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In today’s news, vulnerable Palestinian families benefit from food assistance, United Kingdom provides pandemic support in Pakistan, floating ocean energy system generates green power from multiple sources, Finnish research finds basic income boosts emotional health, star-studded charity event raises funds for New York City, United States, vegan luncheon meat introduced in Hong Kong, and South African conservationist protects amphibians.

Qatar humanitarian organization provides food aid to Palestinians.

The Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS), a Shining World Compassion Award laureate, in collaboration with the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS), has begun the distribution of food baskets to 3,780 Palestinian families impacted by COVID-19. Each food package includes 30 kilograms of ingredients such as chickpeas, beans, rice, cereal, sugar, tahini, dates, tomato paste, vegetable oil, pasta, lentils, noodles and tea. The total aid is valued at US$272,700, with distribution priority given to families of day laborers, quarantined persons, and those who are registered with the PRCS social assistance programs. Many thanks and Divine blessings, Qatar Red Crescent Society and Palestine Red Crescent Society! May our kind Palestinian brothers and sisters always be protected, in Heaven’s overflowing mercy.

United Kingdom supports Pakistan in coronavirus pandemic response.

The government of the United Kingdom, a Shining World Wise Leadership Award and Shining World Leadership Awards for Animal Protection and Kindness laureate, has announced a £2.67 million health package to aid 27 districts in Pakistan in detecting the virus and assisting communities in obtaining the correct information to protect themselves. The British High Commission in Islamabad released a statement saying that the funding is the “first in a series of measures to give wide-ranging support to help the poorest and the most vulnerable people in Pakistan during the coronavirus outbreak.” Meanwhile, the UK donated further support of £4.39 million to Pakistan. Our earnest gratitude, United Kingdom, and Heaven bless you for assisting our Pakistani friends during this difficult time. May the gentle people of Pakistan be evermore shielded, in Allah’s grace.

Up next on Noteworthy News, floating ocean energy system generates green power from multiple sources. We’ll just take a little time to thank the adorable squirrels who help to plant millions of trees around the world by burying nuts in the ground. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more benefiting news.

Hi lovely friends, how have you been? I’m Beauli the vegan Brauer’s tree frog. Where does my endless energy come from? Plants! Be vegan. Here is a safety tip for you. If you are caring for people who are considered to be in the high-risk category for disease or illness, you should follow the CDC’s current recommendations for high-risk individuals to minimize the chances of transmission when you’re in that person’s home.

The following set of precautions should be taken to reduce such risk: 1. Protect others from yourself by wearing a disposable mask and gloves. 2. Take your shoes off outside and refrain from bringing them indoors. 3. Disinfect your mobile phone with wipes or sanitizer containing at least 70% alcohol. Alternatively, you can put your phone away prior to washing your hands and don’t touch it again.

  1. Make it a habit to wash your hands regularly while you are inside the home, and take off all rings and bracelets before you wash your hands and store them in your bag while you’re in the house, to reduce risk of contamination.
  2. Place your belongings out of the way or by the door to restrict their contact with the rest of the home. Bring a set of clean clothes so you can change once you arrive there, making sure you don’t touch the outside of the clothing when taking it off.
  3. Gather your hair back to decrease the odds of you touching it or it touching others.
  4. You may also want to take a full shower if the individual is exceptionally high-risk.

Love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Thank you for your attention, and here’s the weather around our beautiful globe.

Engineers create world’s first floating hybrid renewable energy platform.

Germany-headquartered renewable energy firm, SINN Power, has developed an innovative hybrid structure consisting of renewable energy components: solar, tidal, and wind. The self-powering platform can withstand tidal waves up to six meters high, allowing it to float offshore to harvest electricity naturally from the sun, wind, and ocean waves. According to SINN Power, the design is affordable and robust, so it can withstand a variety of oceanic climates. The hybrid platform also has many flexible applications, from supplying energy to Caribbean island resorts to facilitating the construction of more offshore wind farms globally. Such a brilliant design, SINN Power engineers! We can’t wait to see more of such green energy ideas come together to better our planet, in God’s wisdom.

Universal basic income study highlights improved state of mind.

A study done by the University of Helsinki in Finland, regarding the country’s universal basic income trial, has revealed that the recipients had improved life satisfaction, mental wellbeing, and confidence about the future. The trial ran in 2017 through 2018 and included 2,000 randomly-selected unemployed people who received €560 per month, regardless of whether or not they began to work. Entrepreneurs, artists, and freelancers had the strongest positive views of the program as it allowed them to focus on their dreams. Many recipients also participated in society and took on volunteer work, as well as caring more for their family and neighbors. Kudos, Finland, for the program, and University of Helsinki, for highlighting the beneficial effects of universal basic income on people’s lives and the community at large. May the Providence bless all beings in the world with adequate sustenance and shelter, as we move to build a world of compassionate care for all.

Stars raise funds to help New York, United States amid coronavirus pandemic.

“Rise Up New York!”, a virtual telethon hosted by American comedic icon Tina Fey, raised more than US$115 million in pledges to help citizens of New York City affected by the virus. Funds will be given to Robin Hood, an organization which works with more than 250 associations to provide shelter, food, cash assistance, and other supportive services to New Yorkers. The acclaimed performers included Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, Mariah Carey, and Sting – all playing from home – with the show being broadcast on several Times Square billboards, local and national television, as well as radio stations. Broadway and sports stars were amongst those expressing support of their much-loved New York, in addition to representatives of various industries. A big round of applause, “Rise Up New York!” and everyone involved. May you and all world citizens soon see brighter tomorrows in a safe vegan world, in the abiding benevolence of Heaven.

Coming up, vegan luncheon meat introduced in Hong Kong. We’ll take a moment to pray that we may always see the light in any situation. More laudable news, when we return, here on Supreme Master Television.

Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Loving News for a Compassionate World.

Vegan meat company releases plant-based SPAM-like product.

Hong Kong-headquartered OmniFoods recently debuted their OmniPork Luncheon meat, which is a vegan food that is similar to the canned pork item called SPAM. Produced from wheat, beets, soybeans and coconut oil, it was first made available in the highly-acclaimed Ming Court restaurant and the Kind Kitchen vegan eatery, both in Hong Kong. It will be sold in retail outlets beginning this month, along with another new offering, OmniPork Strip. The brand’s popular OmniPork mince is already available in thousands of food locations across Asia, including 4,200 Starbucks in China. Congratulations, OmniFoods, on the release of your new vegan products. May your expansion continue to help Asia convert to the plant-based way as the seeds of compassion flourish throughout the world, in Divine love.

South African conservationist recognized for protecting vulnerable amphibians.

Dr. Jeanne Tarrant, manager of the Threatened Amphibian Programme at the Endangered Wildlife Trust, received a Whitley Award for her conservation of endangered amphibians in South Africa. The award is sponsored by Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN), a United Kingdom-based conservation charity, and includes £40,000 in project funding. Approximately 41% of all amphibians species are currently at risk of extinction, making them the world’s most threatened group of animals. With the award funding, Dr. Tarrant and her team will develop a 10-year conservation and research plan for South African frogs and protect 200 square kilometers of amphibian habitat, safeguarding eight frog species. Dr. Tarrant also leads a “Frogs in the Classroom” learning program, where she is endearingly named the “Frog Lady.” Our sincere appreciation, Dr. Jeanne Tarrant and colleagues, for taking care of our gorgeous amphibian friends. In Heaven’s munificence, may your work highlight the importance of wildlife conservation for all species.

Looking for a fun and easy exercise? It’s now time to laugh your way to a six-pack with today's joke called “Superb Guidance.”

At a planning meeting at the college where he worked, David congratulated a colleague on producing some superb student-guidance notes explaining how to stop plagiarism. “Great work on the guidance notes. How long did it take you to write them?” “Not long. I copied them from another university’s website.”!!

And now we have a heartline from Jenny Liu in Brazil:

Hallo, beloved Master, Supreme Master TV team and viewers! Today I come to thank you all for existing and spreading your beautiful news, programs and thoughts. Here at home, we keep Supreme Master TV on every day, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. I live in São Paulo, Brazil, with my vegan mom, vegan dad and vegetarian brother. I’m also vegetarian! We’re all so glad knowing that there is a channel focused on transmitting good vibrations, positive actions and good messages. It really fills us with joy and hope! I have been dating my boyfriend for more than two years. He is not vegetarian but has always watched the Supreme Master TV programs when he is here and is always very interested. Three months ago, he received a proposal to start working with a very nice plant-based burger company and he accepted, and is very engaged in this every day! The first time we heard about plant-based burgers was on Supreme Master TV news and now he is working with a good purpose. We couldn’t be more happy. Thank you all for everything! With Master’s Love <3 Jenny Liu from Brazil Joyous Jenny。

Thank you for your positive feedback and dedicated viewing of Supreme Master Television. It is wonderful to hear how God’s divine plan unfolds for our viewers, uplifting spirits and changing lives. Your family’s veg lifestyles truly help our planet and we pray that Heaven’s blessings may continue to rain down upon you and your loved ones and all the smiling Brazilians. In love and peace, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master said: “Hallo lovely Jenny, my appreciation for your happy heartline and congratulations to your companion for his employment at a plant-based company – may it help him choose the vegan way soon! May God’s love adorn you, your family and festive Brazil evermore.”

We welcome your heartlines stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

We sure have enjoyed spending time with you on Noteworthy News. May you and your loved ones be blessed with inner tranquility and contentment.

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