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The Reunion of Souls, Part 3 of 11, April 27, 2000

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A group of Maori people outside the venue performed a traditional Powhiri ceremony to welcome Master to New Zealand. A Powhiri is more than just a welcome; it is an acknowledgement of the dimensions of spiritual, physical and mental wellness. On this occasion, the "Kaumatua" was also a spiritual leader of the Maori. He then thanked Her for the tremendous work that She is doing for the higher good of all people. He said that as Tangatawhenua we have a responsibility and accountability to our people to Manaaki (embrace and host the Master with the reverence She deserves.) “I sneeze the breath of life. My heart is glad that You came to this land. My entire being is open to Your words. Let Us both ascend these mountains and bath in these tranquil bodies of water. Man will come and go, while the land remains.” “Thank you so much for your love. I’m so… I’m so overwhelmed by your kindness and your poetic spiritually elevated expression of love. This kind of highly elevated spiritual expression you cannot hear everywhere, and it is very rare. And it touches everyone’s soul who hears it. I wonder if all of you are poets, or perhaps you are saints.” “And I’m so honored, very, very extremely honored. And I am sure God blesses you, your people, and your land. If my humble prayer has any affect at all, I will pray again, now, and tonight and in the future for your people. And I shall always treasure this elevated feeling today.” “I am very shy with all these professional singers. Yes, their voices are so great; they’re so strong, (Yes.) yeah, and full of love. And, my goodness, what do you eat? You have voices so strong? How much time you practice a day, how many hours? No. Just natural? From the father’s speech and from their love, their vibration, I can feel that you have a great, great spiritual tradition. Your level of spiritual understanding is very high, was very high, and still is very high. (Thank You.) I am so happy to meet such a spiritually highly developed race of people. (Thank You.) Thank you so much. Thank you for the honor. Thank you.”
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