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Between Master and Disciples

The Best Thing Is Enlightenment, Part 1 of 6, Aug. 05, 15 & 17, 1995

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So, you have to check your own inner quality and inner sincerity, not to check the Master. And then everything will be all right. Then a real Master, the Master that is according to your level, will come.


(How are You, Master? Master, You look beautiful.) Hallo everybody. Everyone OK? All right. Again? Anybody needs a hold? OK. Hold slowly, otherwise my hands… I’ll see you inside.  You know, I'm very sincere. (Thank You, Master.) The most devoted Master. OK, we go inside, then you can shake more hands and squeeze them, whatever you want. How are you? Everything OK? Excuse us. Want to take a photo with me? Come over. Like this you don’t see your face. Hey, girl. OK. Thank you. Did you prepare some candy? (Yes.) OK. Why don’t the children come here? All the children. Then like that. Don’t tell anybody. Only for you, all right? All you’re children? Are you children too? (Thank You.) You’re welcome. Very, very welcome. The children first. It is OK. All gone. One, two, three! Yes. Whoever doesn’t have, come here. Children. Before they squeeze you out. Give me a kiss. You have? Do you have something? (Here, Master.) Do you have any yet?  Come here. Why not? This one? Or that one? Here. OK, and you. What do you need? What do you want? This one or this one? Take one. Why not? Did you have some candies?

  1. Ah, come here. The crying session is over at the gate. Everybody cried already. Now, no more. What do you want? Left or right? Left or right? (Right.) Right. (Thank You, Master.) You look like King Sihanouk of Cambodia. Wholesale. (I’d like to give to my children.) Oh, yes, you can. One more. You didn’t tell me or I’d give you some candy. Anybody else? Come over quickly. Come down, come down. Anybody no? How are you? (Good.) (Thank You.) Too many, so what shall I do? Leave it. Everybody says the same thing. So, what happens now? Oh my God, I have trouble again here. What shall I do? OK, look here. I just say a name, like Jean. Is there anybody named Jean? Come here. I don’t know his name, all right? It’s just a coincidence. OK, all right. Don’t start, and then I will have no more things left. The other day I went to a party. And I bought a lot of presents for everybody. But then, still one more – not enough. So, she said she likes one of my rings. Oh, it’s OK. And then later another girl said she likes my umbrella so much. And then it was gone. And another one said, “Whoa, Your fan is so fancy! Can I have it?” And then it was also gone. And when I came home I was nearly naked! All right. Any questions? Please. Yes, what is it?

 (I find that my attention is scattered because I’m doing so many things. Like I have a full-time job, I have my own business, and also, I find that I’m doing music and recording.) Is that right? (That’s right. And it’s taking so much of my time and my concentration is affected. So is it wise if I want to continue my meditation as the first thing? Should I continue meditation only, without the music?) No, you do both. (Do both?) You do both. Yes. Actually, this doesn’t interfere with your concentration. You will find that the mind is always occupied anyhow with his “anything.” You are French or…? (I’m English.) OK. With anything. Even if you sit down all day long, you will find… OK, if you don’t believe me, you sit all day long one day, 24 hours, and you’ll find, even if you don’t do anything, the mind is still doing the thinking and the transmitting and the receiving of all kinds of environmental influence. So don’t worry about that.

(Because when I’m doing music, I get caught up in just doing the music. I get so absorbed in it, and I find it’s affecting my concentration on meditation.) Whatever you do, it will affect your concentration. And if you don’t do anything, it also will affect your concentration. But what we do is, maybe sometimes, you go on retreat for a few days and put everything down. You don’t have to go to a mountain. Go anywhere that you can be alone, you can be kind of free of responsibilities and no telephone, no children, no wife, things like that, for a few days. (Right.) See if you improve. Or you go to some of our places, and just have a quiet time for a while. (OK.) But actually, you know what? In this world, we all have to do something, and music is already one of the best things. It’s very near to the inner Nature. (I’m getting encouragement from outside people saying that “your music’s very good,” and on one side I’m thinking it’s dragging me away into the worldly things.) No, no. (No?) Nothing is worldly. (Right.) Don’t worry about that. (OK.)

 (I have another question also.) Sure, sure. (Do different Masters of the Sound and Light Method have different degrees of power? They do?) Yes, they do. (Right. And do they take their disciples to different regions?) Different regions, yes. (They do.) If the Master has gone only up to the Third Region, then he can only take you up to the Third. (Right.) And if the Master Himself or Herself has already reached the Fifth Level of consciousness, of course He/She will take you up there. (Right.)

(In the Eastern teachings, it says above the Fifth Level there are three sub-levels and the highest is the Nameless Region, or Anami Region. Do You know of these Regions?) The highest one? (The Nameless Region.) Yes, nameless one. (Yes.) Of course. (Right, then.) Of course. It’s a little bit boring there, so take it easy, don’t go there too early. (OK.) Since it’s nameless, what do we want to do there? We want to have a Master, we want to have fun, we want to enjoy. If you go to namelessness and nothingness, and emptiness, OK, you’re in trouble. Yes, yes, this is nothing. (Thank You, Master.) Actually, there are different descriptions for the Most High. And the Nameless Region, with many of the people, it could well have been the Fourth Level of consciousness, where it’s all dark and not interesting and something like that. So, be careful.

  1. Brother, have you finished with the questions? You want to ask some more? (Just one more, Master.) Yes, never mind, ask as many as you want. (OK.) I’m here for you. (You know there’s different groups practicing the same method, on the Light and Sound? Is it OK for us to go with that group also doing the same method or is it advisable to stay with our own group?) No, we don’t discriminate between any groups, even those other people who do not practice the same method as well, like Zen or breathing or any other things. But normally, people with the same mind and the same goal and the same kind of ideal, they have more affinity with each other, and when they sit together, it is stronger, that’s all. Instead of you sitting there and maybe…. If you are strong enough inside, it doesn’t matter where you sit and with whom. But sometimes, if you are not strong enough in the beginning, it’s better to stick with your own group. The same ideal, and same idea of what you’re doing. All right. (Yes.) That’s all. But, no problem.

(But if the other group has the same goal in mind as well, with the same method, is it OK to practice within that group?) Of course, you can, if you don’t have other people around you, (Right.) if you don’t have fellow practitioners around you. You don’t? You’re alone? (I do, yes. But I’m thinking to put more time and effort) Oh, I understand. (into meditation.) You do as you feel comfortable. (All right.) I have no forbidden rules for this kind of things. All right? (OK, Thank You.) You may sit alone or you may find another group to sit with. (Right.) All right. (OK.) Anything else? Yeah.

(I have friends who are practicing the Transcendental Method. Master, they have an ideal village…) Yes. (All the people in the village are vegetarian, children too.) All the people in what? (In the village, they have a village outside the city. All the people who live there, they are eating vegetables.) They are eating vegetarian? (Vegetarian, yes.) Belong to that group? (Yes.) Of course, they do, they’re Indian. All the Indian Masters eat vegetarian, even non-Masters eat vegetarian. You must know Indian people, 90% are vegetarian from birth because they’re Hindu. There’s no big deal about that. Because they took the vow of ahimsa. So, but that’s very good. But eating vegetarian doesn’t make you become God. All the cows and the rabbits eat vegan all their life, before they’re born. They don’t become anything. Vegan is just one aspect, to purify our heart, to develop more our loving attitude and loving inner quality to all beings. But that is not a condition to become a Buddha, to become enlightened. Enlightenment is far away from veganism. You got it? (I got it. Thank You.) You’re welcome.

Every Master, every teacher has their job to do. And like the elementary teacher, high school teacher, college teacher, they’re all good. It depends on your own level, that you meet the appropriate Master. So, you can’t say which Master is good, which Master is no good. Good or no good is your own problem. Yes. Either you are not highly developed enough spiritually to meet a higher qualified Master, or either you are not sincere enough in (your) spiritual quest, that God has not sent you a real Master. So, you have to check your own inner quality and inner sincerity, not to check the Master. And then everything will be all right. Then a real Master, the Master that is according to your level, will come. Every person on this Earth, whether Master, teacher or anybody, has their own purpose in life and their own mission to fulfill. Everyone is God’s children, and everyone is God’s commissioner in different ways.

(She’s asking, “When will You come to Poland, and that the people in Poland need Your presence.”) I’m not sure if they need me. (Yes!) Are you sure? (Yes! I’m sure.) All right, maybe later. Maybe next year I will plan a world tour again, all right? And then I will include Poland. Come, yes.

(Dear Master, first of all, I have two things I want to thank You for. First, because I’m a very bad driver, and lately You saved me in a very difficult situation again.) Don’t do it again. (You know, I had an accident and I completely crashed my car. That was last year. And this year, I was doubling a very long vehicle and somebody came, and You saved me a second time. And this year again. A very strange accident happened, which really didn’t happen to me.) I think you better not drive again. (No, that was on the bicycle.) Give me your license and finish. Don’t just thank me. Just give me the license. (That’s what my husband says. But the other one was on a bike, on a bicycle.) On a bicycle, you still have accident? (Yes.) You’d better walk.

(No, I didn’t have an accident, but almost. I was in the middle of a forest alone, riding on a road and suddenly a thunderstorm came, and I stopped for a little while on this road and suddenly, I heard a loud crash and a tree fell down across the road, a huge tree with no apparent reason whatsoever.) Terrible! (And it just crashed down. There was no storm. There was nothing, and I was about 300 meters away. And I thought, if I hadn’t stopped because it was thundering and starting to rain, I almost certainly would have been under this tree. And that’s what I wanted to thank You for.) You thank God. (And lately, I think somebody’s (looking) after me because…) Thank God. (Because I always have these near escapes, and I wanted really to thank You on that occasion.) Thanks God. (And secondly, I wanted to say just once, how much I admire You as a teacher, Your teaching qualities, because I’m a teacher myself. And I wanted, just needed to make You this compliment. Because I can see that in everything You do and how You teach and how You treat people and how You treat children and Your sense of humor and everything. And I just wanted to tell You this, that I admire You very, very much.) Thank you. (In this field.) Thank you. (Thank You, Master.) Thank you.

I think I better lock you in the bathroom. And never let you go out of the door. But you never know, the ceiling may come down. Never mind, it’s all right. Whatever we will receive or whatever will happen to us is decided. And if God wants to take us away, nothing can stop it. If we are meant to live further to continue to do His work or to fulfill some purpose on Earth, then nothing can harm us. So, just go with freedom, and recite God’s Name, and go with love. And if the tree hits you, you kiss the tree “goodbye.” It’s all right. You should thank God for whatever happens to you. You should not thank me. I don’t know anything about it. Anything else? But it’s very good to hear that you always escape.

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