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Dr. Joanne Kong (vegan), Musician with a Heart of Gold, Part 1 of 2

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Dr. Joanne Kong is a professor at the University of Richmond in Virginia, USA and also an acclaimed classical concert pianist and harpsichordist. An incredibly diverse musician, she is able to play a wide range of music genres from Baroque to contemporary. Her performances have been highly praised by major media, including The Washington Post, The Boston Globe and The New York Times. She has been invited to perform for numerous events and concerts and has collaborated with artists from around the world. Apart from being an accomplished musician, Dr. Kong has been recognized as one of the most compelling advocates for plant-based nutrition today. She has given numerous presentations to promote the vegan diet at festivals around the globe and is featured in a book about brilliant vegan women changing the world, “Legends of Change: The unstoppable rise of veganism.” In September of 2019, Supreme Master TV had a chance to interview Dr. Kong about her passion for music and love for animals. Apart from being an accomplished musician and university professor, Dr. Kong is a staunch vegan activist. She has given numerous presentations at festivals around the globe, including the Veggie Pride Parade in New York City, Oakland VegFest, a 3-week speaking tour of India, as well as talks in Norway, Italy, Germany and Spain. During an interview for the documentary “Eating Our Way to Extinction,” she addressed the global urgency to acknowledge the devastating impacts of animal agriculture on climate change, the environment, and our sense of identityand compassion. Dr. Kong has a popular TEDx talk on veganism currently at over half a million views on YouTube.
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