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Between Master and Disciples

A Journey to Malaga, Part 2 of 9, Sep. 30, 2006

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My life is not always the way you think. Today I eat with you, tomorrow I’m still here. No! I have to work according to the karma and the situation. But it’s also good for me to... I have to suffer, so I know what you are, I know what you go through. Maybe it’s meant to be.

So anyway, the driver, now, the woman driver. And she’s supposed to drive more than ten years already, since she became a resident, I trained them all. They have to drive, they have to mix cement, they have to know how to fix electricity and telephone, even women, and drive a big truck and all that, I trained them all. But residents are just like everybody else. Sometimes they come; sometimes they go. So anyway, whatever I have is fine. But then one girl, she said she’d driven in Taipei, so I was very happy. Taipei is a big traffic time. And if she can drive in Taipei and is still alive after all these years, she must be a good driver. Wonderful! Then when she drives for me, she bumps into the curb all the time, and I always have to come out and look if anything’s broken. And at the good parking space, she doesn’t park, and would just park on top of the curb. And it is scary also, because sometimes the car is low and if she keeps climbing like that, some pipes might be broken. So yesterday and the day before, when my male attendant or assistant drove me, and the car, a lot of water was coming out of the car all the time, so I was very scared, because the car has a history with bumping into the curbs all of these days. I told him to check it, but he said nothing happened, so I trusted. When a lot of water came out, it was scary too, but never mind, we drove anyway. What to do? Saturday midnight, Sunday morning; where can you find anything?

But don’t risk like me, OK? I’m a risk taker. I even take risks with my hand. If I have to do some job, I do it. Sometimes I don’t have time to think. But of course, we made a few phone calls to make sure if it was a big deal or a small thing. I guess it’s OK. I am still here. And that is just one driver. Another one cannot drive, has a license but doesn’t drive. I have four people. Fantastic! One doesn’t drive, so every time she wants to go out, somebody else has to drive for her. Two left, with a lot of dogs, and other pets. So one doesn’t drive, one drives on the curb all the time. And the other one, I told you this morning already, who just drives recently, and doesn’t know how to operate the button this and button that, and the GPS, the Global Positioning System. That’s why we got lost a lot. It took a long time to come. They told me only 20 hours, but we made it in 36 hours. What a record! Just like there is a joke: There’s a man jumping up and down, so happy, happy and so proud, and then his friend just came in and asked, “What is it that you are so proud and happy?” So the man said, “I just finished the puzzle in one week!” So, the man said,  “What’s the big deal with just a small puzzle like this?” So, the man said, “But, on the packet it says ‘For five years.’” You understand, right? (Yes.) Just for 20 hours, and we made it in 36 hours. It’s really something to talk about. Well, it’s just when I come to see you, it’s just like you also.... we have some problems.

Talking about wanting to be a resident; they want to come to be a resident, but they become president. Too near. Don’t listen. Difficult to hear what I’m saying. Like the car, I told everybody to go out and learn with the man who knows. Everybody had to know it. They didn’t even learn it; they just learned how to drive, how to fill the tank. That’s all that’s important. That was all they knew. So, when I needed it the day before, nobody knew how to operate the GPS, and we were going a long way. We needed it. That’s one. There’s another driver now. The two already... One doesn’t drive, one drives on the curb. The other one now... She had been even married in America and stayed there for a while, she should know what a mile is, and how long it is. She can listen, but she doesn’t understand where the mile, how long, how far, and then so she turned into the wrong way all the time, and she doesn’t understand a quarter of a mile and things like that. Or doesn’t want to understand. So, driving and she was looking at the English guy, and asking... And the English driver... I took two, one man and one woman. For the long journey, I thought two are better. It’s just a joke for you. Anyway, the English (driver) was supposed to rest first, sleep and later take over. But he couldn’t. He had to sit there, and tell the girl what to do all the time: “Left! Now, left, left, left. No, no, no, on the other left... And down the right. No, not that! Go straight, go straight!” OK, fine. He interpreted the words from the GPS for her, even though it’s in English. Fine. But sometimes the guy just nodded off, fell asleep, and she’d just stopped right in front of the highway, in the middle. And I told her, “He has to rest. You have to drive now, and later he drives. He cannot keep telling you.” So, OK, he didn’t tell her, but then they used signals. I sat behind. I could see it. So what’s the use? And then, because she stopped many times and hesitated in the highway and at the junctions like that, it’s very dangerous. Not just for us, but for the other drivers. So, we had to bring her to a hotel in the middle of the way, and get a taxi for her to go home.

So then there’s only one driver. It’s more peaceful. But he was tired and he didn’t even drive this car. He only drove the car once and he didn’t know much of the stuff. And before that, I told him to print out the important points of the GPS and all the things like that for every driver in the house to see. They didn’t do it. And before we went, I said to the girl, “Go and teach the guy.” Because I know I’m going to use him. “Tell him, make sure he knows everything.” The guy didn’t want to, didn’t go, didn’t check, didn’t learn. So I went in the car, trusting that even both of them already knew everything. The GPS repeats always the same thing: half a mile, quarter of a mile, turn slight left, or keep left, keep right, turn right..., just a few words like that. You can master it in no time. Even if your English is not too good, you can master that. But no. The residents... the presidents! Sometimes I tell them to do this, they do that. And I trust that they did it, so I don’t tell them again. I trust that you heard me, you repeated it, that you understood, and then you would do it. But no, not always. My life is not always the way you think. Today I eat with you, tomorrow I’m still here. No! I have to work according to the karma and the situation. But it’s also good for me to... I have to suffer, so I know what you are, I know what you go through. Maybe it’s meant to be.

Also yesterday, we drove all the way almost to the Spanish border already. Then the driver was very tired, so he went and took a walk or something. And then I also went out. I wanted to buy something. And then I saw a group of your people. They drove all the way from Germany in a seven-seat van with luggage and all, and almost with a dog. I would have let you take your dogs if we have enough space and convenience, but it’s not possible. We can’t have everything in life. I can’t even take my dogs with me even though I miss them. So, of course, they were very happy to see me, and I was also very happy to see them. A refreshed driver! I was so happy! “OK, OK, you know how to drive?” (“Yes, yes, yes, yes.”) “Come!” “OK, help the guy.” Because they had other two drivers, they told me. So they had three drivers in their car and I had only one, so I was happy to take one. And later he told me that his driver’s license was gone. He’s here. I’m not telling lies. I’m not telling you this story to make you laugh. It’s the true life. This is my daily events. It happens all the time; it’s just different. Different stories, but just all the time, just to bother me, just to keep me on my toes. But nevertheless, he has the paper from the German government, the German driver’s license office proving that he has lost it, and he’s on the way to get a new one. So... OK, well. But it’s in German. Suppose the Spanish police stopped us, he’d be very happy to read it. And, you know, German is the most popular language in the world. Everybody knows German. I told you. So anyway, I was feeling nervous, because, you know, the maya, the negative power, is always after my heels... at my heels. It’s possible that normally they don’t check, but if he’s driving my car, maybe they’ll check. And I said, “Well, is this paper OK enough?” He said, “In Germany, yes.” Of course, in Germany, yes, everybody knows that. But he said he was not sure about other countries. Me neither.

And many negative experiences happen like that all the time. Something about my car, no matter what car. Maybe some police they see Light around the car, and they’re curious also. I can’t hide that, that I cannot hide. The police they have psychic ability. Many of them have it. And sometimes they are hired because of that. So they can see who is who. So, you are amazed sometimes to feel that the police are so articulate. They guess so well; they have sharp intuition; they are also trained for that also. So I cannot risk it. So, sometimes I have to take a big sum of money out of the bank, and carry it or put it in somewhere, so that I can give it to my people to go buy food or do whatever. And, of course, I don’t want anybody to know that, especially the police, because they think differently. They would think: “Where is it from? Why?” Why do I have so much money in the car? And I don’t have an official job. I can’t even afford to let everybody know where I work, what I do even. I have to protect myself, for you, because of you. Because of you, I hide sometimes, go everywhere, like hidden, humble, incognito. So, sometimes people just treat me like dirt also. Talking about being humble, as if it’s not humble enough for you. You don’t know. You don’t know. I’m humble all the time. But here, I’m not here to be humble, I’m here to be your teacher. And the teacher is sometimes friendly, sometimes not friendly, it depends on your situation and behavior and progress. Like your children, sometimes you tell them sweetly, sweetly - they don’t hear it. But if you say, “Now! Do it!” They go. Good!

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