes.) Maybe that person thinks I have a laser gun or something. Is there such a gun that you have such a pin pointer like a gun? (Yes. It exists.) Talking about cavewoman; I don’t know anything about guns. Maybe, yeah, because immediately the car started the engine and ran so fast. I don’t think it’s a good person. What for he stayed alone there? (Yeah.) In the dark and next to my house, in the garden, dark corner like that. And ran immediately. (Yes.) And ran fast. (Wow.)

I could write some books. (Yes, Master.) And Hollywood would buy it from me. To make like, what, suspense movie, you call it? (Yes, Master.) A what? (Like a thriller movie.) Thriller, yeah! Thriller or suspense. Yeah, and I would earn lots of money. (Yes.) If I have money to write this thing. Or maybe you guys just patch them up altogether and write it for me and then we share the money. (Yes, Master.) I promise I will share it with you. I won’t take it all. We have some scheme. We girls like money. Don’t we? That’s why you quit your job, come in here, work for food. And that’s why I pay for my own job, (Oh, that’s right.) and more. Pay for my own television and earn nothing. We cannot do business, we’ll lose. We’ll lose business for sure.

  1. Now tell me, what else do you want? Because I can talk. You guys are happy today. Very inspiring, so I talk a lot. (Thank You, Master, for inspiring us.) I’m sure you have more questions, or not? (Oh, we do, Master. Yes.) Yeah, sure. Tell me.

(Master created Tim Qo Tu’s New Spiritual Land more than 63 million years ago. When did Master create the Fourth and the Fifth Levels? Was it before the New Land was created?)

The Fourth and the Fifth Levels, they existed. They’re dripping down of the power from the Tenth Council Level before. (Oh, that’s right.) Remember I told you in Hungary? (Yes, Master.) Sixty-three plus million years ago, the New Realm was created. But not the Fourth and the Fifth Levels. These already existed. The Fourth and the Fifth Levels, like other Levels, they have been there. They have been created long, long, long, no one can even remember before; before the New Realm, of course. That’s why we call that the New Realm. The other ones are old Realms. But at that time when I told you in Hungary, I did not even remember Tim Qo Tu and my New Realm. (Wow.) At that time, I wasn’t up yet. I only know what I knew every level I go. (Yes, Master.) So if you asked me a few years ago, “You know Tim Qo Tu? Is it related to You?” I’d say, “No. No. Never heard of it. Total stranger!”

(Master, also, in relation to the creation of the New Spiritual Land, according to scientists, the dinosaurs had become extinct around 65 million years ago and 60% of species had disappeared.) Sixty-five million years ago. (Were You around 65 million years ago, Master?)

Other planet. Actually, I was on this planet and on other planets. Sometimes on this planet. Sometimes on other planets. Come and go, come and went. It depends on the situation, depends on the need of the time.

(Interesting. And what prompted Master to create the New Spiritual Land around that time?)

Because I already knew some beings. I’d already begun to repair the planet and the universes, other planets. (Wow.) They have no one else, so if they die, they would go to hell or suffer again as suffering humans or animals or whatever. So I have to help them. And then we created that. (Wow!) Just for my own people. You have to know, many Masters did that or will do that.

In between each established world, there is a buffer zone. Just like I told you between the Three Worlds and the Fifth Level, there is a buffer zone called the Fourth Level. (Yes, Master.) That you can use as a free land, a no man’s land. Some Buddhas, some Bodhisattvas, created some land there for their own disciples, believers. And between every level, there is a buffer zone, vast and massive and unattainable. If you are there without anyone, you will be lost. You can never find your way out. (Wow.) So, if you want to go to the Fifth Level, for example, you need a Master to take you across the Fourth Level. It’s too vast for anyone to even know anywhere. Without your own light, that zone will be dark. (Wow.) Without all the beings’ light there, that zone is dark. It’s just a buffer zone.

So, just like between Astral Level and the Second Level, there is also a buffer zone. (Yes.) Some good beings, some Masters created some Heavens there for their own people, for some good people, believers of these Masters or these good beings. That reminds me, there is a film, “Astral City.” (Yes. “Astral City.”) Yeah, it’s a true story. (Yes, yes.) Except it’s more beautiful, more splendid and glorious and radiant and shining and brighter than that. And beautiful beings there. No old people. When you go there, you become young again. (Wow.) And you become healed again, no matter if you were handicapped or terminally ill, you will become young and healthy and happy over there. That’s another buffer zone that some Master created to rescue some redeemable souls from this planet. (Wow.) So, all the between zones have been used to create different kinds of Heavens for different people, apart from the Heavens that already exist from the Masters. From the different levels of Masters. They create different Heavens. If not too high, then They create a lower level. But also depends on the affinity or whom, and which level beings they were to rescue. (Yes, Master.)

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