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Between Master and Disciples

The Best Thing Is Enlightenment, Part 4 of 6, Aug. 05, 15 & 17, 1995

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That’s why we should be honest with ourselves. Not the outer precepts, and not the outer veganism, but it must be the inner commitment, the inner devotion to the noble ideal, that we believe and that we follow.

So, even though I don’t know that I am pure, I am good, well, at least other people know. At least I don’t have any bad quality to offer. I only have good quality to offer. Even if I don’t know, other people know, and they feel comfortable about my quality. And that is already something. That’s already helping the people. Maybe I know, but I don’t really know. Because I don’t think I know. I’m just trying to do the thing that I teach you. So, I think it is not bad. So, do not ever think that nobody knows what we’re doing. That is the most important message I want to tell you. People will smell it. They will sense it. They will recognize it. They will just feel it. And sometimes they will see it in a vision.

This afternoon one of our attendants from Taiwan (Formosa), he told me that there are other people, practitioners of a different school in Taiwan (Formosa). And these people, some of them are very developed. The soul, the inner wisdom. One day, they were talking together. Our assistant and the other practitioner. And the other practitioner kind of complained to our assistant while talking. He said, “Oh, what’s the matter with you, your group? Your disciples, men, many men just stick around Her. What is the matter with you? Is anything going on there? Something bad going on?” And then the assistant said, “No, no, no! You look inside, you look more, and then you’ll see nothing there.” So, the person meditated and looked and looked, searched, did some research inside. And then later he said, “Oh, really no. I’m sorry, (there’s) really nothing. It’s just the love between the Master and disciples.” So, you see, people do know. That’s why we should be honest with ourselves. Not the outer precepts, and not the outer veganism, but it must be the inner commitment, the inner devotion to the noble ideal, that we believe and that we follow.

During my journeys here and there, I always encounter different people. And some people are really, extremely arrogant. They think they know everything. They talk about the precepts, they talk about Zen, they talk about Buddhism, talk about Catholicism, they talk about God, and blah, blah all the time. They always talk and talk. But they never practice one millimeter of what they’re always advocating. I think you encounter these people also, often. Is that right? (Yes.) Yes. And they make you tired, no? And then you say, “The sooner the better, you (I) escape.” That’s right. So, the more we practice together in our group, the more we can recognize these empty people. Empty. They just talk, but everything is empty with them. And then we are tired of them, too. And these people are very difficult to convince. The more they know, the harder it is for you to tell them that they don’t know. They think they know everything already. They know too much! And they have nothing. No space in their head for you to give something precious. All full of garbage. You know already. So, the more we practice, the lazier we become. We don’t want to talk anymore. And whoever knows, will know. Whoever knows, will know. If they don’t know, forget it. We have no more enthusiasm to come and catch people, or try to convert people, and try to make them become good, and try to make them become God. It’s kind of, worn out with time. The enthusiasm wears out with time. That’s why many of the Masters of old times, They did not travel around. They did not try to convert anyone. And then, just slowly, people knew and came to Them. Maybe in the beginning, the Masters probably still had energy and enthusiasm and listened to the invitations of the people and went here and there. But later on, I think They had no more wish to go anywhere and to convert people. That’s why sometimes you keep asking me, “Master, why don’t You go to Holland, and go to Poland, and go to ‘Anyland?’ They have people there, (who) need You, waiting for You.” And all that kind of thing. But I say, “Wait, wait. Please wait.” Because it’s not the way you think. People are not what you think. Because you know the good thing, so you think everybody should know, everybody must know, and everybody will know immediately. But (it’s) not always the case. And even in the case of the people who know, they don’t change the way they live. They don’t want to change. For example, I just told you about many people who tell me that they know me. Even though, no introduction, nothing. And it’s the first time they even see me on this planet. But still, that doesn’t mean they will follow us and then do the same way. They will continue with their whatever, magical pursuit, and will not necessarily come with us. Especially magical power, (it) attracts a lot of people.

There are two kinds of people who know too much. One is intellectual knowledge of books. And another one is so-called inner knowledge of magical power. These two people are very, very, very, very… difficult to be convinced about the true way of God. Very, very, very, very. And in my life, as well as in your life, you have of course, encountered these two all the time. So, don’t be surprised. That you have wasted all your mouth-water and nobody listens, nobody follows you. But still, we try our best. And whoever still has ears will listen, and then we try to help them. But I cannot do that every day. That’s why you keep asking me, “Why is it so long since You have gone there, You have not made a lecture?” Again and again. The flowers take some time to blossom again. Especially rare flowers. Cannot do it every day. Or a diamond: it takes thousands of years in order to harness itself into the best quality, the brilliant quality that we finally decorate our precious bodies with. Otherwise, before, it’s black, just like coal. Yeah, or anything else. Yes, but not diamonds. So, it’s the same with us. It takes time to harness our own power and divinity, in order to recognize and to offer the best to the world and to ourselves. At least.

It’s not a question of me not wanting to give a lecture or things like that, but it’s also the question of the people. Good things, not everybody wants to have. Lately in Africa there was a person, he is a prince. He wanted initiation so much. He kept like, almost forcing me to give him initiation. And during initiation he lay like this, he slept. Other people were not very enthusiastic, but they all sat erect and correct and quiet and meditated. And all the time, the one who was most enthusiastic and forceful, just lay there and slept on his sofa. It takes time to change; not that he’s not good. He’s a very good person. It takes a long time to recover, to change. So, you see? It’s very, very difficult, if you want to convince somebody onto your path. But it’s more difficult to give initiation, and it’s more, more difficult for people to rest in the initiation and follow through with the practicing life.

For him to stay. It’s like this, you see? So, don’t blame me, and don’t complain, and don’t tell me that I don’t have compassion, and I don’t have love. The people don’t want to take my compassion, don’t want to take my love, don’t want to take my patience, don’t want to take my best teaching, don’t want to take my precious thing that I want to offer to them. Including many people who know who I am, who know my inner spiritual power. It’s very difficult. But I’m still trying my best. Even if I don’t like to do it. So, if you want, you will become a Master. You go around. You teach people, you convince them. But I think you’re already doing well. All right, with this knowledge and frustration.

I leave you. I’ll see you again in Germany. Next week. If you have time to come. That is weekend, right? Good, good. Most people can afford to come, right? If not, then I have already been with you many times. Four times. I think it should be enough to last you for a while. See you again. Means see you again. Right? See you again. (Yes.) Doesn’t mean goodbye. See you again, See you again. Mr, Mrs. You only want to see me because you like to eat vegan cakes. See you again. I think you’re happy with me, no? (Yes.) You’re happy with me, aren’t you? (Yes!) Very, very happy! You are very devoted.

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