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Between Master and Disciples

The Best Thing Is Enlightenment, Part 5 of 6, Aug. 05, 15 & 17, 1995

Lecture Language:English,French(Français)
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Africa is beautiful. You have been there? No. OK. Sometimes we watch movies. And we think… We think Africa is terrible. A jungle. And everywhere we turn there’s a lion waiting. But it’s not true. So, I was invited to go there by the prince of Benin.

(They’re for You, Master.) Thank you, thank you. (Welcome, Master.) (Do You want to see some disciples, Master? Over there.) How to say? Big child. Everybody come. It’s complicated. It’s the problem. Let the other people have it, OK. You have to take for him. Hey! Who doesn’t have yet? Share. Share. Share. (Yes, the (vegan) black cake.) How are you? Fine? No problem? No. Sometimes we have little problems, but it will quickly be gone. If it’s not gone, you will…When we die, every problem’s gone. You must be patient and wait. Flowers later, OK? Do you have questions? Otherwise I go. I see you today. Isn’t it enough? No, no, no. Yes. What for? Later we’ll see each other… in Germany, right? In Germany. We’ll see each other, OK? If you don’t have questions. Here is not the place to talk. We go now, right? You already talked with me since I got out. Do you still have a question? (If You are tired, it doesn't matter.)

(I didn't know Your group. I knew it was a group of love. I knew Marc who taught me a little bit. My father is a Muslim and my mother is a Christian. And he told me that in Your group of love. Since it is a group of love. There were all the religions. So I fully approve what You're doing and I have a lot of respect for You through what You teach to Your students learn that You teach as well as Jesus and Muhammad… (Peace Be Upon Him) and all the Prophets. And I absolutely admire what You are doing I fully accept it. Yes, You answered it and Marc also answered me. What was important to me is that the prophets are integrated into Your religion.) She is very enlightened. (You are very enlightened.) (Thank You. I also thank You for Your presence and Your kindness.)

Ah, oh! I am tired. But come, come. Come near, near. Bring the (vegan) biscuits and candies here. Have a seat. Sit down, please. Today, there are many... Hurry. Otherwise I sleep. Because I’m already, I’m already sleepy. Come in. There are some people outside. Why? Invite them to come in, whoever they are. OK. Today, there are people who didn’t receive (vegan) cookies, right? The drivers and everyone else didn’t get (vegan) candy, right? And you come here. You tell them, you tell them. Is there a microphone? (Anyone who hasn’t had (vegan) candy like drivers and others, you come here.) It’ s at the airport? At the airport you don’t have... Here, come. But what’s in there? Is it sweet? ((Vegan) biscuit, Master.) (Vegan) biscuit! Okay. (Thank You Master.) And the child? Is this your child this one? But has she got any? (She already had Master.) Okay. But now I’m going to give the... OK. Come here. The ones who don’t have, come here. (Those who haven’t, you come here.) Symbol. Symbolic only. Symbolic. There are many? not many? Who? Again? Who did not have today? Here. (Who hasn’t had one today?) Those who already have, wait, okay? If you’ve already had (vegan) candy, cookies, wait a minute. You haven’t... Okay here you go! Yes. Who? You. OK. Madam please. Mademoiselle. Yeah, you there. And you madam. Here you go. (Thank You.) Miss. There you go! I call her mademoiselle and she is very happy. That’s why. And who? And that’s it. Yeah. You too? You? And who else? Are you okay? (I’m fine.)Have a seat. Sit down. Sit down, relax. I’m happy your center is beautiful. Your center looks nice. Ah, our center. You don’t have any? Hey, baby. OK, here. The drivers, are they all here? The drivers here are all here? no! Call them. The drivers come here. One. Very good. Driver. OK, sit down, sit down. Relax, meditate. OK? (Sit down, relax, meditate.) Sit down, meditate. Quietly. And the Swiss. Madam of Switzerland. You come from Switzerland? Madam. Okay. It’s dropped already. The driver, the driver. You push over there a little bit. Push over there. There’s people... drivers. Don’t close the door please. Let people come in. (Don’t close the door, let people in.) Is that you? There’s more? There’s one or two more, isn’t there? And the guards, the hufa, the guards. (The guards too.) The guards also come. But there’s no one there to guard. What do we guard here, huh? You. There are not many people. No need for guards, right? No need for him. Not now. So, Marc is not here? (He hasn’t arrived yet.) Not arrived or not... (I saw him... We were on the same train. I saw him, he was with his girlfriend. I think, I don’t know if he got lost. I saw that he...) Lost? (No, he knows the way.) (No, I don’t know.) The Parisian is lost in Paris? That’s incredible. OK? Come here, come here. Driver. Here. For you. For you. (Driver.) There you go! Because you didn’t have today. You didn’t have today. And now, the rest. I’m so angry. (Here!) I’m all angry now. OK. There you go, there you go! Here we go. That’s it! That’s it! Okay, you’ll be back later. Okay? You don’t have to come for the (vegan) cookie, right? Does everyone understand French? Except me, everyone understands French. Except me, everybody understands. Ah the children? Ah the children. You, how to say it, share, between you kids. Quick, quick, bring it back. Come here. Nothing much. The (vegan) cake is very plain. Here, honey. Here! Okay, finished?

Don’t look too much. Just a quick look is enough. You, men, don’t look too much. OK. The Aulacese (Vietnamese), did you eat and sleep well? (Yes, Master.) No problem at all? (Yes.) (Thank You, Master.) This is a very nice center. Who bought it? (Yes, Master.) (Master bought it.) Oh, is that Hương? Come here. Thank you arranging the hotel. (Thank you for arranging the hotel.) You got it? You got it? Don’t you get it? Understood or not? No? He understands. Oh, I know. She did not tell and I already gave. (She had not said but Master had already given.) Before she said it, I had already given. I have magic power. (I have the magic power.) Of course. OK. I think I’ll speak English and you translate in French. Is that all right? (Master will speak English and I will translate into French.) Or what do you want? You want me to speak French? Broken French. I was in Africa. I think I’d better speak English. I can speak French, but it’s hard a bit. You have to think and all that. I already have a headache. Today, today I got off the plane, and right away there were two guards who came looking for me, Marc and his wife, his future, wife of the future, and then... Come, come, come! Come, come, come! Because now we are speaking French. Do you understand? That’s why I want to tell the story, the story. Marc and his wife came to pick me up, and then right away they attacked me from all sides, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah, how are you? And then bl-bl-bl, bl-bl, problem, problem, problem, problem, problem. And I..., my eyes were not yet open. Because the journey is long. We went from Cotonou, Cotonou the Coco, do you understand? Do you know Cotonou? (Benin.) Benin! Cotonounou. Cotonounou not at home there! And then from there we went through, how to say, Abidjan, Ivory Coast. And then we stayed there for an hour. And then after six hours we went to Paris. And then last night, all night long, we couldn’t sleep, because there is the initiation. There are people who want Stick to me. (Who want to stick to me.) With super glue. (Super glue. Super glue.) With, with, with super glue. Glue, glue Made in France.

We are all very very tired. Not just last night. Every night. Almost all the evenings in Africa like this. Because it’s the first time I was there. And then I don’t know, who’s who, how to say, who has passed the news, (The news. The news.) The news, and then everyone calls me: Princess... oh dear… Empress, Majesty, and all that, blah, blah, blah, blah. And is your wife here? Marc. Where is she? Ah, she is very small like me. We don’t see her much. And then everyone wants to come and see me. Blah, blah, blah, blah. And I already feel very tired. Everybody is. That’s why when I got off the plane, I was half dead. I was already half dead. And then Marc and his wife: Master, we are happy to see You. Okay, but I’m glad too. And after that, problem, problem, problem, problem, bl-bl-bl. They forgot that I am a foreigner. I am not French. I wasn’t born here and my French is like that. And both of them spoke at the same time. I have a headache. I want to only explain to you why I can’t talk French now. Okay? Not enough. OK. Never mind. I can talk, but you have to think. And then, how to say it, the pronunciation is not beautiful. Do you understand? You understand, huh? That means you said that my pronunciation is not beautiful. Thanks a lot eh! That’s it! Now it’s the truth, isn’t it? OK. OK. Now I think you translate. All right? It’s better. (I will translate.) You can? Yes. (Yes, I think so.) And when you’re tired, you call somebody else. (I give to… yeah.) Yes. Because if I speak French, then half of the energy is gone. And the story, you can only listen to half of it. Because...Or say, “Halfway, I’m dead.” (Half way I’m dead.) It’s not so bad, but almost. OK. So what is it we wanted to talk about? I forgot. (What did we want to talk about?) What did I want to talk about before, huh? What did I want to say? Marc’s Story. Marc’s story is already over! It’s already over. (About Your trip in Africa.) Ah, OK. I don’t want anymore... I don’t want to even remember his name.

  1. A trip to Africa? OK, it’s not planned. Just spontaneously. And then I went there. Africa is beautiful. You have been there? No. OK. Sometimes we watch movies. And we think… We think Africa is terrible. A jungle. And everywhere we turn there’s a lion waiting. But it’s not true. So, I was invited to go there by the prince of Benin. There are many princes. But he’s the one in the center of the capital. In Africa, I think in every tribe, they’ve got one king and some princes and princesses, something like that. But I think this prince, he’s supposed to… He was the king, but he refused and he gave the power to another person, so now he just runs around. There is a president too, but there is a king, too. I think it’s similar to England. Similar only, not the same. OK. The African way. African fashion. So I was invited there by him. He took me to go and see this and that important people and… The First Lady. …of the two countries, Côte d’Ivoire and Benin. So, I don’t know what they say.

He didn’t say anything, but everybody thought I was the royal king or queen or something like that. Sometimes they called me king. Even King… Do I look like a king? Princess, OK, everybody calls me “Princess” everywhere. So, now I’m voted “International Princess.” Because it’s very funny. If you want to be a president, you have to campaign, you have to put a lot of money, buy the votes, and talk to people and convince them that you will be a good president. Then people vote for you. I don’t do anything. I hide myself and everybody calls me “Princess.” We don’t need to campaign. And we go incognito, even. A princess, maybe OK. Maybe I look like a princess. OK, the queen, maybe OK. Maybe people have some problems with their eyes. They call me “Queen,” maybe OK. We can accept it. It’s acceptable, maybe. Empress, huh? Yes. What’s the difference between a queen and an empress? (I think it’s (she rules) several countries.) Ah, bigger than queen. (Yes.) Oh, so… “Empress” OK, maybe all right. Maybe possible, maybe. Yes. But a king … I don’t think I look like a king. Do I look like a king at all? I don’t even look like a King Kong.

But it’s funny. Many people just like to come to see this queen or “empress” or this princess. Everybody came and bowed to me and said, “Your Majesty.” “How do You do?” It’s very funny, and we laughed all the time. Yes, it’s funny. But it doesn’t matter how we explained to them, they just continued. So, after many countries, explanation hundreds of times, we were tired, too. We said, “OK, whatever.” We don’t care. We don’t care. We don’t care anymore. (We don’t care.) We don’t care, huh? We don’t care, then. So, we enjoyed our time there too. But it was a lot of pressure, pressing time, because everybody wanted to see me. And I don’t know what for. And sometimes they invited us to see the children, the handicapped children or the orphans. We went to see and we gave them something. But normally, I felt everybody just liked to see me. Not only the children. I just want to say why we didn’t have time to sleep in the last many nights. And so, if I have to speak French now, I think I will go into samadhi right away. It gives me a headache. So, you understand?

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