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In today’s news, Armenia Receives Shining World Leadership Award for Peace, China donates to World Food Programme for Ethiopia and Guinea, scientists report ocean hot spots occurring more often, Japanese postal service tests using robots to deliver mail, university scientists create faster plastic degrading enzyme, Canadian lawyer plants vegetables to help feed his community, Australian company launches vegan confectionery in New Zealand, and France takes steps to abolish animal cruelty.

Supreme Master Ching Hai presents the Shining World Leadership Award for Peace to Armenia.

On November 10, 2020, a ceasefire agreement brokered by Russian President, His Excellency Vladimir Putin and signed by Russia, the Prime Minister of Armenia and President of Azerbaijan, came into effect and ended six weeks of conflict in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. As part of the pact, Russian peacekeepers are now in the area to help maintain stability and will remain for a period of at least 5 years. Prime Minister of Armenia, His Excellency Nikol Pashinyan, stated that he signed the agreement that returns portions of the Nagorno-Karabakh region and three districts bordering it to Azerbaijan to save the lives of Armenian soldiers and citizens. He also said it was “the best solution in the situation.” President of Azerbaijan, His Excellency Ilham Aliyev, said of the deal, “Everyone will benefit from it, including people living in the region and our neighbors, and the entire world will be safer.” Furthermore, the accord calls for the eventual re-opening of the two countries’ borders for trade. Our heartfelt applause and congratulations, Armenia and Azerbaijan for embracing regional tranquility for the greater good. Thank you, also, Your Excellency Nikol Pashinyan, for your noble choice to end the strife to save lives. May there be peaceful cooperation and collaboration between both nations’ citizens in the days ahead, with Divine blessings. Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Respectfully present the Prime Minister of Armenia, His Excellency Nikol Pashinyan and the Armenian people, the Shining World Leadership Award for Peace, with all love, gratitude and well-wishes in Heaven's radiance. May your decision to value precious lives over land be universally praised and celebrated in the name of loving Heaven and goodwill among humankind.”

United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) receives new contribution from China.

Vulnerable individuals in Ethiopia and Guinea have lost employment and financial support from abroad due to the coronavirus pandemic. Their food security has been further disrupted by droughts and locusts. WFP is ramping up its emergency nutritional assistance to these people and soliciting resources from capable and generous donors. The China International Development Cooperation Agency manages the country’s foreign aid and has penned agreements with WFP to provide sufficient funding to feed more than 300,000 citizens in the two African countries. The monies will be used to obtain over 6,000 metric tons of maize, rice, peas, oil and salt, as well as fortified blends of powdered food that can be mixed with water and cooked as porridge. China is a Shining World Leadership Award for Wise Governance recipient and a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Wildlife-Protection and Compassionate Protection laureate. Many thanks, China and the World Food Programme! We pray that your responsive oneness will inspire an outpouring of altruism, in Divine upliftment.

Study finds high ocean temperatures are happening more frequently.

Climate researchers led by Dr. Charlotte Laufkötter at the University of Bern in Switzerland have studied seven ocean hot spots, also known as marine heat waves, that occurred in the last ten years. In preindustrial times, such events were rare and occurred hundreds or thousands of years apart. The investigative team determined that greenhouse gas emissions from human activities have increased the frequency of hot spots more than 10-fold. If this trend is not restrained, the scientists predict that future warming of the atmosphere will lead to marine heat waves manifesting every year in different ocean basins, which would have devastating effects on aquatic organisms and ecosystems. Our earnest gratefulness, Dr. Charlotte Laufkötter and fellow researchers, for your eye-opening report. To solve our planetary crisis, may humanity commit to World Vegan now, in the mercy of the Providence.

Up next, Japanese postal service trials using robots to deliver mail. We’ll take a moment to thank the naturopathic doctors, who identify the underlying cause of illness and work to support their patients’ inherent self-healing process. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more responsible news.

Hi, generous viewers, I’m Helen the vegan Honey Bee! Heaven on Earth is as close as your next vegan meal, because no animals will suffer and you will be blessed from above for your peaceful love! Here are some tips for taking care of your eyes when you spend a lot of time using computers and other digital devices. Prevent eye strain by making sure your location has suitable illumination. Reduce the amount of sunlight by closing drapes, shades or blinds. Electric lamps should also be kept to a minimum. Then, you’ll want to adjust your device’s display settings. Turn down the brightness of the screen if it doesn’t match the intensity of the ambient light. When working with words, black letters on a white background is usually the best combination for contrast and comfort. Finally, remember that you can enlarge the text to make reading easier for your tired eyes. Thank you for tuning in and love you a lot for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Now for the weather around the globe.

Autonomous vehicles will soon be delivering mail in Japan.

In view of a labor shortage and the need for social distancing, Japan Post Co. is testing specialized robots to convey letters and packages. Developed by Japanese firm ZMP Inc., the DeliRo self-driving electric cart is equipped with cameras and sensors enabling it to navigate crowded sidewalks and intersections. As a trial run, one of the cute red machines was sent from a hospital convenience store to a neighborhood post office. Traveling at a maximum speed of six kilometers per hour, the DeliRo completed the 700-meter journey in about 25 minutes, accompanied by a human monitor. Although current regulations prohibit unescorted delivery robots, the government will consider amending the rules after successful tests. Our delighted applause, Japan Post Co. and ZMP Inc.! May your creative technology improve the lives of Japanese citizens and inspire other forms of automation worldwide.

Researchers create combination enzyme that can fully recycle bottles.

Bacteria capable of ingesting plastic were discovered at a Japanese waste site in 2016. Investigators determined that two separate enzymes in the microorganisms were responsible for this ability. After engineers genetically modified one of the enzymes, it started breaking down plastic within a few days. Scientists at four institutions in the United States plus the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom have recently combined the two enzymes and created a supercatalyst that can disintegrate bottles six times faster and does not require any heat. The team is hopeful they can achieve further optimizations and progress rapidly toward commercial applications. Bravo, dedicated researchers on both sides of the Atlantic! We are grateful for your efforts that will reduce the amount of new plastic being made from oil and move our world closer to a circular economy.

Families facing economic hardship receive produce grown by lawyer.

When the pandemic reached Edmonton, Canada, in the spring of 2020, the number of citizens needing groceries from the city’s food bank skyrocketed. David Benjestorf, a local lawyer and vice chair of the food bank, was suddenly inspired to start his own vegetable farm. Although he had never grown anything before, he planted potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, corn, radishes, kale and an assortment of lettuces. Four months later, Mr. Benjestorf recruited friends and colleagues to help with harvesting. When they were finished, the total yield was more than 43,000 kilograms of produce. The lawyer remarked that the whole experience was “incredibly heartwarming,” and he looks forward to expanding the project next year. Our compliments and gratitude, David Benjestorf and participating volunteers, for providing love-filled nourishment to people in need. Your selfless service garners Celestial blessings for now and lifetimes to come.

Coming up, Australian company launches vegan confectionery in New Zealand. We will take a moment to close our eyes and ask God to guide us. We pray for the courage to accept whatever comes our way as an opportunity for expanding our love or deepening our learning. More significant news when we return! Please stay with us here on Supreme Master Television.  Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Resplendent News for a Brilliant World.

Animal-free candies now available in New Zealand.

For more than 20 years, The Natural Confectionery Co. of Australia has been making jelly candies that have no artificial colors or flavors. The product line features mouth-watering flavors like crisp apple, wild black currant, luscious peach, tropical pineapple and ripe raspberry. Across the sea in New Zealand, there are more than 550,000 consumers who are on mostly plant-based diets and have long wished for vegan-friendly candies to be available. Finally, their dream has come true; the manufacturer has removed gelatin from the recipes while keeping the fruit-flavored jellies as scrumptious as ever. Kudos to The Natural Confectionery Co. on your enlightened upgrade! The color and joy you bring to people’s lives serve as appetizers for the delights of Heaven yet to come.

Wild animals gain new rights under French law.

The Honorable Barbara Pompili, Minister for the Ecological Transition, has announced several bans that will progressively prioritize animal welfare. With the goal of phasing out dolphinariums, it is now forbidden for France’s three marine parks to bring in or breed new orcas and dolphins. Raising mink on fur farms will be outlawed by 2025. And in the coming years, traveling circuses will no longer be allowed to keep wild animals, such as lions, elephants, bears, tigers, monkeys and others. The government has pledged an aid package of more than €8 million to support animal shows as they adapt to the regulations and transform their business model. Thank you, Madam Minister for the Ecological Transition, for ushering in a new era of compassion. May all of our animal co-inhabitants enjoy freedom and safety from harm in God’s elevating embrace.

Bet you’ll feel better after a laugh! Here comes the joke of the day entitled, “Competing for Customers.”

In a small town with two barber shops, the owners were always trying to get more business. In a drastic move, Frank, on the north side of town, started advertising haircuts for only $7. George, his competitor on the south side, quickly put up a sign that read:

“We repair $7 haircuts.”

And now we have a heartline from Oi Choo in Singapore:

While watching the Vegan Heroes – Father's Day Celebration, Part 2, Brother Su really spoke my heart; what I wanted to express to our Beloved Master, but I'm not good at expressing myself. Endless THANKS to Beloved Master for all that She has given me, taking good care of me, protecting me since young, long before I physically knew Master. Without Master's protection, I wouldn't be here anymore. Words are not enough to say THANK YOU. I pray that I can improve more in my practice to be able to serve GOD, serve the suffering. What on earth did I do in my past lives so that I could obtain the Quan Yin Method from Master; What is good in me so that I could follow Master. I kowtow with my greatest respect. Thank You, Master. Oi Choo from Singapore

Humble Oi Choo, Master has a reply for you: “Eloquent Oi Choo, I am touched by your beautiful sentiments and can feel your genuine love. Thank you for writing. Your humility and inner Light shine brightly, my precious one, and may you always know my Love too. May Heaven grace you, your loved ones, and the glorious Singaporean people with peace and happiness.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May your every moment resonate with the glorious song of God’s transcendent love.

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