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Between Master and Disciples

The Best Thing Is Enlightenment, Part 6 of 6, Aug. 05, 15 & 17, 1995

Lecture Language:English,French(Français)
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Every day we check ourselves whether we are going in the correct direction. If we sidetrack or go in the opposite, we go back quickly, and then no problem. That’s why I tell you, every day you write in your diary. Every day you check your own inner progress and the outer moral, and then you will know whether you’re OK.

So, if you have any questions, you may ask me. Questions of spiritual practice. I have heard that one of the persons in France, he had a little problem. But it will be better soon. If you take the precepts, you must keep (them). If you promise God to eat vegan and refrain from animal meat, refrain from the violent killing of animal meat, you eat vegan, then you must keep your promise. And then you must meditate a lot. And you must especially go to group meditation. Otherwise, no one can be responsible for the problems that you encounter. If you break the precepts, if you break the diet promise, if you live a life that’s undisciplined. Understand? Undisciplined. And then you come to me and you say, “Master, why You don’t help me?” How can I help you? If you kill yourself, if you poison yourself, how can I do it? It’s your free will. It’s your right to do whatever you want to do with your life. It’s your choice.

Because God, or Buddha, Almighty, gives us free will. So, when God gives us something good, we have the free will to take it or to reject. Even that. So, if we follow the noble choice, and we respect the law of God, and we follow the noble way of life, then everything is nice, noble, beautiful, smooth and peaceful. And if we follow the opposite way, it’s full of trouble, danger, and trickery and misery. Then, that’s what we will get. And then we cannot blame anybody. And we cannot even blame God. Understand? Yes.

But many people they blame God for everything. Yes, they say, “I pray to God everyday, God doesn’t listen. I want this, God doesn’t give me.” It’s not true. Because God has already given us the way to pray to Hirm. Direct telephone contact. And if we don’t use that direct line, of course, we cannot get in touch with God. And whatever we say, maybe God knows, but we don’t know the answer because we don’t have the contact. We don’t use the direct line that the Master has already connected for us. And, also, we don’t follow the instructions from God. We follow the instructions of the devil. Then the devil will come to us. And everything that is miserable and devilish will happen to us. That is very normal. That is very logical. And that is the natural cause, the natural thing.

So, make sure that your life is pure. And the noble promise that you have announced before God, you should keep. And then nothing happens to you. You always repeat the Five (Holy) Names. The devil will never come near. They cannot even look at you from far away, because you are so bright. They dare not look at you, even. Never mind to come near to harm you or to possess you. But if we go away from the noble life, then we go to the other opposite life - ignoble. And then of course, every ignoble thing will come to us. It is very normal. That’s very normal. Or not?

Now you’re in France, you see all the white people. Maybe Chinese, a little bit yellow, but still, not black. A bit yellow… Oh, did I speak French or English? Oh, sorry. Now we’re in France. In France, of course we see the French people, and the white people or maybe some of the Asians, but not the black people. If you go to Africa what do you see there? If you go to the black African quarter, what do you see? All black. Yes, yes. Is that not so? Even children know that. Children know that. Even children know. OK. Because in Africa most of the black quarters or black countries, you can only see black people. Maybe one or two white, but not too many. If you go to the other parts of Africa, perhaps there are white people there. But if you go to the black quarters of Africa, the black part of Africa, all you see are black people. That is very normal. So, the same, if we go God's way, everything we get is God, blessing, happiness, and contentment. If we go to the demon’s way, or lean to the other side, then we will have more or less the trouble from the demon. Very normal. So, it is your choice. Your responsibility.

I only tell you what’s good, what’s bad, and you choose it. You cut your own head. I cannot cut your head, so that you can be good. No? Can I do that? Then you’ll cut my head first! For sure. First. That’s it? At first, it is not the same. See, she translates word by word. So anyhow, what I have to tell you, I already told you. But sometimes maybe I repeat again and again to remind you, but there’s nothing more for me to do except to remind you and help you if you want to go my way. If you want to go the other way, it is your right, your choice, your privilege. Understand?

So now, I told you to go to group meditation. I told you to repeat the Five (Holy) Names all the time to protect yourself. I told you to be vegan purely. I told you to keep the precepts, so that you’re more noble and away – far away from the devil. Not now. To be far away from the devil. Because all these things are not the devil’s way, therefore if you keep it, you’re far away from it. We’re far from it. Because we are different. Understand? So, if you don’t keep them, well, you have the privilege to refuse the good precepts, the good way, but then you have to suffer. Do you understand now? So, everything is your own responsibility. I am nothing. I just help you to remember. And if you don’t know, I tell you this is good, this is no good, and then you choose whatever you like. So, whatever happens to you, it’s your own problem. Especially you already know what is good and what is not good.

Sometimes, we are human, we’re weak, so we fail, we’re going to the negative direction. If we sincerely repent, we go back. It’s never too late. It’s just we’d better go back quickly, because we never know when our life is terminated. Every day we can begin again. Yes, every day we check ourselves whether we are going in the correct direction. If we sidetrack or go in the opposite, we go back quickly, and then no problem. That’s why I tell you, every day you write in your diary. Every day you check your own inner progress and the outer moral, and then you will know whether you’re OK. Whether you are in the correct direction or you’re a little bit sidetracked, and you come back quickly. One day is never too late. One day is very short to come back. But if you just leave it every day, every day, and then one day you suddenly realize you’re too far from God and then it’s a long, long way to come back. And that makes a lot of suffering for you. If we are going in the correct… Because one day if we go a little bit far… it’s not too far, we can come back quickly. But if we waited too long, it’s a long way to come back, and then long, long suffering. Because it’s long.  Because you know that the way of the devil is full of suffering. Only the way of God is good.

Sometimes, even if we don’t do it on purpose, like we don’t know something has meat inside or we don’t know something has egg inside… But then even if we don’t know, it still harms us. Just like even if you don’t know it’s a poison and you drink it, it still makes you die. And you know egg is a very negative thing. Sometimes in the cakes and the ice cream, they all have egg. I told you many times. For example, egg, the magicians, they use it to attract the negative entities out of some possessed people. So, if somebody is possessed, they crack the eggs on the head or sometimes crack on the road or next to their room or… it depends on the case. So, if we eat the egg inside, we attract the negativity to us; and especially we attract the negativity, and then we don’t meditate to clean it out, then of course we have problems. Got it? So, everything I told you is good for you. Not because I want to control your life. I don’t. I just tell you what is what, and then you do what you want. You got it now? So, any other questions?

(Good evening, I would like to say: To answer precisely to what You were saying, because I read the Qur'an.) (And in the Qur'an it is said that God is) Merciful. (merciful, and Hes forgives the human who wants to come back to Hirm.) Sure, sure. (Absolutely, absolutely, provided they come back. And Hes also says that when you have faith in Hirm… “If you don’t know Me, how can you come to Me, since you don’t know Me.”) (And Hes says when you have faith in Me, “if you don’t know Me, how can you come back to Me since you don’t know Me.”) (“And your heart can always open for Me and one day you can discover Me.”) (“And your heart can open for Me and then one day you can discover Me.”) (And Hes also says, if you love Me, if you love God, never turn away from Hirm, otherwise you will go into hell’s fire.) (And Hes says if you love God, then you will never go astray from Hirm. Otherwise you would go in the) Devil direction. (fire of hell.) Oh, yes, yes. That’s right.

(There’s also an important thing Hes says. Hes says be you Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, circumcised or not, if you’re not with your God, you won’t be in Heaven with your God. And I’d like to say something, I’ve been vegetarian for a short time, since I’ve known Marc, I’d like to explain why.) Why? Is it him who did that to you? (Yes. It’s Marc. He told me, don’t eat (meat) anymore. Because I received a message in a dream where God told me. I cried one evening and I asked God: Why are there mean people in this world? And in my dream the Lord answered, Hes said, “Yasmina, do not try to know why people are so mean.” Hes kept a silence. “They don’t know themselves. However, look at the birds of the sky, look at the fish of the sea and look at the animals of the land, they are your true friends.” I didn’t… Sorry.) In the dream God told her, don’t bother looking at why people are bad, right? (Why they’re bad.) Why they’re bad. Just look at the birds in the sky, (Birds in the sky,) the fish (fish in the sea.) and then what else? (Animals.) (Animals in the…) Animals on the Earth. (They’re your friends.) They’re all your friends. Very poetic. Very romantic.

(But then Hes said, Hes told me: “They are your true friends.” Me, I didn’t… I received this message, I didn’t eat animals anymore. But sometimes, since in Muslim religion, it is accepted to eat an animal if it’s killed in prayer, because it goes straight to Heaven. So, I continued, and since Marc, I stopped completely eating those foods because I understood God’s better message.) Congratulations, madame, mademoiselle. A future madame. You understand, no? Yes or no? (Yes!) OK. It’s a very nice story. It’s a nice story, yes?

Yes, sometimes, even if God tells us directly, if we don’t have a good friend to explain to us or to give us love, to open more of our wisdom, it’s difficult to understand what God means. Oh, no, no. Also, to give us love, to open more wisdom. Hey, hey, hey. It helps a lot. It’s why… That’s why it helps a lot. That’s why I tell you to go for group meditation. Go for group meditation because here you have the truest friends. Then if you have a problem, or sometimes you make a mistake and because of many friends, they talk to you, they love you, encourage you, you come back again to the correct direction. Yes, yes. So, group meditation is just like having a good friend or good beloved, unconditional, and we grow together and we share together some problems and happiness, and this is very good for human psychology. Yes, even not talking about spiritual practice. Very good for human psychology. Very good for our emotions. Share. Share the joy and the misery, and misery too. And when something is shared, when something is divided, it’s already half-half, or a quarter, like that? You see? See this? Share? So, everyone gets nothing. Like this, everybody has just very little. See that, see that? Just a little bit. So, the group meditation helps a lot. If you go a lot to group meditation, you know the difference, don’t you? Yes, yes.

This afternoon, because I wanted to talk to her about the problem of the friend that Marc and his wife mentioned. So, she sat in my car and we talked about that. So, she sat in my car and then we talked and talked, and then she told me that person didn’t go to group meditation and since then, he’s started to have problems. OK, but we learn by mistakes. It’s all right, it will be OK. Yes. Because sometimes we live in this world many, many, many thousands of lifetimes and we collect a lot of enemies. Sometimes, we make mistakes and we disturb other people, we make other people suffer or we kill other people. So, this life, it comes back. So, if this time we don’t protect ourselves with the power of God, then everything can harm us because of millions of billions of troubles that are waiting for us. If we are protected by the power of God and then we’re stronger in spiritual practice, then we can even help our enemies from different lifetimes, and make them also become elevated, instead of letting them attack us and make both our enemies and ourselves drown in the circle of transmigration. So, you see why we have to practice now?

See why we must go to group meditation? Because we’re weak. Yes. Sometimes we go alone, and if somebody gives temptation, we will fall. But if we go two, three, four persons together, temptation, if we want to go there, my friend says, “No, no, no! This is no good for you. Come back!” Yes, yes. That’s why we must have friends to practice together. Yes, in this life, everything is like that. Even with politics. Yes? A man who wants to be president must collect a lot of followers who have the same ideals as he does and support him. Followers to support him. Same ideals, who have the same ideals. Yes, everybody knows that. Otherwise, do you think the communist Mao Tse Tung alone, made communism? Or Lenin alone, changed the whole of Russia? There must have been a lot of people who supported him (them). So, when we blame Hitler, we blame Lenin, we blame Mao Tse Tung, we have to think more. It is the shared idealism. It is the responsibility of a lot a lot of people. Not only one or two men.

So, the same, with the meditation. Same with every idealism. Same with every goal we reach, we must have supporting friends, in order to go the same way. So, when we fail, when we’re weak, the friends will help us or carry us. That’s why we must have friends. That’s why we must have group fellow practitioners to encourage each other. Because this is like a big family. When you come in and then you meditate together, you also share the spiritual energy together, not only the mundane problems. And then everyone just comes together, together. The strong helps little, the weaker a little. And we help the weaker a little, and then we can go together to the same level and everybody’s happy and you’re cleansed and you’re happier and happier, and you feel lighter and lighter every day. And that’s how you know group meditation helps you.

You bring it back later. OK?

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