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Between Master and Disciples

Love and Forgiveness, Part 1 of 4, Oct. 01, 2006

Lecture Language:Spanish(Español),English
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There’s no end to the suffering in this world. That’s why we have to practice more and spread more the good teaching so everybody elevates, and then there will be no more killing. There’s no other way.

I wish I could speak all the languages, really I do. Because it’s nice, it’s nice to communicate. In their own language, they feel closer. That’s why the Taiwanese (Formosans) think I am theirs. The Chinese think I am Chinese, I am theirs; I am only their Master. Everybody else they see - the foreigners. Anybody who speaks Chinese, they say, “Yeah, we are.” Meaning “we are.” And the others who don’t speak Chinese: “Ah, that foreigner.” “That foreigner, this foreigner.” They don’t mean bad or anything. They’re just very proud. They feel like I am Chinese. And not to talk about the Aulacese (Vietnamese) - that, we know already. They think I am theirs. You know, I am native. Yes. That’s a good point. That’s a good point. But I don’t think the English think I am theirs, either. No. Do they? Do you think I am English? I’m yours? The English people? No. Because I haven’t been to England, that’s why. Seldom, seldom. But if I’d be there for a little while, they’d think, “That’s it! It’s our Master! That British!” The British, they are very accepting, actually. They’re very accepting.

By the way, if you go to the doctor, you try to listen to them. I’m an exception. Because sometimes the doctor can be wrong, by me. Yeah, can be wrong. But by you, maybe not. The doctor recommended I need a needle every day. I didn’t do it. It’s OK, too. Nothing wrong. Well, it would probably help. But if it’s not, also OK. I think he diagnosed wrong. That’s why I didn’t take the... He presumed, after an operation, people have this, have that, have that, according to the pain, or something like that. But I think he just presumed like the general public. He didn’t know my case. So, I didn’t say anything. I didn’t follow, didn’t follow-up. I just meditated and I thought it’s OK. I feel that it’s going to be OK, so I leave it. But you guys, not because I do that, you do it. I’m not responsible. I’m busy. I’m busy. I can’t go to the doctor and then go to the physiotherapist... driving in and out, in and out. I live in the mountains. It takes a long while to drive up and down the mountain, and you know I have fantastic drivers. I told you already yesterday. Maybe they drive well. It’s just when they drive me, they drive crazy. Just me, I guess. You can ask questions now.

(Thank You Master for all Your generosity) You’re welcome for everything. (ever since I have known You. I have a question, a problem that’s very hard for me, so much, that sometimes I believe I’m not evolving spiritually the way I want. I feel like dirty. You see, about three years ago, of course, back then I didn’t know You, I got married, and my husband has a farm with horses.) (She’s saying that: “Thank You for being here and letting me know You. I’ve been initiated for a year, and I haven’t progressed that much. I feel a bit dirty. I married this guy, and he has a horse farm.”) (He owns sheep, and of course, he doesn’t understand yet. I can’t explain to him who You are, he would not understand, because of his way of thinking. He is a good guy, but he wouldn’t understand. So up to now, I have only told him that I’m going to do yoga. Now even more, because I told him that I meditate. I received initiation on October 7, last year. And well, he is making progress, but very slowly. But my problem is bigger; it’s that... the sheep, the lambs. From time to time, he kills them, takes them home for his friends and family.) (She’s saying that apart from the horse farm, her husband has got sheep there.) Sheep? (Sheep, yes. And then sometimes, he brings one home to kill for his friends, and that’s what she’s kind of having a bit of that suffering, as well.) Yeah. (So, that’s what she said.) You cannot change him? (I, many times… He barbecues outside, for them. But a lot of times, I have to store the meat in the fridge. I put on gloves, but I still feel very bad.) (Sometimes, he kills the sheep somewhere else, but he brings it home. And she has to store that meat in the fridge, and she feels really terrible. So she’s saying that she’s got that little obstacle there.) (I’ve tried to tell him about Master. The other day I slipped out that She was a Master. Because I was telling him that there is going to be a very important Master in the world, better. And in that moment I slipped out about Master, and he said to me: “Master?”) (Her husband, he’s a bit worried. Because a week ago or sometime ago, she just mentioned the word Master.)

No, no, no, because she didn’t say it well. Up to now, he doesn’t know anything about it. So, it’s not about the Master. Tell her it’s not about me that she should tell. It’s about the way of life. It’s a compassionate way of life. Or maybe Alternative Living, or the picture of people who kill pigs and all that. It must be difficult, but she has, up to now, never said anything. That’s why. It’s not about the Master. You don’t have to talk about the Master. You have to talk about the logic of compassion, not the Master. And then later if he asks you where you know about that, then maybe you say, “The Master taught me.” It’s not to introduce it, “I have a Master. She’s fantastic. She’s compassionate. She’s intelligent. She’s wise.” He has no interest about it. He doesn’t understand. You see? I know. I know you mean what you say. But it’s not about me, that you have to introduce me. It’s to introduce the way of compassion. You tell him that the pigs, they have feelings, they have family just like us. Suppose somebody kills you, I will be very, very sad. So, if you kill the husband pig, or the mother pig, the other family (members) will be very sad. Something like that.

I am very proud, that even in that situation, you have awakened to a compassionate and wise way of life, and you continue to keep it. I am very proud of you! And be happy that you are like that. See how difficult it is for him to awaken? You were the same like him, and you awakened, and he’s still there. So, be happy, be happy. And, I tell you something. I feel a lot of pain when I see this kind of killing. The animal who dies will be elevated to a higher level. Only the one who kills will be in trouble. There’s no end to the suffering in this world. That’s why we have to practice more and spread more the good teaching so everybody elevates, and then there will be no more killing. There’s no other way.

You don’t invite him to the initiates’ houses? No? (It doesn’t get into his head. It’s very difficult.) (He doesn’t allow it in his head.) (I am very afraid of being spiritually affected by that. Because I feel bad, I feel dirty, I feel like I’m not progressing quickly enough...) Understand, understand. (I feel very fearful that all these things will affect me in my spirituality, and hold me from my progress.) No, no. Don’t worry about yourself. So, that means you just worry about yourself. You don’t worry about him, and you don’t worry about the animals. I thought you were loving him, you worry about him and the animals. But if you only worry about yourself, then just move out of there. If you are the only one in the center of this problem, then just remove you. Go somewhere else where you feel more clean. But if you worry about your husband, you want to help him, and you want to help the animals, then you have to stay there and talk, and find another way to convert him.

Don’t worry. If you just recite the Five (Holy) Names and meditate, you’ll be fine. There was a Master in China, His name was Hui Neng. He was one of the Patriarchs of the Chinese Zen at that time. I think He was the Sixth Patriarch. Sixth. Number six. And at one time, He had to live with the hunters. The hunters, who kill animals in the wild. And they cooked things with meat, and He just left the meat out, and He just ate the vegetables. And later, He still became a Zen Master. I mean the Enlightened One, not just any Zen master. The Patriarch, even. The lineage, He inherited the lineage of the Zen Master at that time. So you see, nothing can really contaminate us if we are strong in spirit. Otherwise, how do you refrain from contamination, tell me? If your husband doesn’t kill the pig, maybe the tiger kills the pig. The birds outside, they kill the worms every day, thousands of them, all day in your garden. And the cat kills your rats all day, every day, every night in their garden, in your house. How do we avoid the killing? How do we avoid living with killers? Some animals get trapped in those hunter’s traps, they wait all night, all day, until the hunter comes and gets them, and meanwhile, they are broken, bleeding, all day, all night like that.

It’s very difficult for us to live in this world anyway, anywhere, with or without a husband. Be happy you have only one stubborn head. I have many. And even though I don’t have a cat, the neighbor’s cat came and killed the mice, and dropped it in front of my living room. And I walked out in the garden one day enjoying the view and the shade of the trees, and there was the head of the rat laying there. The head! It’s terrible, everywhere. The thing is, every day my heart has pain. You only have it now and again, when your husband kills the pig. I have it every day. If I live on the beach or a river, people come and fish in front of my nose. I can’t stop them. If I live far away in the mountains, the hunters come. There’s no end. So just take care of yourself, protect your purity and spiritual progress. That’s the only thing you do.

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