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Between Master and Disciples

The Life of Lord Mahavira: Continue Fasting to Rescue Chandana, Part 3 of 5, Dec. 01, 2019

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She saw that Baba Sawan Singh took her to see God, on the throne of God. And she was crying, crying. She said, “I never imagined, I never… All my life, I never imagined that I could even go near the throne of God and speak to Hirm like that.”

This temple is not… it doesn’t look like a normal Buddhist temple. It’s just a building, a part of a building attached to the whole long block, and it’s just one part of it. It’s been made into a temple. And the master at that time, he bought that temple just to teach the American disciples. Every three months, he went there. And his disciples, I count on my finger, maybe about 30, 40, a small temple. And they came every Sunday to listen to him and he made retreat with them sometimes. And the retreat had maybe 20 or 20-something people. So, it’s not like a temple that is famous. It doesn’t look like a temple outside. It’s just a normal apartment. It has two stories and a basement. The basement is a kitchen – cooking and eating community. And the first floor is for the Buddhas, the hall and meditation. The third floor is the living quarters. I had one small room in there. And the master lived in the front; I lived in the back. One room, separated by a corridor and an empty room.

So, if I were to go outside, long distance, and came back and had not written the address of the temple, I would have gotten lost. But they found the temple all right, rang the bell. I was alone; the abbot, he came back and forth. He had a green card, came back and forth. So, anyway, they came in and told me. They [Truth-seekers] described what the inner guide told them about me, said I would give initiation, and you can have the (inner Heavenly) Sound, you can hear the ocean. So, I thought she cannot be lying. And I asked her if she knew anything about the (inner Heavenly) Light and (inner Heavenly) Sound Method, and about such and such teaching. At least similar teaching or something. Did she read anything? They said, “No. No idea. Just the guide told us to come here and You will give us the spiritual anointment, and then we will hear the ocean, even if we don’t have the ocean.” Something like that. So, I thought they cannot be lying. What for they lied to me? Because I did not plan to initiate anybody. I was just living in the temple, cleaning the bathroom and floor every day. And then so I said, “OK. But you have to be vegetarian.” They said, “Yes, we are already.” Because in their tradition also maybe like that. Oh, very sincere. Good experience.

And then they kept coming to see me sometimes afterward, and then meditated with me or alone. I gave them the room that the abbot always reserved to see his disciples during the retreat. So, I said, “You stay down there, I stay in my room. Because I cannot give you the upstairs room.” Upstairs only one room for the master and the other room for meditation. Also, upstairs there is one meditation room for the disciples when they come. In the morning, they come meditate with him. Before that I was thinking they’re mistaken. I said, “If you are looking for the abbot, he is not here. You come back in two months; he will be back here. And his name is not Ching.” I told them. He’s a Buddhist monk. So, they said, “No, no. They said Master Ching.” I said, “Maybe Master Ji. Master Ji. He is a man.” Maybe “Ji” is Indian for great Master. People always say Guruji, Maharaji, or Mataji. Babuji, Babaji. Everything “ji” means great. “So, I think maybe that’s what your guide meant by Master Ji. But he is not here.”

And then she said, “No, no. Because the guide said it’s a woman. And does the abbot teach the Ocean Method?” I said, “No, he doesn't know anything about the ocean stuff.” So she said, “Then it’s not. Do You know…” They asked me if I know anything about (inner Heavenly) Ocean Sound. I said, “I know some.” And they said, “That’s You then. It’s You. You’re a woman and You know about the Ocean Sound inside, so it’s not the abbot that we are looking for.” So, then I had to give them initiation. They came from a long way. And I gave them food to eat and extra. And they came back some other time.

But they're afraid of ghosts. They’re supposed to be ghost busters. They are the kind of exorcist people. They can see ghosts all right. And then one day, they came to me, and they came up, “Can we sleep with You upstairs?” I said, “Small room. I’m not used to sleeping with other people. You have all the room downstairs. It’s more comfortable, and the bathroom, everything for you. Toilet so easy.” She said, “No, there are so many ghosts down there, about 300 at least, of them.” I said, “Well.” I said, “It’s a temple. Ghosts are also welcome.” It didn’t say outside that ghosts cannot come. I said, “Besides, the temples are feeding the ghosts every day also,” you know, symbolic with the mantra and then you multiply it. It’s just symbolic: throw a few drops of water and some little rice, and then you multiply it, and then the ghosts come and also listen to us chanting Buddhist sutras and liturgy. Something like that.

Can you check on internet for me? Like feeding ghosts or praying to God before you eat? Long time I didn’t use that word. “So, that’s why this is their home. So, it’s natural that they stay here, but they will not harm you, I promise. Because look at me, and the abbot, and other people, they come and go. I stay here, nothing happened. Don’t worry. Besides, if the ghosts can be downstairs, they can also come upstairs, so what’s the difference?” I said, “The ghosts, they’re freer than us. They could zoop upstairs just like that, quicker than us going by stairs. So, if you come in here, what’s the difference?” So, she said, “No, no, it’s different. There’s no ghost here. They only stay downstairs. Here, You only have three, four Masters with You. And there is a Master with a big long beard. His name is Baba Sawan Singh. And other Masters…” She named all the Masters and all that.

When I initiated her, she saw Baba Sawan Singh inside, and He told her His name and said that He and I are one. (Wow.) Baba Sawan Singh and I are one. Why? Why? No. I thought I told you that before? I didn’t? No? I did not? And I said, “How do you know the name Baba Sawan Singh?” She said, “He told me inside.” They are very sincere and very spiritually pure. And then I also said, “OK, if He said so, then it is so. The Master would not lie to you. For what reason?” The inner experience, and she saw that Baba Sawan Singh took her to see God, on the throne of God. And she was crying, crying. She said, “I never imagined, I never… All my life, I never imagined that I could even go near the throne of God and speak to Hirm like that.” At that time, it was not a very high God yet, at least within the Five Worlds, but still, she was crying, crying. Oh, she cried nonstop. I said, “Stop, otherwise you will dry out. I will not see you anymore. I’ll say, ‘Where is Azula? Where, where?’” So I gave her a drink and all that and OK. They all had good experiences inside at that time.

And then they even came to Taiwan (Formosa) to see me. At that time, I lived in a jungle, a forest, Yangmingshan. We didn’t have a house or anything; we just had a tent. And somehow, they put some metal sheets together, making into a square little hut for me. I let her stay, and then she was afraid of ghosts again. I said, “You just imagine. You ask these nuns.” At that time, I had about, I don’t know, more than ten nuns and monks with me together. We shared clothes. We didn’t have enough money to buy clothes. I gave them my clothes. I kept only one for myself, because we didn’t have enough money to buy clothes, nun’s clothes, and then we were OK. We were OK anyway. We were happy. We didn’t have a lot of money, but we were happy.

I think I grew some sprouts and vegetables to sell. Then we had a little money somehow. I can’t remember how we survived. And the nuns were still making some leaflets, like a weekly news – one paper, one piece of paper – to copy some of the talks I talked to them, and then they sent it all to whomever. So we had a big tent, about three, four meters long, and two meters wide. And she came, and I let her stay in the metal sheet hut already, and she was still scared of ghosts, coming to tell me, “Oh, so many ghosts here. How do You live here?” I said, “We live. They lived here before we came, so we should apologize to them, that they let us also stay.”

Because that mountain is called Yangmingshan. It’s a national park. Except for those who already stay there – long, long, long ancestry left behind a house – then nobody can build any more houses. And it’s supposed to be a very haunted area. They made a lot of jokes about it. Like, sometimes some taxi drivers didn’t dare to take people to that area. Because when they paid the money, it was not real. When they came back, they realized it was ghost money. It was not real. It’s special. It’s a special type of ghost money.

Don’t you know the story about Yangming Mountain? It’s real. Have you heard about it? Oh, yes. So, she is a witness. I’m not lying. I heard only, but I wasn’t sure. We lived there. Nobody, no ghosts ever dared come to us. We were just more vicious than ghosts or something. I said, “Don’t worry. We are initiated into the Quan Yin Method. No ghost can do anything to you. Besides, you are a ghost buster! You are a master of ghost busters. You do exorcisms! How are you afraid of ghosts? Then if your clients heard about this, how would they come to you again?” She said, “Oh, too many, too many, and big, big ghosts, big ghosts.” I said, “Big or small, they don’t do anything to us. We all live here together in harmony, because we do no harm to them, they do no harm to us.” She still tried to come to me all the time with the ghost stuff, so I gave her some fruits, whatever we had, and said, “This is good fruit. If the ghosts see it, they will not touch you. They will not go near.”

No ghosts bothered us. They just let us see them. If we saw or not, we didn’t really care. The ghosts didn’t dare to appear in front of me and my nuns and monks at that time. Or maybe we were blind or deaf to the world. People say when you are deaf, you are not afraid of cannons or guns; you hear nothing! Because of that, we one time, made a very naughty joke. We said, “Don’t come home so late.” And then another, I said to the nuns and monks… Sometimes they had to go out to buy stuff, buy food or something.

I don’t remember how we survived there. At least we had water. There’s a stream running around our tents. And the stream water was so beautiful, so crystal clear. And we survived because we had water there, so we didn’t care. We used to drink worse water than that; dirty water, when we had no place. We ran around on the street, any water we drank, and nothing happened. Truly, we are protected. Because some water was dirty, very dirty, but we just used our cloth, our monk’s robes or something to filter it and then cooked. But the water truly was very dirty, but sometimes we had nowhere else to go; we could not find anywhere else. We were on the street, and so we just drank anything, and no problem. Over there we just had that piece of land and the water was running all year around – small stream but running all the time, and beautiful, clear. First time we saw the clear stream that nobody tampered with and no contamination. Wow, we were so lucky and happy. We planned to stay there forever.

(Master, is this the one?) No. Meng-shan means feeding… No... It means “thanking Buddhas and Bodhisattvas and feeding the ghosts,” etc. It’s different. It’s not the ordinary feeding. It’s not just feeding like this. It’s a religious ritual. You found it? (Liturgy. It says: Liturgy means customary public worship performed by a religious group.) “Customary public worship performed by a religious group,” that’s correct. Liturgy also. We praise God and we thank God for eating and for the food that we eat. That form of worship or praying is called “liturgy.” And also, in Buddhism, we also thank the Buddha and all that, and then we feed some to the ghosts. So, actually, the ghosts did come, 300 plus of them. So, we have a witness. Queen Azula saw it. I think she’s still alive in America. Long time no see. I keep changing areas, so I don’t think she can ever catch me anymore. What we did is not “Meng-shan,” which is making offerings. The morning and evening services that Buddhists do is called “liturgy,” which also exists in Catholicism.

Liturgy. So, there’s a joke about the liturgy. There was a priest who went to Africa trying to spread the teachings of Jesus, but he had to go through a jungle. And he crossed a lion. The lion wanted to eat him. Definitely, he could not run. So, the priest knelt down and said some stuff. And the lion said, “What are you saying?” Because he said, “Let me do liturgy first before you eat me.” So, he knelt down and prayed to God and said “thank You” and all this and “save my soul” stuff. And then the lion also knelt. So, the priest said, “I’m kneeling to pray to God and to pray to save my soul and help me. What are you kneeling for?” The lion said, “Before eating, you have to make liturgy, no?” Before having a meal, he had to give thanks, do the liturgy. That’s how I remember the word “liturgy.” The pious lion.

If I were to continue to be breatharian, I guess I could not do this job. It’s a different field. I’d probably have a better life. But I don’t think I can do much further work or enlarged work, like what I’m doing right now. But sometimes I say to myself, “You busybody! How can you do all this?” Even the Supreme Master Television is a big work for me already. How do I even have dogs? I have to put on makeup, wear clothes, design all types of things, and business. Business also gives me trouble sometimes: the staff, and the tax, and the accounting stuff. Sometimes I think, “Oh man. You are truly a busybody, aren’t you?” I talk to myself. I scold myself. I say, “You are the only one to be blamed. No God, no maya, no satan, no demon, no one. You, the only one.” Because one thing leads to another. If you have a business, you have to take care of this and that and that.

If you give initiation, you have to go and see this and that people. You have to take care of them inside out. It’s not like you can come and sit here, and I feel nothing from you, I don’t feel any tug, any pull, any crying, all that stuff. Not like I give you initiation and then I don’t hear that you’re at home having trouble, tugging at Master’s photo, and want this, want that. It’s OK if you really need. But sometimes you don’t even need. You just ask for this and that to test the Master. These things won’t work. Do your homework. You pray to Master when you need, of course, but not always abusing our relationship.

Not like you just get married and have a child and then no problem. No. Problem comes, with the marriage and with the child. You don’t know that until you’re in. Similar. Just one wife, one child, and one job, and one house, and you already have a lot of problems. I have many houses because, before, I kept running around and every country I bought this and bought that for Ashrams. And then later, it becomes too small and then I can’t even sell it. It takes some time. And before, I had nobody with me to help me, so I put it in my name, and now I have to go there to take care, because some countries don’t accept just an authorized letter or passport. You have to go in person in front of a notary or a lawyer, blah, blah, blah. No end to trouble. No end to trouble.

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