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Buddhist Stories: The Land of Amitabha Buddha, Part 6 of 7, Aug. 15, 2015

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And the Original Tim is… cannot describe. Too much Light, too bright, too radiant, too glorious, too everything. So, but the Tim in the Original World is doing the Original work. The Tim from different levels is doing different work, the same Tim. Same Tim, but different power, different function, different blessing. Same, same one.

In that sutra, He taught how to practice as well. Here, He just described the land and the merits, but in that prison, He told her how to imagine. He described it all and then He said, "You have to imagine and fix your mind on that, with the name of Amitabha Buddha. Do it day and night as much as you can. Then when you die, you will be born in that land." That's another occasion of the Amitabha Sutra, a little different, with the advice of how to practice. Just concentrate, and imagine. Remember all those things that He describes and fix your mind on it, in detail, and remember the name of Buddha, then you'll be born there. Or you could even visit there, He said, while alive, something like that. So, plan B, plan B? (We prefer plan A.) What, love? (We prefer Yours.) Prefer plan A? It doesn't matter, as long as you're free. Wherever you're born, as long as you're free and you continue your freedom searching, then it's fine with me, OK.

I just read it to you, because it's interesting to know about other lands, other Masters, other Buddhas. It's good to… because you still have to live in the shadow world. You can't follow me later on, but I will be there also; doesn't mean I'm here, it doesn't mean I'm only here. Because the soul can stretch infinitely, so the Tim Qo Tu is enjoying up there while I'm toiling down here. A part of it. Like a string like this, and at the end is a microphone. And the other end is a zig and zag and plug and… you see what I mean? (Yes.) It's the same line, OK? If Tim Qo Tu was to be only in the Original Universe after He or She re-found it, then the job here cannot be taken care of. It's too far, too separated, too different, much too different between the shadow and the real. And also She/He, Tim cannot go to, to hell sometimes, if necessary, to fish out some difficult fish, OK? The fish that Jesus mentioned, I'll teach you how to fish humans. That is the fish I'm talking about. So she here, the Tim that's in the world is acting as the human connection, so the humans can see and hear and benefit. The other parts of Tim are all over in the universe; remember the string, the whole string of the universe. So the Tim in the Astral World is different, the Tim in Second World different, the Tim — the same, same! It's just not so bound like here, not so difficult to work. Even in the Astral World, people are already very easy to teach. In the Second World, Third World, not to mention Fourth, Fifth. But if you see Tim in the Astral World, you'll fall in love already. Not to talk about the Second-World Tim, or Third-World Tim, or Fourth or Fifth.

The human Tim looks like a human, looks like, behaves like a human, has also power, but in this world has to connect with the higher Tim, so that slowly extends the power here, gradually. Number one, because the human Tim's body is not as the body of the Astral Tim, you see, it has to go all the way from the Original Tim, all the way down slowly, more power, a little less, a little less, a little less, a little less, a little less power until the human world. Because if it comes all the way from the Original Tim immediately, then this world would be destroyed immediately. It cannot survive that power. So the human Tim is necessary, to re-digest and re-relocate it, to suit the humans' capacity of receiving and digesting. That's why it takes so long. And the human Tim can receive the power also gradually, cannot do it all at once, either. So we may be able to say that the human Tim doesn't contain as much power as the Original Tim, but it's because this world is like that. Even if the human Tim contains all the power of the Original Tim, then the world cannot also receive it, cannot digest it, cannot perceive it, cannot receive it, cannot be all given out. It's too much, too much. The human body, the human mind cannot bear it, and the whole planet, trees, plants, everything. So have to do slowly. So the human Tim looks like a normal person, but inside has more power than a normal person. But even then, they must train, slowly, slowly for the cells and the mind to be ready for all that, also. It takes a long time, many years, many, ten years already.

The Astral Tim is even more beautiful already. And the higher they go, the more glorious, the more beautiful the Tim. And the Original Tim is… cannot describe. Too much Light, too bright, too radiant, too glorious, too everything. So, but the Tim in the Original World is doing the Original work. The Tim from different levels is doing different work, the same Tim. Same Tim, but different power, different function, different blessing. Same, same one. If the world here was able to receive all the blessing, then the Tim would also bring it all down, the same. It just cannot. So no need, yes. Like if you need the small room only, you don't need such a big light, so you use just a small lamp. You don't need more, even though the electricity in your house is very strong, and can provide for many things, but you don't need it all for such a small room. Or if you just light the bed-light lamp, bed lamp, then you don't need a lot of electricity, it's a small bulb. Not because your electricity is not enough, there’s just no need.

And every Tim has a different function in different worlds, but they're all connected. And this Tim can also manifest in different planets, not just one planet. Many planets, many cosmos, many planes of spiritual existence, and looks alike, or may not look alike; it depends. If that planet has people with two noses, then Tim over there will have two noses, too. Otherwise, they’d think, "Who are you?" So, it depends on the beings. And if the planet there has people with such-and-such a temperament, then the Tim has to also adapt to that, to help them accordingly. Cannot be too good, and cannot be too bad; has to be almost look-alike, apparently, looks similar to the beings of that planet, so that they trust, you're one of us, you are us. If I came here with two noses, what do you think? For example. Or the wisdom eye is very obvious right here, what do you think? You and your children will be scared: "Oh! Monster!" Yes, it's too different, too much. So have to be similar.

I don't know, anything else you want to know about Buddha or Tim? Tim Qo Tu, it sounds so… Too friendly, too "the boy next door," you know what I mean, too much. Even many movie stars, they changed their names. Like Marilyn Monroe, she wasn't Marilyn Monroe, she was just like Jean, Jean what? (Norma Jean.) “Normal” Jean, yeah! Very normal. But changed it to Marilyn Monroe, wow! It sounds glamorous, already. So I think I’ll change Tim Qo Tu into something like, I don't know, I'll think about it. Artistic name, like pen name, or movie star name.

Yes, ma'am. (I read a book, and it described a universe, like a central paradise, with several, like seven paradises around it, and there is a big photon belt around this paradise.) A big what, love, belt? (Gravitation belt.) Gravitation belt, yeah. (This book reveals like many things, and like there are seven big universes, super universes around the central paradise.) Yeah, yeah. (And I was wondering if this was the central paradise, something like the Original Universe. Is that? Or…) No, no. (just the description of the Second World?) No, if anybody from this planet can know about it, except Tim, then He is not from Original Universe, understand? Yeah. But it is one of, like, Buddha's Land. He also surrounded it with seven this, seven that, similar like that. (Because there is the description that our universe is in one of these super universes.) Yours? (Yes, we are like in the…) Yeah. (They are divided in many sections.) Yeah, yeah. But that universe, that's better than this universe. That land is better than our land. It could be in the same universe; it's just a different level of consciousness. (So is this… which level of consciousness does it belong to? Is it like the Second Level or…) That one? Just give me a name. (Ah, like, we don't have a… The central paradise is named "Havona.") Hahona. (Havona.) Havona. Sounds already better than Tim. Sounds more paradise-like. Like those science fiction stuff, they know even better names. Third Level. OK. Not many people can reach the Fifth Level already, so… mostly things that they see or describe are either Astral, Second or Third Level, or Fourth Level, maximum.

Anymore questions? Yeah, here. (Master, I just want to say thank You for never giving up on us.) You're welcome! (Sometimes, I mean when I hear some of those things You tell, even here, about the people who do something really not right, but You still help them. You still help them even directly now or maybe in the case of people that they go thinking about things, You will help them anytime that someone asks.) Of course. (I know that from my own experience. And even when I don't have faith in myself, if I pray, I feel Your faith in me. So that's just an unbelievable gift, and You do that for everyone, everything, every being. So thank You.) Of course, madam, of course. Even if I throw them out, don't think I left them. No. It’s just one of the 84,000 means to teach the sentient beings, according to Buddha. A Master is not always being nice. You like sweetness, but it's bad for your teeth. Sugar, (vegan) candies, (vegan) cakes, (vegan) sweets, but it's not always good for us. Same, same with treatment from the Master. Jesus had to go into the temple and throw out and scold all these money mongers in there. And many other things, OK. Buddha also. It doesn't matter, I just do my job. I don't leave anyone, they just left me. And then I wait. Then I wait until their heart comes back, not their body comes back, their heart. Sentient beings are very difficult, very difficult. Each one is more difficult than the next. So different ways, OK? No problem, no problem. Even the parents they don't leave their children, so how could a spiritual Master leave anyone? It's normal, OK? It's normal. Just have to do it in different ways, different person, treat differently. Sometimes two people ask the same question, but I answer differently or treat them differently. Two persons do the same thing, but get different treatment, because of the inside. It's not the outside action or question, OK. Love you. You look so humble.

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