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Between Master and Disciples

Tim Qo Tu's Love Will Win, Part 9 of 9, June 10, 2020

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Nothing is hidden. Anything you’ve spoken will remains in the air, remains in the water, remains in the trees, remains on the grass, in the ground, everywhere. (Wow!) Maybe one day, scientists will be able to catch it. (Wow!) And then we can hear Jesus personally preach to us. (Amazing.) Or we can hear Buddha’s talk in His language that we don’t understand.

(Regarding all the Supreme Master TV work Master does, is there something more that the team could be doing to lighten Master’s workload?) Oh, you are helping a lot now, better than before. When I first started, it was so chaotic. I never saw the sun for a long time. Worked all day, all night. And even so tired, I could not eat, could not sleep. But right now, after two, three years training, you guys are getting there. The style is better. If you look at the beginning, when I wasn’t in yet, (Yes.) you know what I’m saying, like comatose TV. I wonder why didn’t we just make a radio, because it was good enough for a radio. Not even, not even. The guy who read the news was reading like he was feeding his baby with the bottle, and then reading at the same time while one eye is closed or half eyes open. You look back at the beginning, the first day. I can’t believe it! I didn’t have time to look at that time. I thought you guys knew already what to do and they professed to me, “Oh, this sister’s been coordinator for LA old TV before, and that man and this…” They use their own chickens, their own workers. “This and that already, done this and that, been there…” And so, I thought, “Good. Then I don’t even have to do anything.” And until I checked. Oh, God! I almost fainted. (Oh.) My God. That’s how you put my title on the TV? Supreme Master Television and comatose like that? Then I had to begin working, but in the beginning, it was so chaotic and disorganized that I had to work day and night to bring it into today.

Before, I had to do absolutely everything: Choosing the hosts even, writing all the comments, and writing many things. Right now, even nowadays, you guys sometimes chip in to help me write some. (Yes.) When I forgot, then you guys wrote some. Now and then. Very rarely, I forget, but sometimes I am just too tired or too busy, inside out. Inside more busy than outside even. Outside is a piece of cake. Even then, it tires me out, of course.

I am not used to it with computer and all that. My eyes are getting less sharp now. I used to not need to wear glasses to look into the subtitles. And now I have to. (Oh, Master.) Before I used it to read only the scripts because the script print is smaller. And now I have to wear it to even look into the computer for subtitles, and to look at the images to make it sharper. And sometimes, have headaches. Even if we have preventive measures, but still, I am too sensitive, especially in retreat. And they make me work even. But I cannot not work for Supreme Master Television. I cannot just let you all do it. I saw it many times already. It didn’t work. (Yes, Master.) I mean maybe it works one day, doesn’t work one day. One day it works, two days it doesn’t work. So many mistakes and so many things. The styles and the… Even recently, you saw how many mistakes I corrected? (Yes, Master.) Even you Americans are writing like that? Grammatically, not logically. Sometimes I can see it out. But I don’t blame you guys, because sometimes we have a lot of work. And you cannot just pay attention to everything. You did your best, I know that. And it’s hard work. (Thank You, Master.) It’s really, really hard work. Even to type in computer, sometimes it makes your hand tired. (Yes, Master.) If you do it all day, right? And also your fingers feel something. Hurt or not? (If we’re used to it, our fingers are OK.) Oh really? How come my fingers hurt when I use the computer?

I have to use the computer now. I used to use handwriting to correct. But that was too bad, because I sent the handwriting away and they typed it, but they typed it wrong. I had to check it again. (Oh.) Before I send it out, so it’s like I worked double. (Yes.) And a lot of work and to work double like that, how can one person take care of all the shows and work double? Even if some shows I don’t correct, but I still need to see it first. I have to read it to know it, in order to know whether or not I should correct anywhere. (Yes, Master.) It still spends time. Correcting and writing, spend more time, but even not, still need. And all the Award letters, I have to send, I have to read, I have to correct. Because sometimes, I corrected already, sent them back and they make another mistake. I have to correct again and again. But nowadays, it’s less because many of you already improved a lot. (Yes, Master.) And already used to the system and knowing and stuff. And now, I use computer to correct. I thought I could never do it because I never knew how to move the mouse before. You know, the cursor? (Yes, Master.) I could not move it. I moved and I couldn’t see him anywhere. I said, “Where, where, where? Where have you gone? Come back here!” Oh, sometimes he didn’t come back for a long time, and I moved frantically, he didn’t come back. I said, “You, come back now!” Sometimes, he seems like he listens to me, but the computer, he has his own mind. He doesn’t listen to me. Sometimes, it seems like I just breathe, and then it changes. I couldn’t go back to that area again or it made it crazy. Today again, I had to ask somebody to fix it. Thank God. But I learned, and I do it by computer now.

Before I used to do it by hand. And by hand, it’s very dependent. And I dislike dependence. (Understand. Yes, Master.) Because I had to write and somebody had to come collect it and then have to bring it to that person and then I have to wait. And then another comes and another comes all day long, like people come back and forth like a yoyo. Because some are urgent, (Yes, Master.) and correct again and again and again. And sometimes I also am very tired, mentally and physically, and I overlook some of the areas. And later I look again, and I correct again. Or make some additions and that comes back and forth, back and forth a lot. And it is also very tiring for the mailman. For the disciple mailman. And I don’t like it very much that people come up and down, up and down, in and out always, inside my magnetic field. (Yes.) It also causes disturbances to me, for my concentration. That’s why sometimes I cannot work well, and I have to correct again and again. You guys know it. (Yes.) Some of you who work close to me, know it.

And I asked a long time ago, I asked several people, “Can you teach me how to do it? Tell me how to do it so that I don’t have to write by hand, and then you don’t have to keep coming and going or other brothers and sisters don’t have to keep coming and going all the time.” They said, “No, Master. It’s very complicated.” And then another person said, “Oh, it’s very tricky, very tricky.” And then the other said, “You’re too busy, Master. You can’t. This is too much for You to learn.” And I thought like that. I thought I never did computer work before except [when] you guys already made into a USB and I stuck it in to see, like watching the videos. Otherwise, I couldn’t have done anything before. I could type in an electric typing machine, that’s all. So, in the beginning, I said, “OK, at least buy me an electric typing machine.” I’d type it on, so it’s more clear than handwriting. But I typed it with two fingers only. Or one finger even, one and a half. It took so long, so long also. And then later I said, “Oh, I have to learn computer. I must.” And then I asked another of your brothers, and he told me what to do, he just wrote some instructions, pushed some buttons and it was done. So now I am doing that. I am very happy with that. (Thank goodness. Wonderful.) It’s still very slow, but better than I have to check again, double. (Yes, Master.) Read my own writing again and get vexed sometimes because some words are so very clear. Some words are not maybe, but some are very clear, and they still type mistakes because they think differently. They think that’s what Master meant. Or maybe they’re too distracted by, I don’t know, girls, boys, or chickens or whatever is in front of them at that time. Who knows? Or chicks. OK.

So now it’s more in control now. I don’t have to have people running around me and in and out to my gate anymore, or my door. They cannot come in; I lock the door all the time. But still come in near my gate, near my door – already something bad. I don’t like. (Yes, Master.) Especially when I’m in retreat. It’s bad enough that I have to work while on retreat already and taxing my energy like that already. I try my best. (Thank You, Master.) As long as my body functions. Sometimes it doesn’t function immediately when my soul is not yet… and I have to force myself to work and that’s when it’s hard. I hold the phone and the pen, it just keeps dropping out of my hand, like I don’t have a grip. Nothing wrong with me, I’m healthy. (Yes. Thank God.) It’s just the higher you go, sometimes it’s like that. (Yes, Master.) The body doesn’t function as alert as when the soul is around. (Yes, Master.)

  1. Any more questions? (No more questions, Master.) That’s good! No question is a good question. (Thank You for Your time.) (Thank You so much, Master.) Thank you for asking intelligent questions. I like that. It will benefit other brothers and sisters as well. (Yes, Master). And maybe one or two worldly people outside if they have time to even look, if they even care. It’s a benefit. Even if they don’t know it, if they don’t look, there’s also the energy. Nothing is hidden. Anything you’ve spoken will remains in the air, remains in the water, remains in the trees, remains on the grass, in the ground, everywhere. (Wow!) Maybe one day, scientists will be able to catch it. (Wow!) And then we can hear Jesus personally preach to us. (Amazing.) Or we can hear Buddha’s talk in His language that we don’t understand. (Wow!) But who knows? Maybe we will. Maybe until that time, human beings have evolved enough to know all that, to understand the teachings of the Masters. Then I will be free forever. (Wow!) Then I don’t have to come back anymore. Maybe I don’t come back anymore this time. It’s too difficult (Yes, Master.) to teach people. And even if they do bad things to you, they get bad karma. I have to hide myself everywhere, you did not understand. I am bolder now than before. But with you guys, I’m more relaxed and inspired to talk. Before, everywhere I go, I’m just wearing very normal clothes, just like everybody else, so that I don’t stand out. (Yes, Master.) I talk about boyfriends, girlfriends, about movies. About, “Oh, the inflation is terrible!” About the supermarket, “Why did they sell such a thing?”

All right then. It’s good. I also have finished my work. Today it’s not much correction to do, and not much writing. Yesterday, a lot. (Thank You.) Because I had to write those things for you guys, (Yes, Master.) and also correct some. I am grateful when some days there’s less work to do. That means you guys improved intellectually and spiritually. You think clearer, less disturbance, less garbage in your brain. (Yes, Master.) Less obstruction from the negative power, and I am very happy. So, thank you, all of you, for making it better. (Thank You, Master. Thanks Master for Master’s blessings.) It’s also better that nowadays we organize more, like the junior editors are checked by the senior editors, for example like that. Before I used to do everything myself, (Oh.) and it was so much, so much. I thought I don’t know how long I can live. It was that bad. It was so exhausting and so draining. (Yes.) But now we organize better, and everybody is helping everybody. Not like before. Now, even the subtitlers are helping to edit some. (Oh, yeah.) So it’s going more smoothly and less stress for everybody now. Of course, we lost some. Some come and are homesick or something and left. Or some say he needs to go back home to study. I said, “Yeah, of course, you want to study women’s anatomy. No?” He’s almost 40 already. (Oh, no.) And he has two kids. Divorced, for example. What else he wants to study? No, he said he has to go back to school. I was thinking, “Oh, yeah, of course.” (Oh gosh.)

So nothing more then. I wish all of you well. Wish whoever your brothers and sisters listen, wish all of you well. And wish all the good people outside there well, anyone who listens. (Thank You, Master. We wish Master well.) May God’s love be felt by your heart all the time. May God’s guidance be in your mind all the time, so you always do the good things and benefitting to others. Amen. (Amen.)

You know, I told you already but I want to tell it on record that I’m really so touched and grateful for your girls’, your presence, your dedication and your willing to work to help the world, and personally of course, helping me in my ideals. I’m very impressed with your idealist standpoint and spirit and I’m very grateful. Just want to tell you, thank you all for being here, for being with me. I mean for being with us on this planet in this time of necessity and trouble. May God bless you forever. I’m sure God would bless you forever, but it’s my wish for all of you. And also, of course, I’m grateful for the boys, who are also working with us. Yes, it’s the same. It just happened that I talked to you guys today, so I just say about the girls, but the boys also, I’m very deeply grateful and may God bless all of you forever and bless also the workers for Supreme Master Television in any way at all, all over the world. My love is with you forever and God bless you eternally. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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