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Between Master and Disciples

The Life of Lord Mahavira: Continue Fasting to Rescue Chandana, Part 4 of 5, Dec. 01, 2019

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I’m happy just to stay in any little cave or corner, anywhere, as long as I have somewhere to stay, so that I can work. Because when you work a lot, you don’t care about what you wear or not wear. I mostly just sleep on a sofa. I did not even have a bed. Many places I don’t have a bed.

I have many houses because, before, I kept running around and every country I bought this and bought that for Ashrams. And then later, it becomes too small and then I can’t even sell it. It takes some time. And before, I had nobody with me to help me, so I put it in my name, and now I have to go there to take care, because some countries don’t accept just an authorized letter or passport. You have to go in person in front of a notary or a lawyer, blah, blah, blah. No end to trouble. And even Ashrams I have to take care – not this Ashram only, other Ashrams. Blah, blah, blah. One thing will lead to another. It’s never single. It’s never just single business or single event or single thing.

And you will think that practitioners don’t care about material. It’s true. It is absolutely true. Despite what you see on me, I don’t really care. I’m happy just to stay in any little cave or corner, anywhere, as long as I have somewhere to stay, so that I can work. Because when you work a lot, you don’t care about what you wear or not wear. I mostly just sleep on a sofa. I did not even have a bed. Many places I don’t have a bed.

And now they told me, “It’s the 21st century already, Master. Don’t stay in a cave anymore.” I said, “It’s the same to me.” It’s just they keep bugging me. You know how disciples can bug you. They keep nagging you until you give in. And even threaten me that the cave is not good for my health and all that stuff. Could be true also. That did scare me a little bit. Because if the cave is not natural – it’s made with some other synthetic stuff – it could be, after a long time, it becomes rotten. And even if you don’t see it, the dust and all that will be affecting your health. That scared me a little bit. That did convince me a little bit, because I do want to stay healthy. I don’t like to get sick and then have to work at the same time. It’s bad when you’re already healthy and need to work so much like I do already. What if you’re sick and work like that? How? And then you bother disciples. They have to take you to the doctor and hospital, and take care of you if you’re seriously sick, and all that, bothering everybody. And it’s not good when you’re sick and having disciples around. Either they help you but in a clumsy way and making more trouble, or they help you but they want something else, and it’s worse than having no one around. I’m telling you, it’s very difficult to find unconditional so-called disciples. Very difficult.

What kind of glasses are these? Is it for far-seeing or something? (No. Parking.) For driving? It just looks a little bit more classy. I like beauty, I told you already. But I don’t need it. “I like it” doesn’t mean I need it. When I’m alone, I really feel free and happy. You don’t have to change clothes a lot. The dogs don’t care how I look in the morning or any time. I just zip my hair up, and then I wear what I wear. It is not often that I have to play so many roles at the same time, like this time. I found it’s a little difficult, difficult for me. If you just be a Hindu Master or an Indian Master who grows a beard like him, then you look good already. No matter what. You don’t need to put lipstick, nothing. You still look good. The longer the beard, they look more master-like and good-looking. Men are so wonderful. They don’t need to do anything about themselves. Women always run around after them, ga-ga after men. And women put a lot of lipstick and stuff, and hair and nails and stuff, and sometimes cannot even find a man. Like me, for example. It’s a typical example. You’d think. There are still some men after me nowadays. Can you believe that? Troublemakers. I said to them, “No, no, no, no, no! No more. No more of this game. I’m tired.”

We continue. That was calendar only. Four o’clock. You want to go eat now and continue next week? (No.) What do you mean no? It’s still long. No, we keep it like soap opera, next week. Because I talked a lot today and I talked slow also. Four o’clock, everybody has to go. Go home. Next week. That’s what it is. I also want to stay, but you have to go because your bus is waiting, your beloved karma is waiting at home. Your beautiful karma is waiting, somewhere. I can sit here forever. They can sit here forever. But you, no. Go. Otherwise, they will think that I captured you, using some magic power or something. I wish I had, then I could use magic on the whole world, and then we’d be finished with all the trouble. Quick. Alright.

Next week, continue story. That's how television works. Next week, soap opera. So, people keep continuing to watch. More interesting. It works for me. I’m getting older now; you don’t feel so interested in me anymore, but the story gets very exciting now. It begins to get more exciting. You never know what happens next. So, OK, see you next time, if I come next time. If next week I get out again or not, I don’t know. All right. Thank you.

(Master, can I share something with You?) Yeah. He wants to keep me, that’s what it means. That’s what it means. Tell me. By the way, no, the fruit is good. By the way, last time, it was just for some little kids, but the fruit is good. These ones are all a lot of garbage. All these kinds of things are a lot of garbage for the world. So, it was correct what you did last week; you did not buy, it was correct. I was thinking the kids would probably prefer to have some (vegan) candies or (vegan) cakes from me, for once. At home they are not allowed maybe, so. But never mind. You did well, you did good. Don’t buy these anymore. Though this is easier for me to give. Because an apple, if I throw like that, “Oh, my glasses! My glasses! My head, my head! Master, it’s an ache.” This is easy. (Oh, wow!) Yeah, share. Tell me. I am busy with my hands, not my ears.

(In one of the videos of Your teachings today,) Yeah. (You were talking about more governments should put animal protection laws, and I just wanted to share something from Iran. And in Iran, I think it was about one month ago, or two months… So, they officially now approved the law that harming the animals is a crime.) In Iran? (Yes. Now, it is a crime.) Wow! Thank You, Thank You, Allah! Thank You, Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon You. Wow! (And there was… In the last couple of years, there was a lot of harming, especially harming the dogs, was going on in Iran, and people were filming and reporting this. And even before this law got approved, already some local mayors or the province mayors, they…) They forbid this kind. (And they asked for people to come and tell them who was the guy that did that thing…) To do the cruelty. Yes. Wow! Wow! Iran. Wow! Wow! Thanks, Allah! Praised be Allah! Wow! I am so happy. I am so happy. Very good. Excellent news. Very good. It’s going. It’s coming. It’s coming soon. Everything gets better.

You give these to the Chinese people, and the Aulacese (Vietnamese) people, and the Westerners, the non-Asian people. It’s for monks, as an offering. Sorry. Come. Up, up here for me. Oh, that one is smaller, easier. Same? (Yes.) It is bigger even. I saw only half of it. I thought it was smaller. Offering to monks. Offering to the pure and clean Light body of Vairocana Buddha, thousands of billions of transformation bodies of Shakyamuni Buddha and Amitabha Buddha in the Western Paradise. That is called liturgy. We did our morning, evening liturgy. It’s for the Chinese from China, and from the Âu Lạc (Vietnam) people. They share within themselves. Give it to the group leader(s) and they’ll give it to each other. Don’t take so much. A little for each person. They’ll come and take it later on. Group leaders come to take them, OK? The team leaders come to take and share them, OK?

Today, I cannot eat with you guys. Sorry, you eat alone. Today, Heaven told me not to eat with you. Actually, last time, I ate with some people, a new initiate maybe, and it was not so very good energy, like pricking me like needles. While I was eating there, I felt pricking here, there. Lucky, not the whole body, just here, there, there, everywhere. Here and there. And this time, Heaven warned me not to eat with you guys, so I’m just not eating this week with you. Maybe next week again.

(Dear Master, in India, we have a tradition, that whenever we cook for us in the morning, first, we offer it to God) Yes. (and Guruji.) Yes. (And then, the first chapati is known as “Gau grass,” and the second for the dogs, and the third for the crows.) Wow! You still do that? (Yes.) OK, very good. Very good, continue. Every country, I think they do have some different traditions just to offer to God or to invisible beings. I think.

Next week. Thank you. You must go home. The Taiwanese (Formosan) have to go home, the Chinese have to go eat, the Westerners must go eat. I don’t see you enough, but I don’t know how (much) is enough. The dogs don’t see me enough; I don’t see myself enough. Truly. Truly. Either I meditate, I don’t see myself anymore, or when I get up, I see only documents in front of my nose. That’s why sometimes I don’t eat on time, and the food gets cold and everything, because they bring food with documents, together. I don’t want them to have to keep coming and going, because we are all busy. This is some extra work they do; they bring food for me. So, sometimes they bring breakfast, lately bring only dinner. Before, brought only breakfast, and later I said breakfast is too early. They had to bring at seven o’clock, meaning they had to get up at six or something. So, I said, “No, just bring dinner then.” I mean the lunch, after lunch, afternoon. And then, now, here they bring again breakfast and dinner; I put them all together. When I have time, I open all of them and see which one is good, I pick some. It’s also very nice. You array them all out on the table and you feel like, wow, a king or something. So many. They put in containers and you just spread them all out: some for the dogs, some for me, some for the documents. It drops some on the documents. Maybe the documents also feel hungry.

OK, then. I love you, but I’ll leave you. See you next time. I hope next time, I can really get out of my samadhi. Because sometimes for the work, I have to get out. Sometimes I get out, but it takes me a long time to focus on the work, otherwise, I cannot focus. Maybe I’m older that's why.

Bye, children. That means Bye-bye. (Bye-bye, Master.) Bye, kids. (Master, we love You so much.) (We love You.) I’ve heard. Thank you. Anything new? They keep saying, “I love You. I love You.” I said, “I’ve heard this all the time. Anything new?” Take care of yourself. All of you take care of yourselves. Mainland, small-land, or middle-land. (OK.) (Thank You, Master.) No problem. Love is all I have, nothing else. I cannot give you anything else. Love is all I have. Love is all we need.

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