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Between Master and Disciples

Who Could Actually Be Redeemed? Part 10 of 11, July 29, 2020

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I have to struggle every day to remind myself that I am here just for the suffering beings, no matter if I know it’s illusion or not. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) I shut myself – I shut some doors, I shut some of the knowledge, I shut some of the deep understanding, so that I can continue to be like a human.

(Master, You’re at such a high spiritual level, beyond our understanding. It must be very difficult for Master to stay and function in this physical realm. What is it like now for Master to live here in the physical realm? How is Master able to stay?)

As I mentioned a little earlier, I am struggling also, but I have to deal with it. Otherwise, I won’t function. But it’s difficult for me also to function sometimes. Like my hand grabbing things, I told you, it keeps falling, (Yes.) as if my energy is different from my hands. (Wow.) But I have to shut some doors in order to continue to live here. I have to concentrate on humans, on the suffering of the animals, of all that is painful and sorrowful to the beings here, in order to identify myself with them and not forgetting to help them. (Yes, Master.)

If I concentrate on the other side, like, all this is illusion, as I know it so clearly, like you look into the mirror knowing that is your face. it’s not your face. (Yes, Master.) Just like you look in the mirror, it looks like you. (Yes.) But you know it’s just a reflection, the mirror. (Yes.) As soon as you walk away, there’s nothing in the mirror anymore. It’s similar like that to the enlightened person’s situation, that you know it’s all illusion, but you have to stay to help because that’s what you are here for. That’s why you came down. (Yes. Thank You, Master.)

I have to struggle every day to remind myself that I am here just for the suffering beings, no matter if I know it’s illusion or not. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) I shut myself – I shut some doors, I shut some of the knowledge, I shut some of the deep understanding, so that I can continue to be like a human. (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome.

(That was our last question, Master.) Good, good. Because you’re so quiet, I thought there will be no more. Any more extra question? After I answer you, anything not clear? You can ask extra.

(Master, when we go out and contact other people, we should come back and isolate ourselves, but that includes other disciples too, right?) Yeah! Everybody, not just you. (Yes.) Do you think I tell all that just for the inhouse staff? (Because some disciples think that it’s OK to see other disciples.)

I don’t know how they function outside, but I have said clearly: no group meditation. (Right, yes.) That means no seeing other disciples. (Yes, Master.) But if they want to live their life the way they want, I don’t have any authority to forbid anybody to do what they want in their life. (Yes, Master.) I just guide them. But it’s very difficult for them also not to see anybody. (Yes, Master.) That’s the human’s nature.

They love to group. They love to see others, and they love to chat and all that stuff. And I can just shake my head and just thinking, “Why do they want all that? Why do they have to chat to other people just for nothing, and chat nonsense and no really important things?” Or, “Why do they have to need other people’s company?” Or, “the more, the merrier.” I don’t understand all that, but still it’s OK. It’s their life. They cannot just shut themselves out of the society altogether, just like the way I would like to do. Because it’s their habit. They love to have friends; they love to have company. They feel lonely if they’re alone. (Yes, Master.)

So, I tell you again and again with all these conferences, so that they’ll be more vigilant. And less contact, better. (Yes, Master.) But I cannot forbid people. (Yes, Master. Understand.) Especially in some countries where they declared it’s safe already. Like, for example, Âu Lạc (Vietnam), they declared no more COVID-19 infections some weeks ago, some months ago. I am not sure how is it now, but sometimes the pandemic returns.

Second wave or third wave already in some countries. So, you can never be really careful enough. (Yes, Master.) That’s why I waste all my retreat time, keeping all these conferences, hoping that you guys take heed, or at least be very, very careful, be protective of yourselves. And the rest, it’s up to you guys. I am not the government or president. I cannot make a law to forbid people. (Yes, Master.) And these disciples, maybe they believe that the other disciples are not sick. They miss each other, so they have to see each other, so they take risks. (Yes, Master.) What am I to do? What do you want me to do? Lock their house? Throw the key in the sea?

People don’t know what it’s like to be in solitude. They don’t understand the joy of it. Most people don’t. That’s why they marry. Even though miserable, they stay with each other. And that’s why they have children; even though so terrible hard work, they like. They like to be together in a group, at least two people, husband and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend. Just humans, they like it. Maybe because of the memory of Heavens.

In Heaven, people don’t have separation from each other. (I see.) Even if they are not with each other, they always know each other. They always feel the nearness for some reason. And if they want to visit each other, just by the thought, they’ll be there already. And in Heaven, they don’t have, sorry, sexual activities to bear children through human corporeal contact. So, they adopt. Normally, they would adopt from a lower level. They bring them up to the higher level. (Yes, Master.) So, they would concentrate and send a beam of benevolence and uplifting energy to the person of their choice. If that person would also like to “adopt” them. That person has to go through some cleaning system first, and then with their beam of light, go up. And then, they will try to surround that person for a long while, to give them more higher energy. Just like here, we have a blood transfusion. (Yes, Master.) Or maybe organ donations. Up there, they give energy. And then they will adopt that person into their family. (Wow.)

The Buddha and other Saints in the old time, when the Buddha was still alive, He told many stories about that. That when they were benevolent, morally high or virtuous, then they were born into a high Heaven to make the heavenly population increase. That’s what They said. It’s similar to this adoption system. If you cannot go up there by yourself, and if somebody adopts you, then you can go up, also.

It’s the same here. If you cannot apply to go to America, but you are in the adoptable age, and somebody in America adopts you, and you can go there and live like an American. (Yes, Master.) For example, like that. You know, right? (Yes, Master.) And if you want to be American and you have like green card lottery, then you can go also. Or if you are qualified to some kind of highly demanded job, then you can also apply. And if you have no criminal record, or everything good, you have no debts, no trouble at all, then you can also apply and become an American citizen or maybe European citizen, for example, anywhere. (Yes, Master.) Or you pay money a lot or you make a business in some country or you buy a big house, big property, then you can also go there to live, slowly become a citizen. Similar, but it’s different.

OK then. You’re happy with my answers? (Yes, very much, Master. Thank You.) Anything not clear? (Everything’s clear.) All clear? (Yes, all clear.) (Yes, Master.) No more questions? (No, more questions, Master.) It’s good. Then I have to quit now to do my homework for Supreme Master TV. I guess it would take me the whole night, but I must meditate also. Yes, I must.

If not, everything will be more chaotic. At least, I keep my head above water. (Yes, Master.) Because it’s so much karma, not just [from] the disciples alone, but [from] the whole world. (Yes, Master.) Because we have Supreme Master TV broadcasting everywhere. (Yes.) So, somehow, their karma will be lessened. And maybe they will be somehow awakened and in a higher moral standard, so it’s easier for me to help them. (Yes, Master.)

OK then. My hand also gets cramped, holding the telephone all this time. (Oh, gosh!) (Thank You, Master.) OK, love. So, bye for now. (Thank You, Master.) (Thank You for Your time and all Your sacrifice.) No problem. I volunteer. And may God protect you. May you feel God’s love. May you feel Heavenly blessings all the time, (Thank You, Master.) especially in the time of low energy. (Thank You, Master.) Or when you feel disturbed by the world’s strong unfavorable energy. (Thank You, Master.) May you pray to God, and may you feel the blessing and protection. (Thank You, Master.) All right. I maybe talk to you next time. (OK. Thank You, Master. Bye, Master.) (We love You.) Be loved, be blessed, be happy, healthy, and everything good for you. Ciao! (Thank You so much.) Ciao. (Everything good for You, Master.) Ciao ciao ciao.

The next day, on July 30, 2020, our Most Beloved Master spoke again with some of our Supreme Master Television team members in a follow-up phone call. …You see, no matter sometimes because of work, we have some problem or little different way of doing. Because of work. (Yes.) But nothing personal. (Yes, Master.) I really appreciate all of you. Men, women, and old and young alike, because quite a few came, and they cannot bear. (Yes, Master.) Yeah, sometimes because of too much work, and the world’s pressure on me... (Yes.) Imagine, it’s like you dive in the sea. (Yes.) If deep in the ocean bottom, even with oxygen, but you feel very pressured, because of the immense force of water around you. (Yes, Master.) Imagine that. That’s how your Master feels. Often. And I have to really be strong in order not to be squashed.

If you ask any Heavenly beings, if you happen to see them, and ask them whether or not they would like to come here just for a few days, for fun, they will shake their head. (Yes.) They don’t like it. They look upon our world like a septic tank. (Yes.) And the things we eat here, even very delicious and we think it’s wonderful and all that, for them it’s like garbage. They think we are eating garbage. And why we eat this, we eat that? So, anyway, they don’t like our world at all. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Similar to some Masters. They have to really forget Heaven in order to stay on Earth. They really have to forget Their status in order to be a human. So, a lot of pressure. (Yes, Master. Understand, Master.)

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