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Faith Rivera: Spreading Love One Song at a Time, Part 1 of 2

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Born in beautiful Hawaii, award-winning US singer and songwriter Faith Rivera has been building a loving global community of fans through her inspiring songs and performances. Following her calling, Faith went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in commercial music and founded her own record label and publishing company, Lil’ Girl Creations. Faith’s rich, soulful voice, dynamic performance style, and positive message have inspired audiences and won her numerous awards. In 2003, she won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Song with “Forever Near.” In 2006, she won the New Age Album of the Year from the music organization Just Plain Folks for “Suncatcher,” and has also been nominated for and won multiple emPower Posi Awards. On August 27, 2011, Faith joined well-known stars of Broadway and Hollywood and sang in The Real Love musical at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in California. The show was an original Broadway-style musical inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai’s true-life story of love and selfless sacrifice. Faith was among the prestigious guests invited to the Friends of Eternity event hosted by Supreme Master Ching Hai at the New Land Ashram in October 2019. Although she was unable to attend personally, she sent a message and a song by way of the internet. “I picked this song ‘Rise’ because it's so relevant to me and to others, and I feel like really what the world is going through right now this calling. We're being called to expand our hearts, to expand just who we are.” Faith has been promoting peace in the world through various means. She served as a peace ambassador for the non-profit organization Performing and Fine Artists for World Peace and was named the 2008 Biggest Giver for Humanity Unites Brilliance, a global philanthropic group. “So music really has that power to let you experience what peace is. And the second thing is music unifies.”
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