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Between Master and Disciples

Whatever is Inside of Us Is Manifested Outside, Part 1 of 4, Nov. 12, 2020

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He saw angels flying around him. (Wow.) Five of them when he saw it. And President Trump has angels always with him.

(Hi, Master.) You all right? (Yes.) Are you getting better today? (Yes, I feel better. Thank You.) You sure? Of course. You’re a little bit sensitive, aren’t you? (Yes.) Take care of yourself. (Yes, Master.) Everything OK otherwise? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) You can manage still? (Yes, I think so.) All right. You eat well? (Yes, I’m trying.) Oh. You cannot eat? (No, I’m eating, I’m just trying to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.)

Make sure they wash well, OK? (Yes, Master.) If you are in doubt, you have to put them in boiling water first and eat. OK? (OK, Master.) I mean don’t cook, just wash with boiling water several times. Yeah? (Yes.) Even salad. (Yes.) Because I just read on the news recently in America somewhere, romaine lettuce has E. coli on it. Scary! Many people got sick. The news said that because the lettuce farm is next to a cattle farm, maybe that’s why. That’s what they said. Because the feces and dirty water from the animal farm runs off to the salad field. You can see even a second-hand sickness. It’s trouble. Not just the people who eat meat will get trouble. Even the run-off from the meat farm will make other farms also contaminated. Ah, God! (Yes, even vegetables you have to be careful to make sure they’re clean.) Yeah, of course. Soak in the salt water or those vegetable wash liquids. (Yes.) They call it vegetable soap or something and then at least cook them. OK. (Yes, Master.) Maybe don’t have to cook until it’s all soft, but you know what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) Sterilize it with boiling water. Just put them in, and let them and take them out. (Yes.) Or use boiling water to wash them several times. (Yes, Master. Thank You.) You have this kind of machine that the boiled water comes out easily so it’s convenient nowadays, right? (Yes, very convenient.) Oh, man, we live in Heaven, nobody appreciates it. Before, you have to cook and boil and wait for so long. Now it comes out, already drinkable. (Yes. It’s nice.) Wonderful.

Did you read that? (Yes, yes. I’ve read a lot of interesting news recently.) Oh, really. (There was a recent article where the American actor Jon Voight…) Jon Voight. Oh, he’s a good actor, right? (Yes, yes.) I saw some of his films before, I just can’t remember what. Well he’s a cool guy, cool actor. (Yes, yes.) OK. What about him? Is he all right? (He was not very happy with the elections. He said he was disgusted with the lie that Biden won the election. And he said that the leftists are evil and corrupt and they want to tear down this nation.) Oh. What is the left? (The left are people who are not considered conservative. Usually the Democrats are considered the left and the Republicans are considered the right. ) Nobody in the middle? (There are people in the middle in both parties.) How about you, are you in the middle? (I’m not either party.) OK. OK. Me neither. I’m not American. (Yes.) So…just honorary American, honorary citizen. Oh. So. Wow. That’s a strong word. (Yes. Very strong.)

What else, why did he say they’re evil? (He doesn’t believe the election results. He thinks it’s corrupt. And he called it the “battle of righteousness versus Satan.” And he compared the battle for getting to the truth of the election to the Civil War. So very strong words. What do You think about that, Master?) It’s quite strong. (Yes, very...) So this is not really opinion, it’s something else. Because if it’s just an opinion, you don’t call people or a group like evil or Satan followers. Maybe he sees something that other people don’t see. (Wow, … What would he see, how would he see that?) Well, some people are psychic. (Oh.) You know that don’t you? Yeah? (Yes.) Rare I mean not too rare but not a big percentage of humans can see things. (Yes, Master.) Like you can see other people’s auras, (Right. Yes, Master.) and the aura bespeaks what you are inside. That’s why you can cheat maybe the big group of people or majority of people, but you cannot always cheat others, special people who can see with their psychic eye, (Yes, Master.) with their psychic ability. Many people saw my auras also so sometimes even if I went out somewhere and I dressed very poorly, but they still saw it. Even some police. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes they show a lot of respect because of the aura. (Oh, yes.) That’s the thing.

Maybe he saw something that well… (What do You think he saw?) I cannot tell you. (Yes, Master.) I can only tell you what he saw in President Trump. OK? (Yes, Master.) Because Mr. Biden, he’s a presidential candidate OK, (Yes, Master.) and possibly the President of your country. (Yes.) It’s not decided yet so I don’t want to say anything about him. OK? (Yes. Master. Understand.) Normally I don’t like to say things that are not good about other people unless it’s really necessary. (Yes, Master.) It might sometimes be necessary but I’m reluctant. (Yes, Master.) I can only tell you, the way he’s (Voight) so defensive of President Trump, (Yes.) is because he saw goodness in him, I mean the things he saw that make him trust President Trump. (Oh, I see.) Because that’s danger for him also, maybe. I just feel he’s lucky that he is American and lives in America. (Yes.) Truly free and democratic. If in another country, maybe he won’t be that safe. OK? (Yes, Master.) I can only tell you about President Trump. (Yes, Master.) I cannot tell you about his opponent. (Yes, understand.) Even if I know. He saw angels flying around him. (Wow.) Five of them when he saw it. And President Trump has angels always with him. (Yes, Master.) That’s why he has been protected somehow up to now. Otherwise he would have been harmed more than he has been. (Wow.) You know, like attacked and wrongly accused and impeachment and all kinds of things. Court cases or lying about him. (Yes, Master.) And because President Trump is also being whispered to by the angels, whether or not President Trump heard them, but his soul, his subconscious can hear them. (Yes, Master.) And so they help him to make good decisions, though some people, the opposition, always say something not favorable even though he does good. You understand what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.)

(No wonder. He really has a loving heart and he cares about people more than military action. I remember an incident last year when Iran had downed an unmanned US drone, and the US had planned a military strike in retaliation. But after President Trump heard that it could kill 150 people, he stopped it. Also, he fired his National Security Advisor and later he commented that the Advisor “likes dropping bombs on people, and killing them.”) Apart from that, Heaven’s also supporting him, helping him, otherwise he could not recover so fast from COVID-19 either. (Yes, Master.) And also his wife or his family. You understand? (Yes. Understand.) His son also I think got COVID last time. (Yes.) I saw it flashing somewhere.

That’s why Mr. Jon Voight… Is he famous, right? (Yes, he’s famous.) I heard his name somewhere, it’s just not like I memorize so many, you know. I just know some. I mean I can only remember some famous actors and actresses. (Yes. He’s the father of Angelina Jolie.) I see. So what does Angelina Jolie think about that or say about that. (I don’t know. I haven’t looked at that. She seems to not agree with her father on a lot of things.) Oh, I see. Well, children. How surprising! (Yes.) But he wouldn’t have said that for no reason. You understand me? (Yes.) Such a strong, strong, how you say, outspoken kind of manner. He did not say like this before? Or did he? (I don’t remember this strong of words, but he has spoken out for President Trump before.) Many people do. OK? (Yes.) But this is a truly strong one. (Yes, very.) Very strong. So Mr. Voight must have been truly convinced by maybe his psychic ability (Yes.) that he saw things. If you have this kind of ability yourself, you can see other people’s aura. (Yes, Master.)

Aura meaning the light surrounding your bodies, (Yes, Master.) I mean people’s bodies or the animals or something like that. And thus, even dogs, they see them. So sometimes the dog attacks somebody (Oh, yeah.) because he saw evil, he saw devils flying around that dog and trying to make that dog harm his owner or harm somebody. And so the good dog, he tried to scare the devils away. But sometimes the devil is attached to the dogs, so accidentally, unintentionally, he wounded the dog, or killed the dog, (Oh.) the one that was influenced or possessed by the devil. (Yes, Master.) And similar with people. If you have eyes, you can see some people have an aura like shining bright light. (Yes, Master.)

My dog, one of the small dogs, whenever she sees me, she’s so sleepy, but she cannot, she doesn’t want to close her eyes. I saw her eyes so heavy, half closed, half… and she keeps like frowning, trying to open her eyes, but she cannot. And then if she opens too big, she cannot either. She keeps doing that and with her head hanging in the air. I said to her, “If you are sleepy, just sleep, you see me later. Don’t worry. I won’t go anywhere.” She said, “No. Your light is so bright.” I said to her, “Then look somewhere else.” She said no, “I like to look.” (Oh.) Oh, if you see her, she’s so cute, she tries so hard to open her eyes but then it closes and she doesn’t want to close. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) You can see her struggling over there and every time she sees me, she just prostrates flat on the ground and kisses my toes. (Oh, wow.) Many, many times until I say, “Oh, that’s enough. That’s enough. Come on, kiss my hand here. It’s maybe cleaner for you.” She’s so cute, so cute. Beautiful soul she has inside. So beautiful soul. (Oh.) All my dogs are beautiful. (Yes.) But she’s the most psychic of all. She can tell things, not everything. Some things like concerning us, (Yes.) not everything, not all things about the whole world or something like that. (Yes.) Just something around us like other people, or about me, about her, her past life, stuff like that.

Some humans can see also like that but not all the people have good auras. You see? (Yes, Master.) Aura has many different dimensions, different qualities. Aura can be very bright. OK? (Yes.) like sun rays or tender like moon rays, or brighter than that, that if you are not covered by your physical eyes, you cannot bear. (Yes.) That’s why we have the body, it covers things but it’s also such a disadvantage that most people cannot see other people’s inside quality by the aura that is automatically manifested outside. Like you see Jesus, Buddha, Saints, They have a halo on Their heads, (Yes, Master.) Some have it on the whole body. (Wow.) That’s how the disciples saw them. That’s why they draw them like that. (Yes, Master.) And some have more color, some have less, I mean the light around them. (Yes, Master.)

Even you see some of the photos that one famous photographer took from the trees, and from the leaves, from the fruit, they have a little aura around them. The light. (Yes.) You saw this photo from Kirlian? It has an aura around them. The fresh ones have more light around them, the fruits, or the leaves. The cooked ones have less aura. OK? (Yes. I’ve seen them.) Like half-dead, that’s why. But nowadays in COVID era and E. coli and Ebola, whatnot… woah a lot, a lot nowadays. (Yes.) Many suddenly come up, many, many diseases already don’t have and now have. OK? (Yes.) And even West Nile virus, and stuff like that, mosquitoes now in America. Some people are already sick with it. (Yes.) And E. coli, many people are sick recently because of salad, believe it or not? Normally we want to eat raw food for health and now they even make contamination with that. (Yes.) This is the karma that comes back to humans. (Oh.)

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