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Between Master and Disciples

A Journey to Malaga, Part 9 of 9, Sep. 30, 2006

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Be happy with what you have. Be happy and then you can be more creative. And then the more creative, the more you can find the solution to your problem. The more you can add glory, comfort to your life. This is it! You have to be happy in order to be better, in order to help yourself.

You remember the song, “Vincent”? “Vincent”, the final sentence. “And I could have told you, Vincent, this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you.” Remember? You are all like that, you are all beautiful, and you don’t deserve all the trouble, the worry, the hurtful feelings that you have. You do not deserve it; none of you deserve it. Just we are in prison here, what to do? We already have the release paper, but we are waiting. We are still in the prison conditions; so bear it, so that it won’t get worse. Suppose we stamp our feet, fight with the guards, and say, “I am going to be free soon, don’t you treat me like that.” It would be worse, you might stay longer. That’s the only thing. I’m always knowing that whatever I have to bear, I have to bear. There’s no escape, no escape. So, try to bear it. We bear it together, OK? We bear it together. You have your problem; I also have my problem, more or less the same. More or less the same, because it’s all the maya. It’s all the negative power, that we also created; we helped to create this maya. So it’s better we keep patient, tolerant, and bear it. And just be thankful that it’s not worse. Be thankful.

You know, after going through hell when the arm was broken, it was really hell. The hospital, they handle you, not like very gentle. Every time they changed the cast, they pulled it up like this, and it’s already broken, it shouldn’t be pulled up. And then, because it hurt, so I said “Ah,” and then they dropped it, and it broke again! It was still fragile. And then it hurt, so painful, I moaned a little bit. I said, “Ah, ah!” And they said, “What’s wrong with You? We already don’t touch You, we’re not doing anything!” I said, “No, it hurts alone. It’s not you.” They don’t mean to be bad; it’s just that the hospital, they treat many patients, some are worse than my case. They are so used to it already, so my case is nothing. My case is zero, to them. And they become a little bit more numb to the sensitivity of the patient. So after so much hell, injections, and three, four needles in my arm, and immobilized for a while and after the pain has subsided, and even I was in the cast, I was still very grateful. There was no more pain. And after I took away the cast and I saw that I still have the arm, I was very grateful. And so, even if I don’t have time to go to the re-education (rehabilitation), I do it myself at home slowly, little by little. And I said to the arm, “OK, I’m glad that you are still there. And if you want to take a rest, don’t work anymore, I understand. But you’d better get working, because I don’t have time to take care of you, and because the world still needs us. You’d better get working.”

So he starts working, yeah, a little bit and tenderly, and now I’m healed like 50 percent. So, I’m just so happy to have my arm still there. It works or not works, it still looks good, better than before. It felt terrible before. So after the worst, you feel better, and after the better, you feel best. So even though I wasn’t sure, because the doctor said I needed an injection every day and physiotherapy every day. I didn’t do any of that, I have to confess to you. But you don’t do that. If you have to go to the doctor, you go to the doctor. OK? You can afford it; it’s just I was too busy. I have pets, I have a house, I have you. I have all kinds of things to do. I have more and more disciples all the time. I don’t have time. For those excuses, I just dropped it. Also I had the feeling that it will be OK. Just somehow I reassure myself that it will be OK. And if it’s not OK, I’m happy to even see my hand’s still there. Some people get it cut off. And I think of the people who don’t have hands at all from birth. Some people don’t have even hands, feet, nothing. And I’m so lucky, lucky already! So, I’m very, very happy! Be happy! My God, the broken arm was a great blessing for me! Because, it made me more accepting, made me more appreciative of what I have. Because I didn’t appreciate it. I made my hands work, I made my feet walk. I made all my body do anything without even feeling or being thankful that I have those instruments. But after the arm’s broken, I realized: “Oh my God, what precious things, all the instruments that I have. My legs, my arms, my fingers, my ears, my nose, my eyes, my mouth - everything from my body is so precious. It’s irreplaceable! Irreplaceable! No matter how much money you have, you can’t buy it. You know, it’s not the same. And then that’s why I just dropped the medicine, because I said: “Even if I have one arm, it’s already better than many people who don’t have any arms.” And then I trained my left arm, and then it’s OK. And I’m very grateful! I have to tell you honestly!

So do not wait until you have this kind of tragedy to begin to feel appreciative of what you have. We’re too much merged and bathing in our own sorrow, to forget to look around, to forget to smell the roses. Enjoy what you have. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. If you’re sad, OK, be sad. Who cares? If you don’t feel love, OK, then don’t feel love. Who cares? Tomorrow is a different day. It’s sunny, raining, sunny, raining. Don’t worry too much about your mood. It’s just your mood. Just your mind’s interpretation. It’s not what you are. Be happy with what you have. Be happy and then you can be more creative. And then the more creative, the more you can find the solution to your problem. The more you can add glory, comfort to your life. This is it! You have to be happy in order to be better, in order to help yourself. People when they are sad, they can’t think too straight. When they’re happy, they’re better. So, try to be happy.

If you are in a sad mood, change your clothes, take a shower, change your clothes. Go out, meet some strangers. I tell you what, it’s not only the disciples that can make you happy. Strangers can sometimes lift your mood. God works through anybody. Sometimes you’re sad, you go outside, you go in a taxi, maybe the taxi driver flirts with you and makes you feel, “Ah, I’m still beautiful!” For example. Or you go to a coffee shop and you see a very beautiful, young, handsome girl serving you with love and care. And you feel, “Oh, she’s so young, but she’s so lovable, so loving.” And then you feel wanted, you feel good, you feel lifted. So, do not just stay at home and brood. Go out. Don’t think just of going to the center. If you want to go to the center and meditate, that is fine, or meet other disciples and talk about your problem, it’s fine. Or if you’re too far from the center, or if you want to go out instead, just do it. Drink a coffee or drink a tea, or drink non-caffeine stuff or drink a juice - just to sit there, watch people going by. Go to the beach. If you can go to the beach, go to the beach. If you can go to the park, go to the park. Walk around. Let your problem be diluted in the fresh air, diluted in a different, bigger environment than your own little world. Then, you’ll feel more light-hearted. Try that. Take a walk. Take a walk anywhere you want.

Next. (Thank You Master for what You just said. Thank You very much. My question is: what’s the limit between the self-respect and the service to others?) Oh, the self-respect and the service to all. Why is there a limit? (Because people blame me for doing too much for others and for not having self-respect.) How can you lose your self-respect when you serve others? I don’t understand. Can you give me an example? (An example not too personal: For example, my neighbor asks me for help, so I help her. But when I arrive at home, the meal is not ready, and I have to rush to prepare it because... and then at that moment, I’m stressed a lot and I don’t feel good.) You don’t feel good with your body, your mind or your heart? Why don’t you feel good? (I feel stressed and...) Because, you are working too much? (Because I should have done something like what I should do at home, my duty, but I didn’t do it because I did service to others instead.) What kind of service? (For example, my neighbor: My old neighbor calls me... I don’t know, for example to help her get dressed because she cannot dress herself alone because she’s...) Because she is a patient... Are you a nurse? (No, I’m a naturopath, but that’s nothing to do with it. I just help like that.) Because she’s a patient and she cannot get dressed. (For example.) Ah, all right. But then why would you lose your self-respect? I don’t understand. (Because I should have worked at home and I didn’t do so. The meal is not ready when my husband and children arrive.) Oh, because you help others and then you don’t do your work at home? (That’s it, for example like that. Yes.) But you do this every day or only from time to time? (It happens often.) But why should you do that? Is it your job or you just help somebody? (Everybody asks me for help, because I don’t have a job outside, and I always put helping others before what I should do at home.) Ah, I got it. Really, you should not act like that. You can help others when you have time. If you don’t have time, just say: “Sorry, I should go home now. I have to cook.” “I have to take care of my children.” or something like that. You have to say it. Otherwise, people don’t know that you are busy at home. You have to say it, OK? But when you have time: “Ok, I have half an hour for you, but that’s it. After that I have to go home.”

(Yes, but I don’t know how to do it.) What do you mean that you don’t know? (I don’t know how to do this. I don’t think. I just do what people ask me to do immediately.) All right, if you are happy with it, just continue then. But what to do with your family? (That’s the problem.) The family needs you as well, right? So you should help both: people outside and people in your family. That will be balanced in this way. Otherwise it’s not fair. Because your family loves you and supports you till now. You should love and support your family in return as well. It’s fair this way. You understand? You should try to balance your life. I don’t have a family, so I can do everything for you. But if I have a family, I’ll take care of my family as well. (We should take care of our close ones first.) Yes, yes, yes. We should take care of our most close ones first. Sorry, my French doesn’t work anymore. That’s it. It’s more important that you understand what I mean. (Thank You.) All right? (Yes.) Balance your life, OK? (Thank you.)

(Dear Master, recently during a group meditation, I felt the greatness and boundlessness of Your love. I was extremely happy, and I cried. My tears ran down and I felt this great happiness inside. Through Your love, Master, I realize how divine God’s love is. Thanks to that Love, I’ve grown so much, and I could try to learn the lesson of love also. In this moment, I feel very close to You, Master. Before, when seeing You, I was respectful and kind of fearful, but now whenever I see Master, I’m happy and feel so close to You. Thank You, Master.) That’s the best. That’s what it should be! So he said before, just to make it short, he said before he felt respect for me, and a little awed by me, but now he feels loved by me. I said that’s the correct way. That’s the correct way. When I was in Grand Cayman before, I had a car accident. I had to wear one like that, so I know what it’s like. It’s very hot, sticky. But after I took it off, I kind of missed it. Yeah, it’s funny! How can you miss such a thing? But you feel like empty when you take it off. So, I had to take it on and off, on and off for a while until I get used to with it off. Just for fun. He said once during the meditation, he felt so much of the Master’s love that he cried and he is still crying now, 70 years old and crying. Good for you. Very good! Very correct! It’s good that you feel the love when you see Master, not just respectful and fearful. It’s not good to think like that. Respect is good, but please do not fear. I don’t bite anybody! I’m a vegetarian (vegan)!

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