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Love and Forgiveness, Part 2 of 4, Oct. 01, 2006

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You are connected with all now. So you enjoy your bliss, but at the same time you also have connection with their suffering. Therefore, sometimes you feel uneasy. It’s not only because of your karma, but of your neighbors. Neighbors, your friends, everyone.

(It’s not that he is a bad person, it’s what he has inside his head. Because when the animals are sick, he takes great care of them.) (In English.) Thank you very much. (She said that the husband likes the animals, and he plays with them and is very friendly with them when they need help, but he doesn’t have it there (in his head). He’s still stubborn there, when it comes to the welfare of the animals in the end.) Yeah, there are people like that. Also, maybe these animals had bad karma with him in their past lives. Maybe when your husband was an animal, at his animal level, they killed him. And now he comes back and kills them. This world is like that, so be lucky that you get out of this cycle. It’s not much we can do; it’s not that we can do it all the time. Sometimes we can convert people, sometimes we cannot. And especially the ones next to us are the most difficult. Sometimes it’s like that. I told you, enemies come back as lovers. How would your enemy listen to you? He doesn’t bother you, he doesn’t kill you, he doesn’t hit you. And moreover, he let you come to the retreat. (Ah, yes.) So, take his good points and praise him on that, and then slowly maybe you can tell him other things. Yes, you tell him he’s a good man, a good husband, very handsome still. And you still love him very much. (I was very angry and said: “Next life, you will be a sheep. And see what will happen to you? The same thing will happen to you.” And he laughed at me.) (She told him, “Next life, you’re going to be a sheep.”) You told him that? (Yes, she said to him, “You’re going to be a sheep, and they’re going to eat you as well.” So, he was just laughing at her.) OK. At least he’s not offended. Never mind, let it be. We can’t have everything. Right, next one. You praise him first. Let him know he’s a good man, a good husband, and then he’ll listen to other things. Maybe!

(Hi, Master. I just want to thank You very much for everything You are and everything You do. And I only just got initiated three weeks ago, and I’m really, really blessed. Thank You! I wanted to ask You about dreams. Before I got initiated, I had a lot of bad dreams, dreams in which I got killed and...) Understand, yes. (I always run away. And they still keep coming every once in a while.) But less than before? (Way less than before, yes.) Yeah, that’s good. It’s going, it’s going. It’s just because of your past life, maybe you had been killed too often. So, it’s still imprinted in your subconscious. But it’s less than before, so that means it’s going to be gone. Be patient, be patient. Meditate more, go to group meditation, and listen to the chanting or the teaching, all the time, all day. Leave it on all day and all night, even when you sleep. Let it re-run, re-run. And it will be gone. It’s just a dream, thank God! (But they’re very real sometimes.) I know, I know. (And scary.) I know, these are real things. But instead of you being killed in this life, or being wounded again and again, you just had it recurring in the dream. And this is already very good. Wake up, drink a glass of water, meditate again. (Thank You.) OK. Or read some of my jokes. You can read my jokes. Get a tape with the jokes, and laugh. Right.

There, next. (Hallo, Master.) Hallo. (Thank You again, for everything. I have an experience that I want to ask if I could share with You. It was when I first got initiated, like the first couple of months after I got initiated.) What did you get when you first initiated? (No, basically I had an experience: I was sleeping, and then God woke me up, and Hes said... I was completely... I have no emotional attachment to the issue of Israel and Palestine. But Hes woke me up, and I was sleeping, and Hes said, “Do you want to know the answer to the Israel issue and Palestine?” I was like curious intellectually, I would love to know. But before I even said that, then the (inner Heavenly) Sound came, but it was very nice, really, really nice. And then Hes told me, “Well, if any of the two just could get this feeling, everything is resolved.”) What? If any? (If either the Palestine or Israel can have this, the Palestine would say, “Take the country! Take everything!”) The Sound, you mean the (inner Heavenly) Sound.   (Yes, if they could feel that.) Yes, yes I know. And it was similar to the experience when sometimes You came to my dreams.)

You’re really strong! Don’t tell me ever that you’re weak, and you feel not strong- you are too strong, too tough. Who can survive like this? Who can survive the way you’re doing? The angels cannot do it. If the angels come here, they die. Many of the gods, they don’t want to come here because it is so filthy, so oppressive. And so horrible! It’s beyond imagination that anybody could survive on this planet, for me. Wow! And you are all very lucky. You are already in Europe. You can find a job, even. So hard as it is, you can find it. And so difficult to get money, you still can get it. And if the high rise of rent, but you still can manage. At least you can do something. In other countries, you can’t even find a job! Even if you want to find a job, you can’t. And they have to live, even they have to live... In some places like India, they live on the pavement of the street, and they do some handwork there, and sleep there. Just a piece of plastic on top of their head. And they do some handicraft, weaving something, and sell it to the tourists who pass by. Sleep there, eat there, cook there, live there. Have children there, too. And that’s not the only country. And it’s already... he considers himself lucky already. In many other countries, you don’t even have that opportunity to live on the pavement peacefully, because you can’t just live anywhere like that. In other countries, the police will come and haul you out. Right? So, he already considers himself lucky, if you ask him. Then, so many people who live far away on some bigger continent, less frequented by the development of the world. Maybe somewhere in the African jungle, tribal, in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), or some remote area of China, something like that. People are very desperate for work. They can’t even work. So, I don’t know where the suffering ends and where the happiness begins. I mean physically, mentally, emotionally speaking, it’s totally out of my mind how we live in this world, totally out of the imagination. But we live!

And we are the luckiest ones. We have meditation to calm us, and have some Master power to rely on, to pray on. Even things don’t come so quickly, but we know it will be better. We know in our deepest heart. Sometimes the mind thinks, “No!” But we know. We know it’s going to be better, all the time. So, we feel this kind of secure feeling, we feel loved, we feel protected, we feel lucky. How many more (people) out there, are worse off than this! I don’t know how people live. Sometimes I just think of the human fate, and I just cry and cry. I don’t know how they live, and I can’t help everybody. And the animals also. It’s just too much. So, you know why most Masters, They don’t see the world anymore. They can’t. It comes to the point, that I can’t look at television anymore. It’s too much suffering in there, too much suffering. Even if I don’t suffer like them physically, my heart is just like, so much pain.

Try to bear it, brother. It’s a result of this kind of social environment that we live in. Sometimes too much. Maybe the neighbor has pain even, it affects you also. It’s not because it affects your progress, it’s just you have empathy with every being on this planet now. You are connected with all now. So you enjoy your bliss, but at the same time you also have connection with their suffering. Therefore, sometimes you feel uneasy. It’s not only because of your karma, but of your neighbors. Neighbors, your friends, everyone. Because we feel love for all of them, that’s why we’re connected. Whatever it is, bear it. That’s all I say. Just one word: bear it! And go on, continue. I also suffer. Physically, emotionally, also. I don’t always meditate that well, the way you think. Because of so much suffering in the world, it disturbs even my meditation. So I can imagine you also have to struggle a lot. But we struggle together. We are a big group. We just hold hands together spiritually, and so we can overcome everything because we are together. United, see? We have a strong force. You’re not alone. You see? You are not alone. All right.

(It’s amazing that just now the brother and sister were talking about stuff from Israel, because now in Israel, it’s the holiday of everyone asking for forgiveness from God and from human friends, and family, and everyone is fasting, and not drinking, not eating and...) It’s similar to Ramadan in Islam. (Yes, but it’s just now happening in Israel, so I really hope for them that they will be pure and open in this Golden Age.) Yes. (I mean, compared to...) They’ll get better. Everyone will get better. (Yes, that they will get better.) You see, in Palestine, they already made up with each other, internally - the two parties already shook hands and formed a united government. And then they recognize Israel already as a nation. And now the Israelis, they are fasting and repenting, and asking for forgiveness. So, maybe they’ll look more inward, and thinking... on both sides. And so both will be more compromising, more tolerant of each other, and it gets better. And during Ramadan, the Muslims or Palestinians, for this reason, will also reflect within themselves and they will think, “Oh, forgiveness, togetherness, is the best solution. It’s better than war.” After all, we have to live with our neighbors. There’s no need killing each other! Then you have no neighbors left. Suppose even if Palestine would be able to destroy the whole of Israel, and all the Israelis were dead, what will they gain from it? Will they ever be able to live with their hearts? So, during this Ramadan season, people will reflect on that, and the Israelis will also reflect in this season, so that they will both come into a better conclusion. Even if you kill all your neighbors, how do you live with yourself? They will know that. They will definitely have time to think about that. So Ramadan and this... I know the word, but I forgot. Anyone know the word of that Jewish festival? (In Hebrew, it’s Kippur.) Kippur! (Yom Kippur.) Yom Kippur! Yeah, Yom Kippur. So, during Yom Kippur and Ramadan, the two will have more time to reflect, and more compassion, more tolerance, more understanding of each other’s needs as human beings. There will be no Palestinians. There will be no Israelis. That would be better. That would be better like that.

Look at us! We are all kind of... we are the oddest herd I’ve ever seen. The most “united nation” I’ve ever seen. I don’t even know many of the countries that you came from. I mean, the names are sometimes difficult to spell, even. And you came from all walks of life, all kinds of jobs, all kinds of countries, and look at how we live together. We didn’t even know each other before, sometimes, the first time we come to see each other. Everybody’s happy to be together! Isn’t that nice? (Yes.) Isn’t that good? (Yes.) (Yes, it’s better like that!) So this, this is the example that we make for the world. You see? Do not think that you just come here because of retreat, or you see me only. There’s a more meaningful purpose. We make an example of peace and harmony between different races, between different nations! You’re black, white, yellow, red, purple, half-black, half-white, striped, black-white, black-white. The mixed sibling of black and white. And you’re from Greece, you’re from Holland, Finland... Oh, I don’t care where you are from. Sometimes I ask you where you’re from. Sometimes I don’t ask, what for? We are all the same! And we’re happy together like this. Why couldn’t the world live like this? It’s so easy! It’s so easy! I don’t know what’s the difference! Why can’t they live like this? Why can’t they just live together in harmony? The world is very big. The globe, it still has a lot of room! Palestine has enough room. Israel has enough room. It doesn’t matter if you call yourself Israelis or Palestinians anymore! Just live, and let live! Let’s help each other, and be happy with each other that we’re still alive, that we have a beautiful planet, that we have food, we have neighbors, we have friends, we have relatives.

I don’t know why they cause war! Let’s just take care of the family, and then take care of the nation. That’s enough. What for you need one piece of land bigger than yours, if you don’t need it? Suppose if the Palestinians don’t have enough room, then maybe they can ask Israel, “Can we come over the fence?” Or, the Israelis ask Palestine, “You have big land over there, can we come over the fence? We’ll buy it!” Something like that. It will be better. It will be better. And it’s good that people have Ramadan and Yom Kippur. Yes, so that they have a little bit more time to reflect on their own thinking and their own situation. And I’m sure they will come to a better solution. It’s already better, you see? The Palestinians are already OK with each other, and already recognize Israel, see? So, very positive! And it’s coming better and better all the time! It must be better. It must be better. Will it be better, right? (Yes.) Yes! Of course!

If Palestine and Israel come and ask my advice about their situation, what to do, I’d say, “Come and drink tea with me. Both of you! Have some cakes. Have some Chinese fried noodles. Have some fried rice. Have some of our vegetarian vegetables and (vegan) food. We just feed you, I don’t want to answer anything. I just want to feed you and love you, feed you and love you. Whatever you need is right here.” There’s no need. There’s no need. You know, I live in a place, and the neighbors sometimes want to make the fence more, more than their land. I say, “OK, no problem. If you need more, take more!” Actually, nothing belongs to us! We didn’t come here with a piece of Israeli land. And we didn’t come here with a piece of Palestine country, right? We came with nothing! And we will go with nothing. So, it doesn’t matter. I don’t know why the world still has frontiers. I don’t know why. Just let everybody wander where their destiny takes them, and where they would like to be! As long as they do no harm, then it’s OK. If they want to find work, and you have work, you give it to them. If you don’t have work, they go find it elsewhere. As long as they don’t do any harm, I don’t see what’s the point of having a frontier.

I see on television that we have yet, the EU, you know, European Union. And ever since then, the population within the EU union doesn’t even move out of their frontier. They have the freedom to move, but they move very little. It’s on TV! And the European Union governments within different nations try to encourage and tell people again and again, “You’re free to go, free! Go, go, go! Go to some other country, settle down there, and do some job over there.” Nobody moves that much. So, what’s the point of having the frontier! After this experience, other nations should understand. Just abolish the border. God takes care! How much can people eat? And if they come, and they don’t have any job, then they slowly realize, and then they go. Or we will change countries. England goes to France, France goes to Netherlands, Netherlands goes to Finland, Finland goes to Sweden. Why not? I changed my houses many times, because of different regions. We change the nation sometimes, why not? How about the Palestinians go to Israel to live, and the Israelis all move into Palestine? Like this, they both have what they want. No? (Yes, yes.) The main point is they are better now. They will live with each other more peacefully. And that’s the only way to live in the world. You kill them, later they’ll kill you. So, what’s the use of that? You can’t get away with that. If they don’t kill you later, the parents cannot kill, then the son, the daughter, later will revenge, next life. It’s good that they make peace, and erase their karma.

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