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A Gift of Love: Simple & Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan)

Vegan Bachelor’s Pot

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Today, we are lucky to have a glimpse of those days in Yang Ming Mountain in 1992, when Supreme Master Ching Hai set aside Her precious time to demonstrate a simple and aesthetically pleasing dish: “Vegan Bachelor’s Pot.” “Now I’ll show you how to cook. It is very simple. Whatever vegetables that are available, you can throw them in. It doesn’t have to be these particular vegetables. Just similar ones are fine. Basically, it’s like that. So, whatever you like, throw them in. Cut them all up and stir fry it in some oil. After stir frying it, simmer it for a while. Then, just add more water. Add water and seasonings and simmer for about 20 minutes.” “These are wheat gluten. You can use any kind of gluten you like. These are the proteins, mix the protein and vegetables together. You can use any combination of (vegan) protein and vegetables. You can also use coriander or toon leaves to replace onions. You can also add basil. This dish is called ‘Bachelor’s Pot.’ You see, when I was single, this was what I had every day.” “What’s great about this? Well, you don’t have to wash vegetables and cook every day. You only need to wash once and cook once, and you’re set for three, four, or five days.” “When cooking, don’t talk like me and remember to recite the Five Holy Names. They are the best seasoning.” “I think it’s better to add the seasonings first, let it simmer, then add water. That way, the flavors will get into the food. But keeping it in the fridge for a few days will also enhance the flavor. So, don’t worry. How much salt you put in depends on your taste. I think I’ll just add a little. It will make a difference; this is a natural flavor enhancer made from fruits. It’s fine to add some and you can add more if you like. Then the sugar. Sugar is a must. Since we have a large amount of food, it’s OK to put more. If it’s not good enough, of course, you should add more. You can add more later. This is five spice powder and this is tomato ketchup. You can add more of it while cooking if you think the flavor is lacking.” “Here we have black pepper. Save it for later, or you can add it now. As for the fermented bean curd, you decide on how much to put based on the amount of food and personal liking. Fermented bean curd has a strong flavor.”
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