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Healing our Lives through Inner Stillness: Interview with Jiulio Consiglio, Part 2 of 2

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On today’s program, Jiulio shares insights on how others can also become spiritually awakened. Through his books and workshops, Jiulio encourages others to meditate, because through meditation, people can contact their “inner stillness.” “'Inner stillness' is a reflection of the inner being within you. Inner stillness is that quiet, that inner peace, that is reflected when one goes beyond the conditioned mind or the ego. When you are tuned in, or operating from inner stillness, or I described it also as the quantum field, you are operating beyond the ego. So, there is no identity. You transcend the body. You realize the body is temporary; it’s not eternal. You are not who you were. You are not your job. You’re beyond all that. So, you are actually operating from pure consciousness. When you are operating from pure consciousness, you are now in complete alignment with the 'all that is.' And the 'all that is,' is wisdom, is peace, is stillness, is understanding. So that is then allowed to fill your mind. So now you become mindful; you become mindful of spirit. And that is reflected in everything you do.” 
After his spontaneous spiritual awakening, Jiulio experienced several remarkable changes. “So, about a month after I’d made the shift, I was experiencing automatic writing, I was experiencing mystical events. And this particular day, I was meditating deeply on my sister’s couch one morning and I suddenly experienced a vision. I received information on what the ego was. But then I experienced an image of a wall crumbling, and it actually said 'ego' across it. And when that happened, I experienced a vision of placing my hand on my forehead, on myself, who was sitting in a wheelchair. And I saw myself in that vision healing myself. And the minute I saw that those automatic awarenesses came to me, that I was actually experiencing a healing. And I realized that in healing myself I was healing my mind and healing my soul. The joy that overcame me in that moment was so charged, the tears that came down my face were filled with such emotion, that I actually ended up with burn marks on my cheeks for a few days. It’s been a life of miracles. When I look back, everything has been one synchronicity after another. There’s not another way I can describe it.” 
Due to the current issues of pandemics, climate change, and widespread financial chaos, many people are experiencing suffering. At the conclusion of his interview, Jiulio shared some uplifting thoughts on this topic. “If someone has been experiencing tremendous suffering, if someone has been going through anxiety, if someone is going through some very difficult circumstances, know that these are temporary, and that there is a potential and a possibility within you to transcend and actually take those adversities and use them as catalysts for shifting consciousness. And that shifting consciousness is enlightenment. It is an understanding that you are one with everything, and that you are completely supported unconditionally, and loved unconditionally.” Many thanks, Mr. Jiulio Consiglio, for your positive and insightful words. May you be blessed for uplifting the spirits of those whose lives you touch.
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