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Faith Is the Mother of All Virtues, Part 5 of 7, July 7, 2019

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“You give many times and You never ask for anything.” I said, “Well, that's the best way to give because when you're born, you don't have anything. God gives you this, so that you can pass it on. In the Bible, it says you give by the right hand, you don't let the left hand know it,” or vice versa. I forget. So, he was very, very impressed, like that.

So, one time, another person invited me to eat in a restaurant. I used to keep donating to the old women’s society something, and she invited me to go sometimes, some days with her husband. He used to be a minister of some kind in that government, and I did not know. I thought she was just a normal woman because they baked cookies and stuff like that to sell, to help the old people. And I was surprised. I said, “How come in Monaco, people still have needs?” She told me, “You'd be surprised. Some old women, some people cannot work; they still need some support.” So, I willingly, immediately gave maybe 10,000 or 15,000 Euros, something like that. I didn’t have cash, so I wrote a check. At that time, I had a bank (account). Being alone, I learned finally to have a bank (account). So, people respect you more if you show a credit card. In the hotel, you can't just pay cash; you need a credit card. Then I donated, and I donated again. And that day, she talked about some event that would take place and they didn’t have enough finance or something like that, so I pulled out whatever I had, cash from my purse, maybe €7,000 or something like that, I gave it to her.  I said, “I'm sorry, that's all I have today.” And her husband was very, very impressed. He told me, “You know, I know a lot of people, but whatever they give, they want to be known for it. They want to be recognized for it. You give many times and You never ask for anything.” I said, “Well, that's the best way to give because when you're born, you don't have anything. God gives you this, so that you can pass it on. In the Bible, it says you give by the right hand, you don't let the left hand know it,” or vice versa. I forget. So, he was very, very impressed, like that.

So, he said, “One day, we will invite You to the theater.” The theater in Monaco. There's a very posh theater like an old-fashioned type. They renovated lately; cost 26 million dollars to renovate, and maybe four years or five years to complete, because they have decorations and sculptures and handmade figures or decorative items on the roof, on the ceiling, and things like that. Just like when you go to Italy, you look at the Roman dome, you see Michelangelo’s paintings or sculptures like that. It's also painted with gold and stuff. Before, it was only reserved for the royal family to see, or the like. So, they wanted to invite me there. And the mayor also invited me to go there, the mayor of Monaco at that time.

We’ll talk about the billionaire again. So, long after, I did not go to Monaco for a long time. Then I got sick again. Too many lectures in SMC, coughing, chest pain, pain, and all kinds of things.  So, I thought, “OK, I’ll go to the healing hotel again, drink a lot of juice again, all kinds of different mixed (non-alcoholic) juice cocktails, then I’ll get healed.” That’s what I was thinking in my experience, or the air of the beach. So, I went there again. Then in the morning, I went down for breakfast from my room, and then I saw the billionaire couple again. The girlfriend saw me. I pretended I didn't see. I saw him and her passing by. I just looked at the newspaper. “Wow! Wow!” I was reading my newspaper; I saw nobody else. And then he left, he went to the swimming pool. Sitting there, he sent her back to me to talk to me, said, “Hey, You come and talk to him.” I said, “Why? Whom? Where?” She said, “You know him, he’s an old and grumpy (man). You just forget it. Go and talk to him.” Because last time I saw him, he said something stupid, something very coarse, rough, like American swearing slang, like that. And I didn't like it. I did not deserve it. He was probably angry because he kept going at me and I never “repaid his ‘kindness’.” Of course not.

I’d said I could be in love with a man of 50. I was talking the worldly talk, just to get a conversation, but where would I find a 50-year-old, good looking man like a movie star like that, even at 50 years old? You see, like Richard Gere. He’s 50, but he’s so handsome. Or, who else? Whatever you say, like the Spanish guy, he’s in Argentina films? (Antonio Banderas.) Antonio Banderas, for example. They are very old, but they are good looking. No? (Yes.) Or who else? Many. (George Clooney.) George Clooney, for example. Oh man. Where would I find such a person to fall in love with anyway. And what for would I fall in love with a 50-year-old man? For what reason? Maybe we don't have to work anymore, we talked about that already. OK, OK. Good reason, good reason. Where would you find a 50-year-old-something man who’s very rich, and handsome looking, and free? That’s important. I don't want to be the second one. Even though many men were looking for me in Monaco, you know already, some big shot also, some were not very nice.

And then that day, because, I don't know, we were saying something. It was one of the residents who went there to give me some documents to look at. I was sitting in the bar and then they just arrived. The billionaire and the girlfriend just arrived. I sat there and of course, they’d sit next to me. And believe it or not, I always paid, billionaire or not. I am just too good. I didn't want them to pay for me. Mostly I paid. Mostly, I think. If I could make it, I paid before they could make it. Just to let you know that I don't take advantage of rich and famous men. Not that you got the wrong idea, ever.

One time, I worried that he’d pay, so I gave the waiter, Arab waiter, 500 euros. I said, “Keep it! Don't let the other man pay.” And this silly man returned it to me right in front of everybody. I gave it under the table, but he returned it in front and put it next to my plate, saying, “No. You don't pay because he told me he will pay.” The billionaire. I said, “Oh God.” And he told me, the waiter taught me a lesson. He said, “When an Arab man says something, You listen.” I said, “Sorry, I am not Arab. I don't know anything about this custom. I gave it for you to pay. Why do you do this?” He said, “You have to let him pay. I don't take it from You.” Because the Arab man already knew my habit. The billionaire, he’s Arab origin. And he also saw the €500 on the table and he said, “Oh, my God!” He meant I am too generous to the waiter. I meant to pay. And the rest, maybe he can keep, it depends. But he thought I gave a €500 tip to the waiter. I could have, but it wasn't necessary yet. That day he could pay, but I didn't dare to eat anything anymore. I just drank and then I said, “I am sorry, I have to go.” Because I was worried he’d pay for everything. If I ate more, then he’d pay. I didn't want it. So, I just want you to know that even if outside of your eyes, I behave. I don’t take advantage of rich people. Never. Even with your brothers, rich brothers, I don’t do that. I pay all the time. I, correct.

That day, a long time I didn’t go back there, so I went down for breakfast and they came, and I read my newspaper. OK, that’s to refresh you. And then he sent her to come and talk to me. She coaxed me to come and talk to the billionaire. I said, “Why? I didn’t do anything wrong. He should be the one to come and talk to me, because he did not behave well that day in front of my people. He should not.” Because... I think I remember, because he said something very impolite and bad. I don’t know why, because maybe his girlfriend just came back, he wanted to show off or something, and then make up with her. And then I said, “I don’t want to go.” So, she was very nice. A Canadian. She said, “You know what, he is an old man. It’s difficult. You know him. Just go talk to him for peace’s sake. You are a very forgiving person. He’s just an old…” Blah blah blah. I said, “OK, just this time.” So, I went there and he pretended like nothing had happened, just like business as usual. The reason I didn't want to see him anymore, was because he said something bad, and I shot back at him. I said, “You know what? You’re so old already, you should know better.” That's what hit him, because he didn’t want to remember that he was old, even though it was so plain, so plain old story, that he's old. There was nothing to hide, and why? He was old, but he was rich and famous.

His girlfriend is young and model-like, tall and blonde. And she was so tall and model-like, and she still wore the high heels higher than me. I said, “My God!” I said, “My God. You're so tall already. If I were you, I would be glad to wear sandals, flip-flops.” She said, “No. I want to be even taller.” I said, “But why?” And he was short. So anyway, I said, “You’re so tall. Why do you have to wear such high heels, because it’s difficult to walk?” Monaco is not all flat. There's up and down hills and everything. Even though the road is smooth, it’s good, but still, if I was taller I would prefer to... Actually, over there, I don't wear high heels much. I wear just normal, about this much only; a sandal or something, or this, or flip-flops sometimes. Japanese. So, she said, “I want.” I said, “You’re too tall already. Why do you wear high heels?” She said, “I want to be taller, bigger!” I said, “But why?” And she said, “I want to rule the world.” What ambition! Just wear the high heels and you can rule the world? Wow, how easy! How easy! No need to vote for any president. Wear high heels, man! If all the presidents knew this secret!

Anyway, it’s a funny story from around the world, I collect for you. I didn't tell you all this? (No, Master.) Never? (Never. Some part.) Really? (Some part of it.) Some part of it. But still, when you reheat it, it's still OK. Like old food, microwave and eat again. And then, so now we come to the end of the story that you've been waiting a long time for. You still enjoy it? (Yes, Master.) It’s so spiritual, right? Highly enlightened it was? So, after that time, we were friends again. I don't hold a grudge, but I just don't like this kind of talk, especially talking to a lady, you know, talk like gross-talk. It’s not good with those letters. I said, “It’s not befitting you to talk like that, especially in front of my secretary and in front of all the ladies.” And he just laughed and smiled, and said, “OK, sorry.” I said, “You know what? You are a… man. Your country has 5,000 years of culture, heritage; very highly respected in the whole world. You, even if you’re a rich man, you must represent your country. That's all. OK?” So, he understood, maybe? I said, “Even if we are richer, more famous, we still need to be more polite and have etiquette in front of ladies.” So, that's it, and we were friends again, no problem. And sometimes, when I saw them, I invited them, or sometimes they invited themselves to my table wherever I sat. If they came in, I just sat there, inviting or not, didn't matter. Because since he had a membership card in that gym club, he always had an excuse to come. Before, he had a membership somewhere else. That changed immediately after the yacht story.

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