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Between Master and Disciples

Faith Is the Mother of All Virtues, Part 2 of 7, July 7, 2019

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I love that so much about India. No matter how many religions have taken root in India, the Indian people, inside, they are always the same. They just love God, in whatever name you call Hirm. They’re just religious, whatever religion you want to call yourself.

And in Monaco, they also recognize loyalty. The hotel where I stayed... Because when I first went there, I looked for places for Europe. We did not have SMC. We did not have a house yet. I had to go there because, at that time, we also had Supreme Master TV. I had to stay in a hotel that I could stay long, with high internet speed, so that I could send things, documents or USB, and film, stuff like that, because I had to check Supreme Master TV also at that time. So, people also criticized me for living in a big hotel, first, five-star hotel, or four-star. But I lived in a hotel, but an apartment belonging to the hotel. But cheap! You pay €3,000-something one month, but you have to live for a longer time, not just like one month only. You sign the contract, maybe half a year, a year. But only €3,000, three and a half or €3,000 something, not even €4,000 euros. And you have free internet. Yeah! Free everything, except food and drink and room service, of course. But you have the free service of a chamber maid. They come and change your sheets every ten days. If you stay in a hotel room, they change every day, of course. But if you stay cheaper, every ten days, that’s good enough for me. In my house, I don’t change it every, maybe ten weeks or something. But I keep it clean. If I’m not clean, I never lie on my bed, so it never smells bad or anything. So, sometimes, living in a good hotel doesn’t mean luxury; it doesn’t mean you are overspending. In fact, it’s cheaper even, because some hotels are so big and they don’t have enough customers, so they cut out some part of it, make it an apartment. And like that, they’re always full all year round and still earn money. And less workers, so, less expenses. And if people stay there stably, it’s also good. They don’t have to take care of a lot; the customers take care of themselves. And they also can sell their food and drinks in their hotel. They earn differently also. Because they have a restaurant in the hotel, and they have a bistro, they have a coffee shop, and they have a bar. So, always full of people; it makes the hotel look crowded and prosperous, also good advertisement. Very smart, very smart. So, sometimes, I live in a luxury hotel, but I don’t pay a lot. And I am vegan, so I don’t eat a lot. Just (vegan) pizza or something, or (vegan) soup, (vegan) salad. But good, high speed internet.

Actually, I had two helpers at that time. One from Mexico and one from Finland. Now they’re still working for Supreme Master TV. Both of them are so good looking, whenever I went out with them, all the women in Monaco, “Wow! Who are they?” I said, “My brothers.” They said, “They don’t look like You!” I said, “Yeah, I adopted them.” They were all ga-ga goo-goo. Oh man, I felt also proud to go out with handsome guys. Concerning two handsome guys, there’re some interesting stories coming. I’m sure you’d like to hear very much. I tell you, I have to do the job of four or five people. Today, the nails are missing a little bit, because I did not have enough time. Long time, I didn’t put any color on. You put it on, it doesn’t look too bad. Makes you look a little younger, the hands. And I need a hairdresser. Hair stylist and hair dyer and dresser, seamstress. Sometimes, they made the dress too big, too small; I have to fix it all by myself! And a makeup artist also. I do the job of four, five people. I need to eat something. You don’t give me food, I don’t work. Are you happy, all of you? (Yes, Master.)

Sorry I didn’t invite you earlier. Before, I was just too busy and had to organize things. It wasn’t all that possible before. We had to repair many things, especially bathrooms. And some areas didn’t have air-con, and all that. I had to take care a little bit here and there. Hsihu is best. I like it. I like Hsihu, it’s natural. A lot of natural mosquitoes; natural ants. But you guys have all you need, right? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) Remind me of the story. No, this one is very appetizing. You guys don’t have? They’re mixed in there. Just some spicy, like Indian. Give you some, so you don’t miss your home too much. Try it with rice, if you have rice. Have rice? No. Don’t have? Here, here, here. Looks like Indian rice. Looks like Indian fried rice You guys just can eat everything. She is different. Don’t be jealous. The Indian people, they eat very spicy stuff. I’m sure she must be very food-sick every day, right? (Yes.) (No, Master, I add little spices into the food.) Yeah, yeah. OK, good. You know what? (Vegan) pakora. You know what? You can order spices. Tell them you need this, you need that, and they’ll buy for you, and you keep them all for yourself in a corner. Write your name on it, and then every day, whatever normal rice, but if you put curry, masala, whatever on it, then it would taste also similar. Similar, not the same. You want me to order some Indian food and pack from an airplane, (No, no.) and bring it to you? (No, Master. I’m enjoying Taiwanese (Formosan) and Korean spices.) (Yes, Master.) Good. Wonderful. What made you like to come to Taiwan (Formosa)? (This is the only place that I want to be. This is the most comforting place.) Yeah? (Yes, Master.) Wonderful. But I love India. People also, they love India. The food and people are so pure, mostly. Of course, everywhere, we have rich and poor. But they are very, very pure people, very, very God-loving, believing. You can go to any corner of any farm anywhere, far away from cities; you go into any farmer’s house, the first thing they say to you is God’s name, like Ram Ram or Krishna or whatever. They would say that to greet you. They remember only God. I love that very much.

One time, I went on my pilgrimage all over; I walked around, roamed around, and I went into one farm. She was a farmer, robust, big, strong, healthy. She saw me come in. She didn’t say, “Where are you from?” like most people. I hate that! I hate that question. If I go into a non-Asian area, always, “Where are You from?” Immediately, with big eyes and big mouth and … Like I came from the moon or something. Always like that; America, Europe, always, “Where are You from?” And like they just stick their head right next to you. But the Indians, they don’t care. They may ask later. She immediately greeted me, “Hare Hare Ram Ram!” Very powerful voice. She was naturally matter of fact that I was there, and I knew her God, that I accepted already, and that I had to know that was her God, and I should know, and I had known it already, and like her friend or her family. “Hare Hare Ram Ram!” She said it in such a powerful, and I’d say almost, like a masculine voice. But she was also robust. I was thinking maybe she was a man, but she was not. She had a bunch of kids and her husband was also as strong and handsome. I wondered who was the man, who was the woman, and who was more handsome, because of the way she said it; so authoritatively. It was more powerful than what I’d say normally. She said, “Hare Hare Ram Ram!” like that, truly, but more powerful than that, more natural. Like she kept saying that all her life already; nothing else would matter, like that. Wow, beautiful. Just a farmer, very rural area farmer.

I love that so much about India. No matter how many religions have taken root in India, the Indian people, inside, they are always the same. They just love God, in whatever name you call Hirm. They’re just religious, whatever religion you want to call yourself. Or they just love practitioners, love yogis, love monks, and love nature. They love animals and their environment, trees; they worship them all and love them all, and I like that atmosphere. I love India. People look like they are poor, but they’re not. They just don’t care much about it inside. So, instead of elaborately building a little hut or something for themselves, sometimes they don’t care, they just sleep in a tent on the street. When they’re selling something on the street, they just live there also. They don’t go home anywhere, some places in India. Maybe they cannot afford, maybe they couldn’t care less. But even the poor Indian people, their houses are very tidy. Very tidy compared to some place that I don’t want to mention. Like you don’t find garbage or any refuse or stuff, leftover wood planks, or anything outside their house. They make use of everything. Otherwise, they would tidy up. You saw some of their villages on our TV. Very tidy. And they take care of animals even in their dire need for water. They would share their water and food to the needy one.

I think most of you would like also to work alone, by yourself, not in a group, because maybe that’s why you like to come and work in Hsihu. Otherwise, you would have stayed in New York or Los Angeles, middle of the city or something. So, if you feel like it’s too crowded or something in your office, you can please pick an area and ask them to decorate it for you. You can go there and work if you feel better. You can also work in your own sleeping area, but it’s just too much of the working energy or atmosphere, so you can have a working area and a sleeping area. If you want, try to arrange it. I know many of you would like that, like your own office area, because you can sleep any time. Am I right? (Yes.) If you sit in the office, you have to look left or right, “Oh, can I sleep or not?” (Maybe they don’t move because they know if they move, maybe they will fall asleep.) They will sleep all day? (They will sleep all day.) How surprising! Even I know that. It’s OK if you sleep on the job. I know, but I won’t say anything, because I know all of you are very responsible anyway. So, even if you sleep in the office or if you sleep in your area, it’s the same to me. No? Hey, Master knows everything. My God! How can you hide anywhere even? Even in a deep area, She’ll still look into it and know what you’re doing. This Master is to be avoided. Anyway, we have many areas still empty and even some working-ready areas. If I want to go to your area ever, I will tell somebody first. “The boss is coming! Look busy!” That’s why I don’t go there because what’s the use? I can never catch anybody by surprise. You locked all your area, everything. It’s all dark and secret. I don’t know the number of your gate lock. Besides, it keeps changing. They even change my own gate and they don’t tell me. So, every time I come back, they all know, “Master is coming.” Just stand in front of the gate, no secret. Have to ask this person, that person, for the number of the lock. So, anyway, I’m not coming there, so don’t worry about it. I feel useless. You all know, telling each other. We all have intercom. So, “Hey, Master is coming to your area. Wake up, man! Wake up! What do you think you’re doing?” And the other person probably was still in samadhi, “What did you say? I am working. Why do you disturb me?”

The story. Story of Monaco. In Monaco, I just happened to know one maybe multi-millionaire or maybe billionaire… I don’t want to mention his name, because he is very famous, came from a very famous, wealthy family, and is even connected a little bit with the royalty. So, anyway, it wasn’t like I went around looking for rich people or anything; I know they are all rich anyway. And many times, they just came and talked to me casually like that. One person, a famous writer from England, went there, even wanted to marry me! My God! That was some years ago, a few years ago, when I was still in Monaco. We already had SMC, so it’s recent, as recent as maybe six years. Well, I look a little less young now but I’m... Six years; you didn’t know how old I looked like? One of my assistants at that time. They used that hotel room more than I used. Because they had to go there, prepare the camera, and then take the documents and print it out for me, and then leave, so that I could do my work alone, and then come back and fetch it. So, it is not fair that people say I lived in a luxury hotel. They lived there; they should be in the newspaper. They were there more than I, so I told them, “You two should be criticized for living in a luxury hotel. All the time, you go there, both of you, do anything…” – hanging my clothes, boiling water, something like that, and taking out documents from a computer, because I had zero knowledge about machines. Lucky. So, you know I’m a real woman. Only men, they love machines.

So, I know this rich person. He’s not young anymore, of course. And he also had a girlfriend next to him, real big blonde, tall Canadian. And I know both of them because one time, I went into a Thai restaurant to eat something. I love spicy food just like you. Everywhere there’s a Thai restaurant, I surely go, at least one time. So, I went there and then the multi-million or billion – he has a yacht, of course, a yacht. You know what a yacht is? A big boat with many rooms in it. Even can land a helicopter on it. And then I was eating alone. I always go alone. I’m always alone. I don’t always invite the two handsome guys, and they live somewhere else far away, and whenever I feel like eating, I don’t want to wait for them, say, “OK, come over. The address is so-and-so, and if you get lost, then don’t worry about it. I eat by myself.” I normally don’t like to wait. If I want to go eat, I go just like that. Otherwise, I don’t have the mood anymore, or I do something else later or go somewhere else later. So, I went alone all the time, most of the time. But whenever I invited them or one of them, all the restaurant girls go goo-goo ga-ga. “How come? Who is he? So handsome! Where did he come from?” I said, “You make sure where my food comes from, and now, not the guy, where he comes from. I am hungry.” I was joking with her, not like ordering. But I made it like a joke, she knew. Because I knew the restaurant and they knew me; I was very kind to them.

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