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Love and Forgiveness, Part 3 of 4, Oct. 01, 2006

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I hope everybody wakes up, and soon, quick, quick, and shakes hands with each other, and loves each other, and protects and helps each other. We must do it! We must do it, if we call ourselves human and if we praise ourselves as a civilized society.

(I wish I can open a center there, and help more.) In Israel? (Yes.) Yeah, you go and make it! Why not? Go ahead. Good luck! (Right now my situation is a little bit difficult, but I will do it.) Just a small one. If you want to do it, you do it. (I really want to.) If you don’t, you don’t. I wish we are more, the world is peaceful like our group. So easy. We come here, eat and sit. That’s it, that’s all we do. All right, you see, it’s very difficult, because sometimes the karma. The karma makes it that way. The karma pushes Palestine and pushes Israel to war with each other. It’s not that they really want it. Sometimes the karma force is so strong, they could not control it. It’s out of human power. The best is if they have Quan Yin Method, like us, and then they will realize the whole world is nothing. They can give the whole nation. The Palestinians, if they have Quan Yin Method, and meditate like us, they would invite all the Israelis, “Come, come, come! And have Ramadan with us!” And the Israelis will invite the Palestinians, “Come, come here! And have a Yom Kippur with us!” Or, “Come, stay the whole day. Come, stay the whole night! Come, stay here.” Or they exchange countries. So they will understand each other’s problems and affection, and culture.

Wow! My God! The world. Sometimes, it is fun that we talk about this. But sometimes in my private room, when I think of humans still killing humans, I can’t believe it! The 21st century! The Buddha left a lot of teachings, Jesus has left a lot of teachings, Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) left a lot of teachings, Jain Masters gave a lot of teachings, Hindu Masters gave a lot of teachings, they’re still killing each other! Even animals don’t do that! Not the whole country against each other like that. The animals, sometimes they fight with each other individually. Maybe because of females. Maybe then, at least they have some cause and this is animal instinct. But we are human! And we’ve already gone to the Moon and Mars! And what next? We have stations in the air, in space far, far, far, far away from here. We can live in space already, like we live here. And still, people keep killing each other! What kind of human is this? I think in my room, myself, and I can’t believe this! That I myself still have to live in this kind of world! Imagine it! How do people still kill each other these days? How?

We look back in history, and we say: “Oh! That’s a barbaric period!” That’s a Stone Age, Ice Age, or Fire Age, or whatever, like uncivilized age. People were still barbarous, uncivilized. And now they call themselves civilized human beings. And I am amazed that the so-called civilized country, or the most civilized country, or the most so-called civilized country, or the ones who call themselves the most civilized, go on killing other people! Do you understand what I’m saying? (Yes.) I really don’t understand how any human can just take any weapon and kill another human being like that, without any enmity in between each other. Or how anybody can force the young people to go out and kill other young people, for any reason at all! I don’t care what reason! This is barbaric. It’s not civilization at all, in my humble opinion. I don’t care who says what. I don’t care how much we invent. I don’t care how comfortable we are with machinery and electronic apparatus. I don’t care how much we have. We are not totally civilized. Any human being with all intelligent power in their head, and still can kill another human being, or order to kill another human being, I don’t call that civilized. I am sorry if they even don’t like what I say, but this is my humble opinion.

We have to stop this! The killing has to stop! It’s already so bad that we kill animals to eat. But killing each other! This is terrible, horrible! Beyond imagination! I hope everybody wakes up, and soon, quick, quick, and shakes hands with each other, and loves each other, and protects and helps each other. We must do it! We must do it, if we call ourselves human and if we praise ourselves as a civilized society.

My goodness, think about it! Civilized society! Well, they all have to stop. They both have to stop. I’m not talking about just one party. All of them have to stop the killing. This side or that side, both have to stop. Because if this one kills this one, then this one will kill that one, and that one kills this one, and this one kills this one... again, again and again, it never stops! So both sides just stop, period. No more questions. No more “because.” No more “I have the right, you are wrong.” No more “I’m entitled to kill because you do this, you do that.” No more of that! Just no more argument. Just stop! Period! That’s what I want! You see, because if you argue back and forth, it’s no use. “Oh, you killed my nephew! I kill you!” And then that guy’s nephew will say, “You killed my uncle! I kill you!” And then the nephew of this uncle says, “You killed my this uncle, I kill your uncle!” And it continues forever! Everybody has the “right,” because nobody admits that they’re wrong. Until they die, maybe they know. But before that, they don’t know. So anyway, just stop! Then no more killing, both sides. Any side must stop! All the guns have to be thrown away. Anything that’s used to kill people has to be thrown away, burned, destroyed, whatever. No more! No more thinking of killing even, right or wrong - just stop dead, finished. That’s the only solution.

(Master, I wanted to ask You, like on a more individual level, rather than a big global level, what’s Your advice is when communicating what we know to other people? Because often the dilemma that goes on inside me is that I’m going to cause trouble for myself by telling people what I know. Because the world tends to ridicule it. And, just in terms of when and with whom, and these sorts of practical things.) So, what do you want to do? Do nothing? (No, I mean, it’s not that I don’t want to do anything. It’s just that I thought maybe You’ve been all around the world and told people what You know. And I’ve watched what You do, but I was wondering if You had any words of wisdom for me on when not to say something, when to say something.) I don’t know. Each situation is different all the time. You have to feel it, if this person is ready for this. And if you try, he doesn’t listen, then forget it. Now you know how difficult it is for me to bring you here. How difficult it has been all these years. Nothing is easy like we talk. Situations are different. You have to act differently. And if people ridicule you, then they do. I don’t always have roses spread on the road that I walk. But I do what I do. I do what I feel is the best for the world, regardless. And of course, sometimes I’m successful, sometimes I’m not. So, I do whatever I can. And then, slowly a little bit more. And little by little, and I just try my best.

It has not been easy always. It has been very difficult. I mean, most of the time it’s difficult. It’s not like an immediate thing that you can see. It’s all the karma. And sometimes I feel like I hit the wall. Like whatever I want to do, it’s like a dead end. Just a dead end. Just like that. Everywhere I turn. These few years, the world has developed so fast, and the karma has been turning so fast, that I hit dead ends everywhere I go. Whatever I want to do, I cannot! And I even managed to break my arm, for example. It’s not like you want to do it, you can do it. The karma of the world is enormous, enormous. If you can measure it, the whole sky cannot contain one person’s bad karma - one person! So, I work against all kinds of odds, obstructions and trouble, and karma. You should be happy that I’m still alive, really! I’m amazed that I am still here after all I have been through. After so much... Wow, there’s no end. I am still doing it, whatever I can. I’d like to do much more, but I cannot. So I just do what I can at this moment, and then we see what’s next.

Let’s talk about spiritual stuff. You know what I dream? I think the (Supreme Master) TV that they’re doing is very good. First, they do the small TV station. And then, they do an American national TV station. And now the European station. If every country has our channel like this, then it would be better. But I’m telling you, even Bill Gates cannot do it. It costs a lot of money, if you have it in every country. Even in Europe, they have many different channels and cables. So, you can pay for one company, but there are many other companies to pay for if you want everybody in Europe to be able to get it, to get the message, through the channel, the program. And moreover, there are some people who don’t have TV. Also. It’s good if all the nations, each one has the Supreme Master TV channel like that, it will be nice. But even in Europe, we cannot have all yet, just one. Also, we need... if they want to do something, they have to have the personnel. Translators, technicians, editing technicians, all kind of things! And subtitle people, all around the clock. You look on TV for just a few minutes - oh, they work hours, days on end! And many of you are, I’m sorry to say, busy to work outside earning money, for yourself or family. Not many people are helping.

Told you, four-drivers! Tell them to learn to drive the new car. It’s electronic (electric). You see, it’s green, it’s economic, it doesn’t emit any exhaust, any pollution. So if you can afford, buy this kind of car. Buy a second-hand car, or whatever. They do it now. Toyota, Honda, Lexus... And the Smart Car will be probably next year, I heard. Electronic (electric). And maybe other companies, also. Toyota, Honda is not that expensive for a small car. Also, if you go to meditation, if you’re nearby each other, you pick each other up. Four or five people in one car, to save the clean air. Or buy together one car, Toyota, and take turns to drive. One time, the car in my house, another time, in your house. And we pick each other up to go to meditate. Or go on the bus. I also need some. Looking at you, I want a massage. That’s one thing.

Do what we can. Very slow to my patience, very slow. I have a lot of patience. I want to change everything. I want the killing to stop immediately, of men and animals, alike. Sometimes I cannot bear it! I watch TV, and I just walk out. Oh, I cannot bear it. And I hate the Lord of Karma! I say, “I hate you!” I tell him, “I hate you!” This kind of nit-picking. Counting every little failure, and every little mistake of humans, and then punish them, and punish the animals. So cruel! I say, “I don’t know how you bear yourself, watching all this!” The Lord of Karma, “I don’t know how you can even bear it! I don’t know what kind of heart you have!” I really hate him! I tell him straight in the face. I hate that guy, I really do! Because of him, everything is so suffering, so much like that. So we try to get away from him as far as possible, do a lot of (inner Heavenly) Sound meditation, a lot of (inner Heavenly) Light meditation, and have nothing to do with that stupid guy! Ugly and wicked. I hate him! Makes a lot of traps.

You know, the maya makes a lot of traps in the world, and people fall into it, and make mistakes, and then are punished for that. Then, it works by itself. Makes the tiger eat the dog, and later, the dog becomes a tiger and eats the tiger again, and then that tiger eats back the dog again. This nation kills that nation, or that nation kills it back again. Life after life like that, all the time. Even if you’re reincarnated in another country, you continue to kill again. The same group, back and forth, back and forth. So, for example, like Palestine and Israel, they are not always Palestinians and Israelis. They’ve been somewhere else. It has nothing to do with these two races! They’ve just been somewhere else - they have been killing each other before, perhaps, and then they come back in the same different, opposite group, and try to regulate their former debt with each other. But I cannot tell them that. They don’t even believe in reincarnation, maybe not. Maybe some believe it, but it’s difficult for them to even get in touch with us. Therefore, we have Supreme Master TV now, hopefully they can listen. Maybe to whoever has the affinity, maybe some lend some good ears, and then we’ll see from there.

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