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Between Master and Disciples

The Best Thing Is Enlightenment, Part 2 of 6, Aug. 05, 15 & 17, 1995



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So just be normal. Just be normal and live according to intuition and whatever you think is right at that moment. As long as you don’t harm anyone, and whatever you do, bring happiness and benefit to other people, within the law.

All right. You are from Switzerland? Is that right? You look like the one in Switzerland, she… (No, no, no.) OK, OK. (And last time I asked a question in London and you said to me, “Oh, there can’t be anything much wrong, you look so rosy.” And I was happy, because my name is Rose.) OK, OK. That’s a very good story. Here, one more rose for you. Sorry, sorry. Here. (Thank You, Master.) Congratulations for your many escapes. (Thank You, Master.) All right. (This is the happiest moment of my life. Thank You very much.) OK. No problem. So, the Rose with the roses. All right, anything else? I didn’t know your name. I can’t even know your nationality. You’re allowed two more questions, and finished!

(Also, another question comes to mind.) No problem, no. (When we bless the food and then sometimes there’s some leftover, and we normally give it to the birds or something outside, is it OK? It’s OK.) It’s OK. Don’t be a fanatic. Just do whatever you do normally. (Right.) If you bury it in the earth, the worms will eat it. It is not the same? Or if you throw it somewhere else, then the ants will eat it, or the birds will come along. Or if you throw it anywhere, you can’t throw it out of the universe. So just be normal. Just be normal and live according to intuition and whatever you think is right at that moment. As long as you don’t harm anyone, and whatever you do, bring happiness and benefit to other people, within the law. And you don’t disclose your spiritual practice and higher level of consciousness just to boast around, then it’s all right. Only those things that we have relayed to you during the instructions of initiation; those you should take care. The rest is… just live your life. Just judge everything. Use your wisdom. That’s what you are enlightened for. (OK, thank You.) All right. Otherwise, if you are afraid, then you eat less. Don’t eat too much, then (there’s) leftovers and then you have trouble. Free yourself. Nothing is so bad about giving blessings to other people. I mean, you don’t do it on purpose. Not with ego, but it’s just a natural thing.

Sometimes, I go to the coffee shop or something and many birds, they used to hang around, so I have to break some (vegan) cakes and give to them. What do you think? The bird come to me, perch in front of the opposite chair and just look at me asking for some (vegan) bread. Do you think I should be so stingy about blessing and then I would think about the karma and about all that, and then I tell him to go out? Just be logical and loving, in any situation. You do things with love, nothing will harm. You have to do it. You have to share, naturally. You walk on the road, you share the blessing. You look at other people, you share the blessing. You sit next to them in the bus, you share the blessing. It’s not the food alone. The air you breathe, it’s exchanged with millions, billions of people in this world. You can’t escape from sharing our inner happiness and inner joy and inner spiritual attainment with other beings. Whether you know it or not, you’re doing it every day, and that’s the good thing about being enlightened and being happy inside, because we can share. You see what I mean? So don’t fear. Just be loving and everything will be all right. Next.

(I was wondering, when we have group meditations, if there is a problem somewhere, would it be good if at the beginning we would say, let’s meditate on this or this subject. If there is any other problem, and in the beginning of the group meditation we’d always say, “Look, there is this problem, could we all meditate together on it?” Is that a good thing, or is it better if everybody just meditates?) Well, it depends on what the group says. OK? I am very democratic. Whatever you think is good. Of course, it’s always good to pray for the world and other people. But whatever God’s will, shall be done. It’s good to pray for the enlightenment of all people. And especially those who are a little bit low level in consciousness, and who try to wage wars and profit for themselves at the expense of many lives and other innocent people. Of course, we have to pray and we should, if we can, if we want to. But otherwise, I tell you what: Everything is a theatre. It’s a suffering theatre, joy theatre, and all kinds of trick theatre. And one day, the play is over, and for us, the play is over. Just take a little time to close the curtain, and we’re finished. Other people, they still want to play, let them. OK? They will learn their lesson and they will be finished when their time comes. Yes?

(Yes, I would like to know when You said, “All is theatre,” I do agree, but I wonder somehow, when the theatre is over, the curtain is down, what happens?) What happens? You go home. You don’t watch movies anymore, or you don’t play movies anymore. You don’t act anymore, you just go home, sleep, relax, do whatever you want. You don’t want to go home? You do? That’s what it is. And the other people continue to play in the theatre. Or to watch the theatre performance, but we’re finished. That’s right. (Thank You.) You’re welcome. Yes, behind there.

(Twenty years ago, I saw Master’s transformation body. I asked the Inner Master to help me with many things. Many people came to me for help, and I asked the Inner Master to help. It was good, very effective. But since I received initiation last year, I stopped doing that.) What does that mean? What did he say? (I was initiated…) Oh, after initiation… (After initiation, I did not dare… Afterwards, a lot of people continued to ask me for help.) Help with what? (Help with their sufferings.) Oh? (Or sickness.) What? (Sickness.) Ah, sickness. (Yes.) You healed people, right? (Not me, I asked the Inner Master to help them.) Understand, understand. (It worked well.) Good. (Also, recently, when a disciple’s partner… She broke her leg, her bone, I also asked the Inner Master to help her, and it turned out well. So, my question is… In the future, can I continue to do this, to ask the Inner Master to help people?) It’s OK, it’s fine. (It’s OK?) Yes. (OK, thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. But you must meditate a lot more. (Yes, yes.) Ask Master to help, and don’t accept any offerings, gifts. (Never, I’ve never taken any rewards.) None at all, or the karma would be heavy. Then you’d have to bear it yourself, OK? (Yes, yes, OK.) Don’t take anything, just ask Master for help. If Master helps, that’s good; if not, that’s good too. (Yes.) Understand? (Understand.) Don’t agree to anything, don’t take anything, don’t do anything with your ego. (Yes, thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. It didn’t affect your meditation, right? (No, Master, my meditation is fine.) OK, that’s good. All right. OK?

Are the Chinese happy? How about the French? All the French people are happy? I just have to be patient. All right. And good that I am in a very good mood today. After 24 hours without sleep. Well, I have to rush. I rushed these few days, so I didn’t sleep at all. Last night, almost none of us slept. We went to the Red Cross party in Monaco… all night. And then we came back late. And then we packed our things. And then we had to organize the airplane and all that kind of things. And then, we had to go. But, I think I will come back to Europe before going back to the Far East. So maybe you’ll see me again. Or maybe you organize the retreat place and then I’ll come. And then we’ll see each other again. So, don’t worry, OK? (Yes.) All right.

I think I will take care of the European people a little bit more now, because I don’t take much care of you. I’m sorry. It’s very far. I’m lazy. You know that? Lazy to travel and I don’t know… I’m shy to see people, all kinds of things. And then also, one other thing is that I think you are all very good, and healthy, wealthy, and very intelligent. Then why should I have to come and tell you anything? I never worry about you. I think you’re OK. I think you’re going all right. I don’t know why you worry that you must see me and ask all these stupid questions. I think you all know the answers already. But anyhow, since it makes you happy to see me, I should just oblige now and again. All right? But the reason why I don’t come much is just because I think you’re growing OK. God takes care of you and you are progressing and you are enlightened and you are doing well, and there’s not much I can do for you. You know, except come here and shake hands, give you an apple. See? It’s very easy to be a Master, or not? Everybody can do that. Next time, maybe I’ll tell Yang to come. You want him to do that? (No.) No? Anybody can do that. Anybody can come just to shake hands and give apples. I just hire somebody. OK? Professional hand-shaker. And then you'll be happy. Anything else you want me to tell you or you ask me? That’s it.

So, if no more questions then I think just have a quick look or good look or longer look. I’ll stand higher. Well, it doesn’t make much difference. You know whether I stand or sit it makes no difference. All right, you’re happy everyone? (Yes.) Time is short. I’m sorry that it’s not worth your airplane ticket, or bus ticket, or whatever. But I thought it’s better than nothing. Because I never know if I'll come back here again. Or I never know if I will be here in this world tomorrow or you will be here tomorrow or not, see? So, if I pass by I’ll let you see. All right. You find the place, all right? And I promise to come back to you again, and we have some retreat together if you want. If you want. If for one week it’s too much for you because of the work, then you make it three days or four days. All right? Try. Later if it goes well, maybe it will be more. Where are you from? Austria? Russia. All speak Chinese? Austrian people speak Chinese, I know that.

(Could You enlighten somebody in my neighborhood? I’m all alone. I hardly ever go to group meditation because it’s almost four hours one-way.) I Understand. Maybe… (And there’s nobody near.) Yes. I mean you (go) once a while only, and you meditate with the Master at home. (Is that enough?) You have to enlighten them. You’re nearer than me. (Yes, Master.) (They don’t want vegetarian.) They don’t want? (I distribute the booklet and talk to them, and then they forgot about it.) They forgot about it. That’s the way it is. (So You must come.) Well if the time has not come, nothing we can do about it. All right?

So, what shall we do now? I can’t just go up and down like this. How about let’s go outside and say goodbye outside. Yes, I remember And you said you’d be my first customer. All right. Let’s see if you have the figure for it. (Superman.) You will spoil our reputation. No, we think about it, OK? I’m thinking seriously of making my special, because it’s almost by hand. Everybody tells me I must make something. That’s nice. German? Switzerland. Let’s go out. I thank you.

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