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Faith Rivera: Spreading Love One Song at a Time, Part 2 of 2



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Faith Rivera is an Emmy Award-winning US singer and songwriter who has been building a loving community of fans through her inspiring songs and performances. “My whole career and even now, even when I'm not trying, these songs are always about love. They're always about empowerment. They're always about peace and betterment for all; even when I'm not trying that's what comes through me. So those are the songs I would say that I am drawn to create.”

“My vision is that hopefully they will land on commercials and TV so it can reach so many other people, that I’m writing in different styles. I am writing and singing in hip hop, I'm rapping now so that's exciting for me, but it is always with that heart of love, and about that empowering, inspiring message.”

“I was honored with this Grace Note Award for the work of my music supporting many of the New Thought centers around the planet. New Thought includes unity, centers for spiritual living.” “My wish for the world is really, it's what I say in that song Rise, that ... we say ‘yes,’ that everyone can say ‘yes’ to that calling of their hearts, to just really listen and say ‘yes’ to that call and that with grace and ease and fun, we can each just step to that next level that we're being called to because the world is asking us for that.“

“I just have to thank Supreme Master for that inspiration, of what it looks like to do that.” “It just means the world to know that You, Supreme Master, You value my music, so I'm going to continue on. Your inspiration and Your physical support of my music in the world, I just have to thank You.”

“My parting message would be that your voice matters. Your heart matters; all that is calling you, it matters.” “We each have been put here on this earth to share our unique brilliance with the world.” We’ll now conclude our show with an uplifting song written and performed by Faith, “Power of Now.”

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