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Message from Supreme Master Ching Hai for Supreme Master Television’s 3rd Anniversary

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For the occasion of Supreme Master Television’s 3rd Anniversary on October 3, 2020, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai set aside some moments from Her ongoing intensive meditation retreat to record a loving message of appreciation to all Supreme Master Television team members around the globe.

Hi, beautiful people. Just a quick message to wish you all the best, happiness and blessing from the Most High, because it’s October 3, our anniversary of Supreme Master Television. I want to thank you, all of you, the in-house team, and the worldwide team who are contributing daily or often to the Supreme Master Television’s programs in any way at all. I just want you to know that you are a part of World Peace and World Vegan. It might be too slow for us, for our liking, too little for our effort. But still, it is something that some animals suffer less or don’t have to suffer anymore because of your effort. I just want to thank you and I want you to know that I appreciate it greatly.

It is just that our world has been in a quagmire of ignorance for ages and ages and ages already. It’s not that simple to erase all that just in a short period of time. Nevertheless, we are trying our best. I know you are trying your best because I’m trying my best. Like Master, like disciples, I like to think of it that way. Anyway, I want you to know also that Heavens take note and They are also in awe of all your dedication and pure-hearted, diligent work. It’s very beautiful what you all have been doing, very beautiful, very poetic, very elegant and very, very impressive. I’m very, very proud of you, truly very proud and feel very fortunate to have such a team working together with me to uplift this world, to uplift the consciousness of people. Because our world is really in danger, and not imminent danger, it is already in danger, and I just hope that the planet continues to survive.

I have said to you in France that my meditation and prayers have saved the length of the planet’s existence. But, it might not be forever if people don’t help us. I mean if the humans do not listen to their own conscience, inborn intuition of morals, of obligation, of virtues, of loving kindness. Then maybe we just have to go Home sooner. But there is still hope. So, we continue do our work, and meditate, pray for World Vegan and World Peace. All this we are doing alongside with our programs on the Supreme Master Television that uplift tremendously. Nevertheless, the karma of the world is too heavy, too heavy. The Buddha said that if you can measure one person only, one individual’s karma, then, even it will fill up the whole sky. Just one person’s karma. Imagine the whole world’s karma. And the humans have been killing, killing, killing and killing. Oh, God. I don’t know how they bear it.

Every time I see the animals suffering in some of the shows that you send to me for checking and editing, I don’t know how people do it. I don’t know how humans can bear this. I wonder if all their consciences have been blunted like a knife, it’s not sharp anymore. You say “blunt,” right? Sometimes I forget English, Chinese, Aulacese (Vietnamese). I forget many things. Because I’m thinking too much in the suffering of others around us, on this planet. And I’m also thinking too much inwardly with my inside work − the meditation, the connection with the Divine, the Truth realization that this world is truly just a movie, a dream.

And still I love the beings in it. Because living in the unreal world, but they are real, their souls are real. Their nobility, their Divinity, their blessing, their compassion, their love are all real. Just they are in the unreal world. So, we have to try to awaken them to the inside world, the real world. It’s within us, it’s not without. And it’s so easy to find. Just they’ve been blind, blindfolded for eons already. Ah, my God. It’s a good day and I don’t want to continue with my lament. All right. Wish you all the best. And love you so much. Respect you so much. And impressed by you so much. Heaven bless you. Heaven loves you. God loves you. God takes care of you. And I take care of you as much as I can, inside and outside. Love you all. God bless, God love, God protect, God help. Thank you for everything you do for this world and the next, the invisible world that is in the neighborhood of our planet. Thank you.

On this 3rd-year anniversary of Supreme Master Television, we are so touched by Most Benevolent Master's ever-gracious message and heartfelt compassion for all beings. On behalf of our worldwide Supreme Master Television team members, our deep gratitude to Beloved Master for Her boundless love and sacrifice, guidance and inspiration. May the Mighty Heavens shield Master always, as we continue to pray and work for World Vegan, World Peace.

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