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Between Master and Disciples

Faith Is the Mother of All Virtues, Part 6 of 7, July 7, 2019

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Because you guys are here, I feel strong, supported, so I ask for anything I want. I am not shy anymore. What’s the use? The Buddha, He ate only once a day, people still wanted to kill Him. Jesus walked barefoot, and they still nailed Him. I eat and drink, wear beautiful clothes, see what happens. Change tactic.

After that, one day, I came out of the hotel. I needed the driver, one of your handsome bodyguards. I needed a driver, so I called them from France to come to Monaco, to my hotel, to bring me home or something. And I and him, your brother, one of your brothers, he's really handsome... I mean, everywhere I went with him, all the girls, goo-goo ga-ga, and asked him, “Wow! Where from?” Something like that. “Is he Your…?” I said, “No, no ‘your!’” It’s funny. If I go out with a man, no matter if he’s ugly or handsome, old or young, “Is he Your…?” I’d say, “What?” Couldn’t I just have a pure, plain driver? Always asked, “Your husband? Your boyfriend? Where are You from?” It’s funny. People are funny, really funny.

So, that's why one day, I went to buy some plants and I kept looking for a special one that I needed in my room, and it took a longer time. And I was talking to the gardener of that shop, and he was younger, Italian. And he was young, so-so looking. Maybe some others think he was good-looking, but I didn’t really think. Mostly, I don't think any man is good-looking. And then my so-called driver, a Taiwanese (Formosan). Sorry. Because I told him to wait for me there at the reception area. I went alone to look with the gardener. It’s just he happened to be young and white-looking because he was Italian. He didn’t look like us – maybe black or maybe yellow. For the Taiwanese (Formosan) or Asian people, anybody who looks white, chubby, round faced – good! So, this guy happened to be young, white, chubby, round faced. This is a kind of pizza and Italian spaghetti mixed together kind of feature. So, for my driver, an Asian Taiwanese (Formosan), a little dark skinned, skinny – that guy was tops.

But I had nothing to do with this handsome guy. He was really handsome. Everywhere we went, all the girls told me that. I didn’t even have to remember if he… For me, I did not think that he was handsome or not handsome at all. I didn’t think he was ugly, I didn’t think he was handsome. Handsome or not, sometimes it depends on the type, that you like or not. I didn’t say he was ugly or anything, but all the girls told me he was handsome, so I believed it. The majority always wins. It doesn’t matter what my opinion is.

And then that day, I stepped out with him, and they happened to be there also, at the door of the hotel. So of course, we said hallo and all that. And then I introduced. I said, “Oh, this is Mr. So-and-so.” And I laughed also, rich and famous guy, and this is his companion, “And this is so-and-so.” I said, “He works for me.” So the billionaire looked suddenly so sad and like almost crying, and said, “I also want to work for You!” I said, “What? Sir, what are you saying? You work for me? I don’t think I can afford it.” He was so sad, and he was saying it like a baby without milk. The face suddenly changed. He looked up at him, this handsome guy, and he said, “I also want to work for You!” That was really funny.

End of story. (Good story, good story.) That’s the longest romance… That’s the longest romantic story I can tell you, in Monaco. It’s fun to remember these things. So, you cannot say that the world people are not kind to me. They’re very kind, deeply.

Oh man, I’m the only one that is eating. How about opening your secret? You haven’t done it yet. Go, go, go, go. Eat with me, so I don’t feel too embarrassed. (I ate so much, Master.) You have to. (Yes, Master.) I share with you my favorite. Eat it! (I will, Master.) Go! (chalo) You know what “chalo” means, right? Go. (chalo) Tell them. (Just go ahead.) Just go ahead. Do it! Go. (chalo)

Wow! Did you like my story? (Yes, Master. Everything.) Of course, because you’re still staying here. If you were leaving tomorrow, you wouldn’t laugh. (Master, they gave You Honorary citizenship in Monaco, right?) No, no. (No.) No. In Monaco, if you stay there like seven years, you apply for it. Either maybe you have a good job, or you have a house, you have enough money and good police record, they’ll give you citizenship. Seven years. Or there’s a quicker way – just marry one of my taxi drivers. At least it makes you laugh.

What dress are you wearing? Is that Argentina? It’s from India. It’s Indian. (India. Oh!) It’s kurta pyjama. Having a good meal sometimes is good, feels very groovy. Thank you. You have tea? Do you want some tea after? You want some chai? Good, huh? Don’t have. You want to see where I live? Want to see my cave? After. (Wow!) As if I invited you to Buckingham Palace or something. That is funny. (It’s better than Buckingham Palace.) You’re funny.

No, because this cave already exists. It’s three times bigger than my former cave in Hsihu. It’s very spacious, but it’s not very useful because, before, the water ran from the roof and from the walls and from outside, in everywhere. When it rains a lot, it’s like a swimming pool inside. So, it’s not of much use, though I like it very much.

When I first went in, there was no door and water was everywhere because it was still raining season, but I didn’t care because I had a tent. And I put it on higher ground. I don’t care about flooding down there or anything. It’s very convenient, the tent. And now they’ve fixed the roof, so less rain comes in. It’s still dripping here and there, and now because the water could not run from the roof, it runs from the wall. It bore many holes in the wall, big like this, and the water was gushing out. But now, because they made a wooden floor for me, so the water seeps under the… It’s like an imitation wood. It’s very good, very nice. So, that’s why I can have my dogs there now. Before, water was everywhere, they could not go in. I was worried they would drink the water. And now, the water seeps down quickly to the floor underneath, under the wood surface, so you don’t see much. Wonderful.

Now I have one luxury item, especially for me. Guess what it is? (Refrigerator.) Oh, yeah. You know! How come? Somebody leaked the secret? (I don’t know.) You have some inside connection. (I’m not sure.) I was going to announce it ‘bigly’ today, like a surprise for you, and then he ruined it.

Because you guys are here, I feel strong, supported, so I ask for anything I want. I am not shy anymore. What’s the use? The Buddha, He ate only once a day, people still wanted to kill Him. Jesus walked barefoot, and they still nailed Him. I eat and drink, wear beautiful clothes, see what happens. Change tactic. They did the best They could. Forsook everything: wives, palace, children, parents, comfort, luxury. Forsook everything, a comfortable life, and went out and sacrificed everything, and they treated Him like dirt. I changed this time to see what happens. It’s the same. At least I tried.

He likes that. Why? Why you like it so much? Tell me. (I just thought it was funny.) Why? It’s true, no? (Yes.) Maybe I am that one. People said “wear high-heels” and stuff like that. They just discovered recently these ancient predictions. I fit perfectly! So maybe it’s already planned. I’m fitting perfectly. Look at me. Special! Special Messiah. Remember that! (We are lucky.) You’re lucky. Yes, you are.

Anybody want tooth, sweet tooth? (Sure.) Sure. (Thank You, Master.) You eat a little bit more, you’re a big guy. Come. (Thank You, Master.) Eat more. Where did you guys dig out so many ancient predictions? Where did you find them? And still going on! My God! Not just writing, now it’s drawing even. Incredible! I just had a glimpse the other day. I said, “My God! Where did they dig out all these things?” Really ancient.

I’m also happy to see you. You’re getting better all the time. I’m very pleased. And your outside-the-circle brothers and sisters, they are also perfect, excellent, so talented and so dedicated. Even though they are busy working outside, they still save time and they work very hard for our show, so concentrated, so dedicated. I’m very touched and happy. If you have a chance to connect with any of them, tell them that, outsiders, outside our circle. I feel very lucky to have you guys and the outside brothers and sisters. Very lucky. I feel the world is very lucky at this time to have you. Because even if we have high tech and all kinds of possibilities, but if we don’t have people who can use that opportunity and who can use the high tech of our time, who are dedicated, who really put their heart into it, then it’s also useless. Right? I am very happy with you. I thank you for your dedication. (Thank You, Master.) I feel very lucky also.

Wow! I like this one. When I was a child, like Aulacese (Vietnamese) kind of… Did you have them? (Yes.) A sweet. I like this one because it has coconut. After today, I think I have to forget those dresses, those sissy dresses for a while. Three, four days, I didn’t eat well. Today made up for everything that I did not. Take what you need. Wow! Look at that! I asked for me and then now, everybody has it! Not fair. Enjoy! Enjoy! Put on some weight for me.

Any complaints about the party today? (No.) Very wise. Is it a real “no” or it’s a womanly “no?” If she says “no,” she means “maybe.” And if she says “maybe,” she means “yes.” If she says “yes,” she is no woman. They compared a woman to a diplomat and they say if a diplomat says “yes,” he means “maybe.” If he says “maybe,” he means “no.” And if he says “no,” he’s no diplomat. We’re opposite to the diplomat.

Good? You want some? Coconut. You’re chubby already, you don’t care. Hey, you! Want some? You sit next to her, you might feel too jealous, so... (Maybe.) What? (Maybe.) You learn so fast. Are all the Paraguayan people so smart like that? (Maybe.) You like the food? (Yes.) Yes, when you’re hungry, it is good. Are you hungry every day? I mean regularly, regular customers.

Are you all right there, everybody? Are you all right? Everything is good. Everything is good? (Everything is good.) The Italian people, they love me a lot. Maybe they love everybody a lot. They parked the car for me. They backed up the car for me. They helped to take the groceries for me. I don’t know what else they wouldn’t do for me. Wow! The men, especially. The women, I did not see one, but the men, especially. Not old men, 50-years-old. No, young! Twenty-something, thirty-something. They’re so warm.

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