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Between Master and Disciples

The Life of Lord Mahavira: Continue Fasting to Rescue Chandana, Part 5 of 5, Dec. 01, 2019

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Thank you. I know you are doing your best. But some of you are not serious. In whatever we do, we should respect our profession. Whether you are sweeping the floor, or cleaning the toilets in the airport. God is watching every job you do.

I know. All of you love me. I hear that all the time. Something new. (Master, this is the…) What? (This is the only vegan plant-based milk produced in China. Fellow initiates asked me to take this to You.) Oh! No, no, no. No gift. No. I’m Sorry. I won’t accept it. Would you give it to someone else? (Yes, I will.) If it’s medicine, give it to the elderly. If it’s (vegan) biscuits or candies, offer it to the monks. They can accept it; they need it. As an enlightened Master, I can’t accept it. If I accept gifts, I’d become very rich. Too easy. If I don’t need to work hard to earn money, then I won’t sympathize with other people. Understand? I need to work harder in order to understand everyone. My life must not be too comfortable. I don’t mean to look down on your gifts or money. Please just offer it to people who need it. Thank you very much. God bless you.

OK, the Aulacese (Vietnamese), be good and healthy, comrades. Come to the kitchen to eat later. You know where the kitchen is, right? They’ll prepare food for you in there. Kitchen, please prepare things for China. And you, Westerners, I may pop in just to say hallo, if you go there. Everybody, out! Look. Run, run, run! Go outside quickly; easier to look at me. Here you can’t see me even after a long time. I’ve walked for a long time. There are many delicious foods. (It was from Your love, Master.) Go out quickly! (Master, please take care.) Take care, everybody. I’m OK. It’s just that I’ve meditated too much, so I become dull. Go, go, go! I go out see you. (Master, Your glasses are beautiful.) Huh? (Your glasses are very nice.) Aren’t they beautiful? Thank you. (Master is very beautiful.) It’s the makeup. I’ve put on makeup. Hallo, everyone. She meant that the glasses are nice. I thought she.…admires my eyes. Oh! (Master’s eyes are beautiful too.) I’m just joking. I don’t mind. (Master is beautiful.) Thank you. Thank you. It’s fine, I’m just joking. I was just making fun of myself. (It’s true. Master is always beautiful.) I was just laughing at myself.

To tell you frankly, I haven’t had such a nice, big bed for a very long time. Wow! I’ve moved in for a few days. It looked so beautiful that I dared not sleep on it. Not used to it. Today I was too tired, so I laid on it. Wow! Very comfortable. Initially, I was complaining why they gave me such a big bed. We monks are not supposed to sleep in nice, big beds. In the end, I told myself: Forget it! You, old woman, always complains. Simply accept what you are given. Don’t always criticize, or make all kinds of demands. It’s good that there is a bed; if not, then sleep on the sofa. Sleep on the bed if there is one. No need to mind about your status as a monk. You no longer look like a monk. What else is there to complain or to worry about? It looks very nice. I haven’t had this for a very long time. Usually, I just lied on a sofa, with dogs next to me or on the floor. When I saw this bed, wow! It’s extravagant. I haven’t seen such luxury for a long time. It’s like a bed for the royal family. It’s not really extravagant, just that they arranged the bedding very nicely, like in a hotel. I was a bit intimidated. Is it for me? I’ve been sleeping casually for a very long time. Just casually on a sofa, or on the floor or something. I’d be extremely grateful if I even had time to sleep. How would I fancy such beautiful bedding? They are nicely arranged, with a beautiful bed sheet. It’s in a simple grey color, nothing luxurious. But it’s shining and very flat. I haven’t had such a flat bed sheet for a long time. They simply put a quilt on the sofa. Then I just sleep on it covered with something, and it’s already very comfortable. I couldn’t wait to get some sleep. Why would I ask for bedding or anything? This house looks a bit extravagant. Actually, it’s assembled with cargo containers. Is that right? Isn’t it made with cargo containers? Then they added a layer outside to make it look like a house.

Oh! Now I feel I’m more like a human being. I told them that I am now more human-like, as I have a house and bed of a human. There’s even a pavilion outside. Wow! I feel that… I wonder if it is for me or for someone else. Sometimes, I still feel that the cave is more suitable for me. I still prefer to sleep in the cave. But today, I was too tired because I couldn’t sleep. You disturbed me at night; I couldn’t even meditate. So I got up, trying to make breakfast for myself, western style with (vegan) toast and jam. They have given me several jars. I didn’t eat them for a long time, so I wanted to try them. In the end, all four pieces of (vegan) bread were charred beyond recognition. They were so charred that they had lost shape. So I said forget it. Perhaps I was ill-fated and couldn’t enjoy the toast and jam. Just forget it. It’s no big deal. I was just distracted. The toaster oven that they bought was too modern and too bright. It’s so bright that I couldn’t read the numbers. I used to use a smaller and cheaper one, half the size of this one. Very simple and the numbers were clear. This one is too bright. It’s an advanced model. I couldn’t figure it out, so I just toasted it casually. Then, they were charred. I just turned away for a while, and they were charred. This one is too high tech and too advanced. Also too expensive, too bright and too fast. Normally, at home, my dumb little oven took half a day to brown the bread. This one, wow! I just went to another room for a short while. When I came back, the whole house was filled with smell. The bread was completely charred. It was really burnt, not browned. As black as the tarmac on the road. Then I toasted another one, and again it was charred! Good grief. When you buy me new things, please write in big, clear English. I don’t always wear my glasses. My glasses are in my office, so I couldn’t read it. All four toasts were charred. I gave up trying anymore. I’ll try again later, slowly.

But you’ve prepared things very well. Mostly you’ve written in big English letters. That’s good. Thank you very much. Thank you for keeping it in good shape. Now that I’m here, things are in a mess. I couldn’t keep it as nicely as you did when I was not around. Now, the dogs’ quilts and beds are thrown all over the place. Their footprints are everywhere, and on the sofa. It’s because there is work going on in the grass field at the back. Right? There’s too much water, and the place becomes muddy. The dogs go there because they love the grass. When they enter the house, there’re flowers everywhere. Their floral footprints cover the whole place, not sparing a single millimeter of space. They stamp their seals everywhere. Now the place is in a mess, not nice looking anymore. Not as nice as you did it in the first place. Never mind. This is what houses are meant to be, for people to dwell in. OK. Goodbye. Peace and safety be upon you.

Try your best to meditate instead of dozing off. They are not the same. Meditating and dozing off are not the same. Thank you. (Thank You, Master.) Thank you. I know you are doing your best. But some of you are not serious. In whatever we do, we should respect our profession. Whether you are sweeping the floor, or cleaning the toilets in the airport. God is watching every job you do. Whatever you do is a job. God is also within the people outside, sweeping the floors or driving taxis. So, when we work on something, we should do it like the people outside. If they failed to do it well, they’d lose their job and starve. Of course, it won’t be so bad when you’re working for me. Yet, you still have to respect your job. You must not take it lightly. That means you do not respect yourself and other people. I am sorry. I have to speak Chinese to these, my beloved karma. Different kind of karma. About the kind of less-than-excellent job they are doing. I have to tell them something. Maybe they’ll change. In the future, they’ll take more care and more attention.

We are annoying other people. If they saw it every day, they wouldn’t be able to tolerate it. They’d curse you. They are not spiritual practitioners. This is what they practice. Understand? Then it’s also not good for us. Therefore, what is not good for others is not good for ourselves. Understand? Humans are different than dogs, who wouldn’t say anything, no matter what you do to them. Perhaps they do say something but you can’t hear them. Understand? Some dogs do complain. Yes, my dogs complain that the assistant didn’t give them the vegan chewing treats. (Dental chews.) Dental chews. It is not regular food but they love it. They can swallow the whole packet. But that is not food, and they can’t eat so much. So I told them not to give too much to the dogs. I’d also give some to them when they come into the house. So they complain to me that they didn’t like that guy. I asked them why. “He is not nice to dogs.” “Doesn’t treat dogs nicely.” I asked, “In what way?” “He doesn’t give us treats.” I said, “I have told them to give it to you.” He said, “It’s too little.” The big dog would complain. He also said, “The young ones are too noisy. I prefer to be left alone.” The puppies are young, and they adore him. Whenever they saw him, they would sing and dance. Stick around and show up before him. He couldn’t stand it. He said that he also didn’t like to sleep with them because of the energy of the puppies. “The energy of the puppies is very fierce.” That’s what he told me. He doesn’t like sticking around them. They do. The dogs can speak, just that we can’t hear it. You’re unable to hear it. I also don’t want to hear it. They complain a lot. Especially the big one, he specializes in complaining. Too cold over here, and too hot over there. Not enough treats, too little. Prefer this snack and not the other one. All kinds of complaints. Yes, they can speak, and very good at that. Just that you don’t hear them… some of you may be able to hear them. Understand, OK? I don’t tell lies. Some of you can hear them and understand. It’s OK if you can’t hear the dogs. It’s good enough to hear the Buddha. It’s OK if you can hear God. It’s all right if you can’t hear the dogs. We used to be able to hear it. After so many eons and life after life, we’ve been eating and doing all kinds of chaotic things. So, we’ve lost plenty of miracle powers and abilities. We used to be able to fly. Now we can’t because we’ve eaten too much and become too heavy. When we first came here, for a short while, we could still fly. And when men saw women, they wouldn’t do anything. Same when women saw men. Later, the more we ate, the more we wanted. That’s the trouble. Now you also only think about becoming breatharians. If you only think, nothing will change. You can think, as it costs nothing to think.

OK. I go now. Thank you. Bye-bye. OK, I’m going now. Thank you. Bye-bye. Thank you very much for your help. Thank you for taking care of the house. I’m giving it a try. I’m not sure if I can stay for long. I’m accustomed to Hsihu. I’m used to it. There, I’m solitary. Here, it’s as if I’m living by the roadside. It’s built by the road side. And it’s not surrounded by gardens. Just a small garden and some grass at the back. In Hsihu, there are spaces everywhere, where I can walk around. OK, it’s all right. Whatever will be, will be. But there are advantages living here. There is no need to travel around by car. Sometimes it could be dangerous. For instance, the explosion on the highway last time. It also happened once in France. An explosion happened here last week. I complained to the gods, who are supposed to take care of my safety. “Why didn’t you warn me?” They said, “We were forbidden to do so.” I asked, “Who forbade you?” They said, “It’s You.” It’s me, this lady. I said, “When did I forbid you to give me warnings?” They said, “It was very long ago, before You even came here.” “We were forbidden to give any warning.” “Good grief!” I said, “Thank you very much. It’s very helpful to have you around.” Same with my disciples. No one is around when I need them. But many come when I don’t need them. Many people come on Sundays. When I need them, I’m always alone. I’m really tired. I have to arrange things, pack things and unpack things. Sometimes, I feel that it’s too much for me, but I dare not seek help from anyone. He might ruin my things, or throw things around. Or I might throw tantrums and then ruin our relationship. I’d better do it slowly by myself. Do it if I can; if not, then forget it. It’s very difficult to find unconditional helpers. They are supposed to come to help me, but instead they leave some invisible souvenir. Don’t kneel! You’re so old already. Why are you kneeling? Stand up. You don't kneel. It hurts. It hurts.

God bless you. Buddha bless you. (Thank You, Master.) May you be peaceful and happy, and practice well. OK, bye-bye. (Thank You, Master.) Bye. We are all transparent. Even dogs can read us like a book. (Yes.) Do you understand? (Understand.) Even your dog can read you. Dogs, cats, ducks, they all can read you. OK? (OK.) So, don’t think you can hide from others. (OK.) Bye-bye. Thank you. Love you. (Love You. We love You, Master.)

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