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Between Master and Disciples

Who Could Actually Be Redeemed? Part 1 of 11, July 29, 2020

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Tell your family and friends to beware and to repent and to change their lifestyle into benevolent one. Vegan diet is the answer.” (Yes, Master.) And the people who are, for example, who are vegan for any reason, but die, it’s easier for me to take care of their souls, to help their souls to go to a higher level of Heaven.

(Hi, Master.) Hallo! (Hi, Master!) What a day. (Yes.) You guys got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning or something? (Maybe.) It’s me. I got up on the wrong side of the bed. How are you guys? How are you? (We’re great, Master.) You’re still happy and contented? (Yes, Master.) It’s good to hear. (And Master, how are You?) I’m OK. It’s just very, very busy indeed, physical and spiritual. (Yes, Master.) I told you, it’s quite a feat to be my own laundry man, housekeeper, house cleaner, (Wow.) Cameraman, lighting technician, and… (Wow, You can do everything!) Conference answerer − what? Research for me.

I heard that you have some questions, from your sister, (Yes, Master.) the beautiful blonde there. (Yes.) (Master, Master mentioned that there’s some new news to share and we’re excited to hear it. Could Master please share it with us?) Yes, of course. I wrote it in my diary and I wanted to tell you on the 24th or 25th of July already, but then things didn’t quite work out well because I’m too busy arranging my own quarters and keep moving and changing, and so I wasn’t quite fit. So today it’s good that you report to me that you have questions, so we do it all together. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) I can read it for you. Oh, actually it’s on 24th of July, but I didn’t have enough space on the 24th so I wrote it on the 25th. I wrote it here, 24 July, 2020. I’ll read it for you. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) Thank you for your support. I heard it loud and clear. My ego probably likes it. Anyway, because it was something that saddened me very much. I’m sorry that it’s not quite so exciting like you expect. There is nothing so exciting nowadays. OK, I read to you first. (Yes, Master.)

As of the 24th of July… this is the unofficial number of people who have contracted the COVID-19. It’s very far from the news or official numbers. (Yes, Master.) I have to tell you guys so that our brothers and sisters also know. OK? (Yes, Master.) Otherwise it’s a very sad thing, I don’t want to say it, but I have to so that you and our brothers and sisters, at least the initiates, will be more careful. (Yes, Master.) I’m not sure if outside people even listen at all. (Yes, Master. Understand.) OK, as of the 24th of July, this is what I checked inside. This is the inside news. Not official news. (Yes, Master.) Heaven told me. I checked, because I was quite worried about the trend of the pandemic. It keeps going and going, before that. (Yes, Master.) Before the 24th of July. And I didn’t catch any news since then. So, 24th of July, we have in the whole world 1,003,322,462 COVID-19 infected people. (Wow! That’s a lot.) Only I’m talking about infection. I don’t talk about the dying and all that. (Yes, Master.) And of course, some are dying also. (Yes, Master.) But, as of today, 29th of July, 2020, we have more. It’s always going up in numbers. (Yes.) As of today, it’s 1,005,432,271 COVID-19 victims, not counting the dead. (That’s so sad.)

So now, I wanted to read you the message, (Yes, Master. Thank You.) that I wanted to tell on the 24th of July, but I didn’t. It’s in my diary on… Yeah, OK, here it is. “Message to all who hear.” I just wrote it short. (Yes, Master.) I mean, it’s not like a whole structure of the sentence. So I just read as is. (Yes.) “Live self-sustainable, as much as can. Like, if you have land, you grow crops, fruit trees, etc., (Yes, Master.) and vegetables. Whenever you go out, fully protective gear. Wear head gear also, like your hat, to cover hair as well, and goggles for your eyes. Overalls for the body. And wash immediately after returning home.” I say, “after home.” Because I just wrote it quick. I don’t have a lot of time to make like an essay here. So, oh well. I say, “I want to tell you that I’m still here, and fighting for you.” (We know, Master. Thank You, Master.) I cannot help to stop the pandemic right now. I can minimize, but I cannot help completely. Because, as I told you before, once the wheel of the karmic consequences already turns on, it’s impossible to stop it. (Yes, Master.) But I have warned people in advance. I’ve warned you guys already also, before. (Yes.) And I warned people officially on our [Supreme Master] TV as well. So anyway, “I am still here fighting for you. And the people who die, I will take care if they are your relatives, if they have seen me or my photo, or if they’re not possessed by zealous demons,” inside, meaning their souls have been gone. Alive body or dead body, they’re just demons inside. (Yes, Master.) I take care, whomever I can. The souls. I cannot stop the pandemic, but I will take care of the souls of the people who are sincere, who repent, and especially your relatives and friends. (Thank You, Master.)

Another one. “Change job if can, so that you can work at home.” Or you could ask your company whether or not you could work from home. It would be maybe safer, save a lot of time for you in the traffic, also save the environment from bad pollution. “All restaurants open just for takeout. Not sit in. All vegan products increase, make more.” I just wrote it short, so I read it short also. (Yes, Master.) “All vegan products be more for sending.” You know like people order and we send (Yes.)

everywhere. “Upgrade if needed. Meditate as much as free time allows, any time, any minutes, anywhere, for self-protection and World Vegan, for animals no more suffering, thus humans consequently also no more hell karma. Those who already saw the cruelty, shown by film or videos or even on our internet, about animals’ suffering and languishing and torturous life and death, but still eat meat, or fish, or eggs, or dairy, will not be redeemable. So take heed. Tell your family and friends to beware and to repent and to change their lifestyle into benevolent one. Vegan diet is the answer.” (Yes, Master.)

And the people who are, for example, who are vegan for any reason, but die, it’s easier for me to take care of their souls, to help their souls to go to a higher level of Heaven. (Yes, Master.) But the people who keep eating meat despite the UN warning, despite all the scientists’ reports, despite all the films showing all the cruelty and incredible, inhumane practice of animal factories and still eating meat, still don’t change, then these people are not redeemable. That’s what I wanted to tell you. Sorry it’s not as exciting as it is. (It’s an important message. Thank You, Master.)

What is it here? I have written something. Ah, yeah. On the 23rd, I’ve written something here. I just read as is. I don’t remember what it is. “11:43 pm. Done with meditation marathon to redeem self from spiritual loss. Thanks to all standing-by help.” You know, Ihôs Kư and other Godses beyond. “Should I celebrate with staff?” I wrote it, my question, but I didn’t do anything. At the 23:40 hours, before midnight… This is the news that was told to me, because I was so exhausted with this marathon meditation. Although elated, but also exhausted, because I have to really try very hard to redeem myself. (Yes.) I lost too much, too much, too much. I lost all the way up to minus even. (Oh, wow.) Because even though I’m in retreat, but we still do some conferences sometimes, and it’s very recent. And also, the BMD (Between Master and Disciples) aired on TV. (Yes, Master.) All this would cost me spiritual value. It’s not like for nothing. (Yes, Master. Understand.) Because people, they have heavy karma. So, I was reported by whom… Here it is. Never mind, I just read it and then I probably know who it is at the end. (Yes, Master.) 23:40, means 11:40 at night. (Yes, Master.) Quotation mark. “Master’s loving kindness and diligence has already reversed lost spiritual treasures.” End quotation mark. This is OUP, meaning Original Universe Protectors. (Wow!) And I said, “Thanks for helping and reporting.” And I said, “Mine, and I’m so glad. Why are all keep praising me? Not feel as if I am really kind of loving or anything!!!!!!” Many exclamation marks. “In fact, You are all so kind. Even geckos, spiders and birds, all are doing best capacity to warn and protect me in this dangerous physical domain in my demanding mission. I am so touched and in debt to all of you in the vast creation, from Ihôs Kư Godses to all living…” All living what? Ah, tiny! I couldn’t even read my own writing. “…to all living tiny creatures. Love you. Love you so. God bless you all forever. You will all go to Heaven, liberated from a lowly existence for eternity. Love, Love, Love, Love.”

And then at midnight on the next day, I said, “Suddenly look so young. Much, much younger. Hoorah! Hope this will last.” (So cool.) It didn’t last. It was from the marathon meditation, I guess. I don’t always have enough time to marathon.

Another thing is, not all spiders are good. The one that helped me, they are the flat ones, the brown color, and the body is round. (Yes. Oh, wow.) The one that I fed with bread, they are not all that kind. They tried to stop me from going outside to do some things. Because they wished me to fail. (Oh wow.) Yes, it says here. I asked, “Why is that?” And I don’t know who answered me here. I was trying to arrange something to clean away the ants and the insects and all that to avoid them and then they tried to stop me because they kind of spun the web everywhere so I could not get out to where I wanted. So I said, “Why did you do this?” And they didn’t answer. So I had to shoo them away, I said, “I need the place, I am sorry. You have the whole world and the whole garden, the whole everything you want. It’s just this corner, leave it for me. I don’t need a lot, I don’t want a lot, just one corner in the world for me to have peace to work, and to meditate for the world and for all of you. Animals, insects also. So do not try to make trouble for me.” And then I don’t know who answered me. I said, “Why?” And they said, “The spiders wish You fail. That’s why tried to stop You moving outside so You will have peace with ants.” The spider, the one (type) that I fed the bread with. (Yes.) You know, there was the spider with a round body, and a big one and small one. I went to a small place to look for something. And there was one pregnant [spider], she carried the round puffy kind of disc in front of her stomach because she is pregnant. And you can see it, that is the babies inside that white thing. And she came and told me something. I forgot what it is. And I said, “OK, I knew already. Other spiders also told me. Thank you very much, and try not to eat living things. Eat the dead ones or the discarded ones. And when you die, I’ll take you to Heaven, for sure.”

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