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Noteworthy News

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In today’s news, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai lovingly presents Shining World Hero Award to brave canine from United States, Italy provides health assistance to Palestinian refugees, Uganda benefits from tree planting initiative, convenience store chain trials retail stocking robot in Japan, United States police officers help revive a newborn, theme park in United Kingdom introduces vegan offerings, and research finds spider monkeys collectively form groups to forage for fruit.

In Shining World Hero Award News from the United States …

During the devastating California wildfires in October 2017, brave Odin the Great Pyrenees chose to stay behind and keep other animals safe instead of leaving with his human family. Odin’s caregiver, Roland Hendel, attempted to get Odin into the car, but Odin had other ideas. He had no intention of leaving the family’s eight rescued goats, for whom there was no room in the car. As Mr. Hendel said, “When I approached, he sat down in front of the goats, and I know that look. He wasn’t moving.” With no choice but to flee for their lives, Mr. Hendel opened the gates to at least allow the animals to run somewhere for safety. As the family drove away to the sound of the raging fire, exploding propane tanks, and transmission towers falling, Mr. Hendel recounted, “We were hoping somehow they were OK, that some miracle would happen.” And indeed, it did! When Mr. Hendel returned to the burnt property the next day, that included the loss of his entire home, he saw Odin in a distant field along with all eight goats and some wild deer that had taken refuge with them. Although Odin had singed fur and injured paws, his tail was wagging. Mr. Hendel stated, “I was sobbing at this point. I could not believe they were OK.” This act of selfless courage touched the heart of Supreme Master Ching Hai, who tearfully offered the Shining World Hero Award to Odin the Great Pyrenees, “plus US$2,000 for vegan goodies, with a big hug and lots of kisses.” She also sent a message to Odin, which stated, “You are an outstanding example of love in action and touch our heart so much. May God’s blessings always be with you and your loved ones.”

Our Association members from San Francisco, USA were pleased to present Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Award letter, crystalline plaque, and gift of US$2,000 as well as some of Her publications and DVDs to Odin and his family. “Odin, Supreme Master Ching Hai would like to donate US$2,000 to you. Thank you for all that you’ve done, for your noble qualities as an animal to other animals.” “Thank you very much! Thank you. Say thank you, Odin.”

Our heartfelt congratulations and thanks, brave Odin, for your selfless and life-protecting deeds. May we all respect the nobility of fellow beings such as yourself, in the loving kindness of the Divine. For the full presentation of the Shining World Hero Award to Odin, please tune in to our Shining World Award program at a later date.

Italy supports health services for Palestinian refugees in Gaza.

In view of COVID-19’s impact on vulnerable groups, Italy donated €1.79 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) to support the agency’s humanitarian aid in Gaza. The contribution will supply one year of funding for three UNRWA health clinics to operate in the region, where approximately 177,000 Palestinian refugees are expected to gain access to primary health care through more than 640,000 medical consultations. This contribution is also part of the Team Europe package by European Union Member States towards Palestine’s efforts to cope with COVID-19. Our sincere appreciation, Italy and UNRWA. In Heaven’s overflowing grace, may the Palestine refugees greet a future of excellent health, peace and prosperity.

Up next, Uganda benefits from tree planting initiative. We’ll pause for a moment to thank the professional bodyguards, who specialize in protecting the lives of our leaders, celebrities and other individuals. When we return, more good news ahead, here on Supreme Master Television!

Hallo, cheerful friends, how are you today? I’m Patty the vegan Puli. Since my diet shift to vegan, everybody loves me. Now you try! We have a useful tip for you. Witch hazel is an ideal natural remedy to reduce swelling and tighten skin. That’s because the tannin content in witch hazel has strong astringency and antioxidant properties. To get rid of eye bags and dark circles, just dip two cotton balls in witch hazel and gently place them under closed eyes for about 10 minutes. Be careful, because while witch hazel is safe for skin application, it shouldn’t directly contact the eyes. Thank you for your attention. And love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Now, the global weather.

Collaboration formed to plant millions of trees in Uganda.

Reforestation nonprofit One Tree Planted has partnered with environmental organization the Jane Goodall Institute, both headquartered in the United States, to plant more than three million trees in the Albertine Rift Forests across western Uganda. The initiative will help restore the forests’ diverse ecosystem, which is a major habitat for endangered chimpanzees and home to 50% of birds, 39% of mammals, 19% of amphibians, and 14% of reptiles and plants of mainland Africa. Local communities will be involved to plant native seedlings, with 700 households trained in agroforestry practices and each village having at least one person skilled in forest monitoring. Action will also be taken to return damaged areas of the Kagombe Central Forest Reserve to its pristine state. Our gratitude, One Tree Planted and the Jane Goodall Institute, for your life-giving work. May our planet’s precious ecosystems continue to flourish in God’s abundant love.

Japanese convenience store trials robot to stock shelves.

The Japanese convenience store chain FamilyMart is trialing a robot to stack shelves with drinks and prepared food items. Built by Japanese robotic startup Telexistence Inc., the robots will initially be controlled by a human until the artificial intelligence algorithms are trained. If successful, FamilyMart plans to use the robots in 20 stores throughout Tokyo by 2022. Up until now, robots have had successful roles in factories and can outperform humans, but more complex and variable locations were not possible. Telexistence also noted that their robots may be used in the future by doctors to perform operations without being physically present. Thank you, Telexistence, for helping to advance robot technology that can assist humans. May such innovative discoveries herald a better world for all, in Heaven’s delight.

Police officers save newborn baby in United States.

After being alerted of a medical emergency, New Jersey Transit Police Department Officers Alberto Nunes and Bryan Richards entered a women’s washroom at a local train station to find a new mother holding an unresponsive baby girl. Officer Richards quickly started to perform CPR on the newborn and then summoned an emergency response team. However, realizing the urgency of the situation, he decided to immediately rush the infant to the hospital. While Officer Nunes drove, Officer Richards continued to perform CPR in the cruiser. Fortunately, the baby finally gave out a cry and started breathing as they approached the hospital. The sweet infant has since been reported to be “doing well.” Bravo, Officers Alberto Nunes and Bryan Richards, for your life-saving act. May you and those you help be forever blessed, in Divine compassion. Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Joyfully present the Shining World Hero Award to each of the two officers, Alberto Nunes and Bryan Richards, and with high salute and applause for your life-saving effort! May Heavens protect you here and hereafter.”

Coming up, theme park in United Kingdom introduces vegan offerings. We are going to send a prayer for the heroic medical frontliners, who daily risk their health and safety for others. You’re watching Noteworthy News on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Celebrating News for a Jubilant World.

Amusement park in England adds vegan choices to its menus.

The LEGOLAND Windsor Resort in England, United Kingdom, recently added two vegan options to their menu from Swedish vegan meat brand Oumph!. The Oumph! Burger and Pulled Oumph! will be available in the Bricks Restaurant and the Tournament Tavern in the resort, and are made from soybeans, herbs and spices. The delectable plant-based burger was awarded Best Vegan Burger this year in the UK’s Vegan Food & Living Awards, and Oumph! products are available in numerous supermarkets and restaurants throughout Northern Europe. Way to go, LEGOLAND. In Celestial support, may your visitors and many more members of the public be happily nourished by increasingly available vegan fare.

Spider monkeys collectively form groups to forage for fruit.

Researchers from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the United States’ Santa Fe Institute have discovered that wild spider monkeys form varying squads to more efficiently forage the forest for food. A group of 47 monkeys living in a protected area near Punta Laguna, Mexico was observed for five hours per day over two years. It was noted that the monkeys individually decide which group to join, how long to stay and when to switch groups, which comprised of two to 17 monkeys. Lead study author, Dr. Gabriel Ramos-Fernández of UNAM, explained, “They seem to be pooling information about resources, so that as a group they know their environment better than any individual does on its own.” Thank you, National Autonomous University of Mexico and Santa Fe Institute researchers, for this insightful study once more proving the intelligence and cooperative nature of our animal friends. May we learn from them and work together to turn our world into a blessed vegan paradise for all beings.

Let us start and end the day with a happy smile! Join us for a warm laugh with this joke entitled “On Point.”

Bobby, why lately you can’t answer any of my questions in class? If I could, there wouldn’t be much point in me being here, Mrs. Wilson.

And now we have a heartline from Zhu Sheng-Long in China:

Hallo, Master Ching Hai, Seeing You hugging people, children, and animals on Supreme Master TV, I am deeply touched because I know that Master Ching Hai’s affectionate hugs are the true loving embraces of a fully enlightened Saint toward other people and animals. Your Love is true Love. You are like a most high, most loving, and most brilliant beacon, and our wisdom eyes are like radio stations to receive the highest Love, Light, and inner Heavenly Sound Stream emanating from Master Ching Hai every second of every day. Master Ching Hai, I love You. Zhu Sheng-Long from China

Dear Zhu Sheng-Long, Our appreciation for your heart-filled lines.

Master has a reply for you: “Caring Zhu Sheng-Long, thank you for your loving words. By looking within, we can discover our true God nature. Love you, and may you and the noble people of China forever know peace in your hearts.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May you be blessed with a peaceful heart and generous spirit.  

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