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In today’s news, Switzerland assists in improving food security in Iraq, Mongolia benefits from vegetable farming initiative, Denmark takes steps to boost renewable energy, United Kingdom bans menthol cigarettes, kind Singaporean artists help migrant workers, full-page vegan ad published in major United States newspapers, and Ugandan primate sanctuary continues care of chimpanzees.

Switzerland provides food aid to displaced people in Iraq.

The government of Switzerland has donated US$522,500 to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to be used to supply cash assistance to 10,400 Syrian refugees and 13,400 internally displaced people in Iraq to purchase food. In efforts to contain COVID-19, WFP implemented the transfer of funds through cashless methods to individuals in camps, so that people can buy food in a “contactless” manner. WFP and its partners continue to hold awareness campaigns on safety measures during the pandemic, and later will start projects to help people secure employment again. Our earnest gratefulness, Switzerland and World Food Programme, for your generosity and dedicated work. May our Iraqi and Syrian brothers and sisters be safe and prosper, in the loving care of Heaven.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) assists Mongolia in modernizing food production.

Mongolia will update its vegetable production and irrigation networks with a US$40 million loan from the ADB and a US$2 million grant from the Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction. The US$46.25 million project will include diversifying away from lower value grain crops to growing high-value vegetables. Furthermore, 8,000 hectares of land will receive improved irrigation networks along with other farming related infrastructure that will help to protect the farms from a changing climate. In total, 3,458 households will benefit from the plan, which will boost employment and income in rural areas. Much appreciation, Mongolia, Asian Development Bank and Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction, for your important initiative. In the Divine’s watchful care, we pray Mongolia’s crops will flourish and provide plentiful, delicious food for the spiritual nation.

Up next, Denmark takes steps to boost renewable energy. We’ll pause for a moment to thank highly trained anesthesiologists for keeping patients comfortable and safe during surgery. Please stay for more empowering news on Supreme Master Television.

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Denmark to create green energy islands.

The Danish government has announced a plan to create two large energy islands, one in the North Sea and the other in the Baltic Sea, to help the nation move closer towards its goal of being carbon neutral. The island in the North Sea will be artificial, and host two gigawatts of wind turbines with the potential to expand to 10 gigawatts, while Bornholm Island in the Baltic Sea will also host two gigawatts of wind power. The total energy produced will be more than twice the nation’s present offshore wind capacity, and greater than the country’s annual electricity consumption. Excess energy will be exported to nearby countries. Such an amazing plan, Denmark. May your impressive project be a model for other nations to quickly shift to green power, in Celestial glory.

United Kingdom prohibits menthol and flavored cigarettes.

The UK has outlawed the production, supply and sale of menthol and flavored cigarettes in a move to safeguard young people from becoming addicted to smoking. The ban is in response to the European Union’s Tobacco Product Directive laws to be implemented across the continent. It is widely believed that menthol and flavored cigarettes are more appealing to vulnerable youths, as it masks the flavor of the smoke and relaxes the airways. According to Cancer Research UK, smoking causes the demise of an estimated 100,000 people every year in the UK, while two-thirds of smokers begin before the age of 18. The government of the United Kingdom is a Shining World Wise Leadership Award laureate, and a Shining World Leadership Awards for Animal Protection and Kindness laureate. The European Union is a Shining World Leadership Award for Peace recipient, and a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Unconditional World Care and True Caring laureate. Many thanks, United Kingdom and European Union, for your wise and laudable actions. May all addictive and harmful substances soon be prohibited as governments do all they can to ensure the health and well-being of their treasured citizens, in Heaven’s radiant blessings.

Singaporean art graduates support migrant workers.

A group of alumni from the School of the Arts, Singapore, initiated Project Postcard, creating 12 distinctive cards depicting migrant workers as a way to express solidarity with the workers and raise funds for them. In less than two months, 15,000 postcards were sold, and the proceeds of more than US$10,700 contributed to the Singaporean non-profit Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics. In addition, the endeavor also distributed and paid for the mailing of 10,000 postcards for workers to write to family or friends in their home countries. Commenting on the effort, Project Postcard’s creative lead Kimberly Wee, said, “We wanted to show them [migrant workers] that we don’t just appreciate them because they helped to build our country or because they have suffered, but because they are a part of our community.” We gratefully applaud your inspiring initiative, Project Postcard. In God’s grace, may all migrant workers be safe, comforted, and protected. Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Thankfully present Project Postcard the Shining World Compassion Award, along with a US$10,000 loving contribution for your noble work, and special thanks to the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics, with high respect, gratitude and praises, in Heaven’s immense love.”

Up next on Noteworthy News, full-page vegan advertising published in major United States newspapers. We’ll take some time to appreciate makers of eco-friendly laundry products that leave our clothes clean and smelling fresh. We’ll return with more beautiful news on Supreme Master Television.

Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Elevating News for an Uplifted World.

PETA, a Shining World Compassion Award recipient, launches urgent vegan advertising campaign.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has published full-page appeals in major United States newspapers, including The New York Times and The Washington Post, to urge the public to move away from meat, warning that factory farms and slaughterhouses in the country are as filthy as “wet markets.” PETA asserts: “A meat shortage isn’t a food shortage. No one needs meat,” as it is well-known that major diseases, including stroke and cancer, are linked to meat consumption. Calling for an end to the killing of millions of terrified animals who “scream and try to escape,” the vital message concludes: “Eat as if everyone’s life depends on it, because it does.” Our heartfelt gratitude, PETA, and God bless you for your important vegan work. Heavens and the animals smile on your efforts to help awaken humanity’s compassion for the survival of all beings, in Divine mercy.

African primate sanctuary continues care of chimpanzees.

The Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust (Chimpanzee Trust) continues to support 49 orphaned and rescued chimpanzees at the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Lake Victoria, Uganda, during the COVID-19 lockdown. Every month, the sanctuary needs to purchase about US$6,900 worth of food, which includes 2,625 kilograms of fruits and vegetables, 500 kilograms of posho, a maize flour porridge, and millet as well as 50 kilograms of soy. During these difficult times, the sanctuary has appealed for public support through “Feed the Chimps” campaign, which was started in collaboration with the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre. The Chimpanzee Trust has also received a donation from the Ruparelia Foundation, a Ugandan charitable group that has long been supporting chimpanzee conservation efforts. A big thanks, Chimpanzee Trust, as well as the Ruparelia Foundation, and all involved, for your dedication to the intelligent and vulnerable chimpanzees at the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary. In Heaven’s upliftment, may all our co-inhabitants live in abundance, joy and serenity. Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Thankfully present the Shining World Compassion Award to the Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Wildlife Conservation Trust, plus US$10,000 in caring support of your life-sustaining efforts for precious chimps, with heartfelt gratitude and best wishes, May you, your team and all those you care for be blessed and shielded by God always, in Divine benevolence.”

Life is not so serious, let’s laugh the sweat off with the joke of the day entitled “On a Diet.”

Michelle, who was on a diet, asked her boyfriend: “Billy, could you go to the pastry shop and buy me some nice vegan goodies? Just make sure they’re with no fat and sugar.” Billy went to the pastry shop eager to please his girlfriend: “What do you have with no fat and no sugar?”


And now we have a heartline from Maryam in Iran:

Greetings to Dear Supreme Master Ching Hai and Supreme Master TV team. Since December 1, 2019, with Master’s grace and the Supreme Master TV team’s efforts, I have been able to bring SMTV satellite programs to my home in my city. Thank you for this opportunity that you provided us, Iranians, so that we are able to bring this blessing to our homes. Maryam from Iran

Dearest Maryam, Thank you for the message expressing your appreciation of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s grace, and we are very happy that now you can view Supreme Master TV in your area. We wish that the channel brings your family great contentment. May you and the noble people of spirited Iran always enjoy lives of goodness and beauty. In Heavenly peace, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master says: “Devoted Maryam, it is indeed good news that Supreme Master TV reaches you and the warm-hearted Iranians. A pure and loving atmosphere is this channel’s gift wherever it is played. My heartfelt greetings, and may Allah’s infinite grace be forever with you and special Iran.”

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