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The Eternal Beloved, Part 1 of 4



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Supreme Master Ching Hai once said, “Only if we find God, then we will find true happiness, true peace, and everlasting bliss even in this life and the life after.” Inspired by this beautiful, timeless wisdom, we would like to present to you a drama entitled 'The Eternal Beloved,' illustrating a person’s yearning for the Father in Heaven and Hiers eternal loving embrace. We now invite you to enjoy part 1 of this 4-part program. “Your time on Earth is finshed, my child. I’m delighted that you’ll soon come Home. Do not worry. When the time comes, your daughter will return to Me.” “She needs to choose her own path. We can only teach and be an example of virtue, loving all beings and worshipping God.” TEN YEARS LATER “Can I order two vegan stew protein portions.” “Yes. Please stop by my house in the afternoon. It will be ready then.” “I am home, auntie!” “You look very happy today, why?” “Well, both of my friends are vegan now.” “That’s wonderful! I wish our villagers would all go vegan.” “If I am a king, I will tell all the citizens to be vegan!” “I’ve just finished knitting this new sweater for you.” “Your knitting is really nice!” “I learned how to knit from your mom.” “O auntie! Where do the dead people go?” “It’s said that good people will go to Heaven.” “So, my parents must have gone to Heaven?” “Sure. Your parents were very good people!” “What are you reading today, Dad?” “Let’s read 'We Are The Children Of God.'” “Who is God, Dad?” “God is our Benevolent Father, love.” “But I already have a father, Dad.” “God is your Father in Heaven. He loves all beings, and He also loves you so much!” “Are these cakes vegan, young lady?” “Yes, elder. They’re delicious. May I gift you some?” “Thank you, dear.” “You’re welcome, elder.” “O elder! May I carry it for you? Where’s your home?” “You’re so kind, child! Your parents must be very good people and taught their children well.” “I wish I know where my parents are now.” “I have a magic mirror. It can answer your queries. Come back here at 3 AM in the morning.”
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