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Between Master and Disciples

Use Our Wisdom, Part 10 of 10, Dec. 15, 2019

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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Because you want to know yourself more, so you came here. Because you want to help others, so you help the homeless, the disaster victims, and Supreme Master TV. So, very simple life. Even I don’t need to teach anymore. Just like that. Inside, know yourself; outside, help others. Help other beings. Other beings, not just humans, but animals, insects.

And one of the sisters in the temple, she took care of the master. Maybe helping with clothes and something like that, she and her mother. Oh, she was very jealous because the abbot was very fond of me. And one time… I didn’t know much Chinese at that time, but I knew they were fighting about me. That’s the first time I heard the abbot’s loud voice and very serious face. Normally, when he taught, he didn’t smile a lot, but he had never raised his voice like that. Afterward, I left anyway. So, after he knew about it, that his own people, disciples came and learned with me, he called me into his small studio where he saw the disciples, not his own room.

He was a very ascetic monk; he really practiced. He slept only on the floor. I also. I had only one blanket, and a seat, folded into foursquare – the leftover blanket from other disciples before. And I also took their leftover clothes to wear. Life was so simple and happy, and, oh, no worries, truly. When somebody else already has a house for you, has a room for you, you don’t pay bills or anything. And you can take second-hand clothes to wear at your liberty, and even blankets you don’t have to buy; it’s already there. You shake it, and then you use it. I felt so cool. You don’t have a responsible feeling. That is the best thing. You feel so free, so free. I worked very hard.

So, they were fighting, one day. So, I just pretended I didn’t understand much. I did understand some but not the whole thing. So, he asked me. He called me into the studio room, and he asked me, “You are teaching this and that people, right? They came to ask for your teaching, right?” I said, “Yes, they came. They forced me to.” He said, “It’s different from what I’m teaching here, right?” He taught breathing and concentrating maybe on the nose or finger, and the eyes opened one third. Just look straight in front of you with the eyes opened, like this, all the time. Oh, I cheated. I closed because it hurt so. Of course, he didn’t check. He didn’t check who closed, who did not.

So, he was teaching his disciples to meditate and retreat, and we did all the same. I did the same. I never said anything, until those days when the Black American people came, and then the cat got out of the bag. So, and then he asked me, “How come you never taught me?” I was surprised he asked. I said, “Oh, because you never asked.” And that’s it. That’s the end of our conversation. He should have asked me. I only answered his question, but he didn’t ask further. Maybe he felt embarrassed or something. For spiritual practice, you should never bring your ego into play. You should be always eager to learn more. If I truly believe or know something better than this Quan Yin Method, I would continue. In fact, I did some, but nothing worked very well. Like all the yoga stuff. I went and tried different things, just in case. In the beginning. But, so that’s that.

But if I truly know or believe that there is something better, I would go learn right away, even now. But because I know so well already, I know too well inside already, so I’m not going anywhere. That’s all. I just feel so happy if I have time to do my own stuff, not to go anywhere, learn anything more. Like the Buddha said, “You’re already finished with learning. You’re beyond learning,” in those sutras. I feel that way. I feel I’m beyond learning. Or behind learning. Something like that. OK, guys. Go eat, go home. (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome.

I’ll try the shoes. My God, it took me some time to pick these shoes to match my petticoat, and then it’s broken. Let me down like that. Because this one is easy. It doesn’t have straps or anything. You just slide in and go. And still, it let me down. Shame on you! You were selected. You should feel happy and honored. What did you do? You laughed at me. Look! I know why. It looks new because I don’t wear a lot these years. They bought so many; everybody bought different things. It looks new but it’s too old, or maybe it wasn’t glued well. We are laughing too hard, so… It also has a “soul.” Shoe has a “soul” (sole). Laughing. Has “soul,” right? Chinese don’t understand that. I play with words.

Thank you very much. Maybe I can fix it, just glue. UHU, what is, Glue-All, everlasting glue. (Super Glue.) Super Glue. …cannot do it. Sorry, guys. Have to put it on here. Maybe I can see it better. For you, even more difficult to see your toes than I, so don’t laugh at me. I’m putting on some weight or something, sitting too long and computer every day, not used to it. Thank you. Good. Good, you give me shoes. Thank you. Getting better all the time. Give me glasses and then give me shoes. Complaining does work. How to say it? Complaining does work. You’ve progressed. The merit is immeasurable.

I’m just doing with my feeling. I don’t even see where it is. That’s what I call “doing without doing.” Just use your feeling. Is it OK? No, the men don’t understand women. It’s OK. Very good. OK. Go eat, good appetite, (Thank You.) and good practice. Good practice. I thank all of you again for helping the world, by helping Supreme Master TV in any way.

So, what shall I do? I have new glasses. Check it out. I like both, very fashionable. Which one looks better? (That one, first one.) This one. (Yes.) (This one.) Why? (Very fashionable.) Very fashionable? (It’s classy.) It’s good. It’s a good make. (White. Matches Your pearls.) My fake pearls, my vegan pearls. This one no good? Looks very impressive. (It’s OK.) Not impressive? Bigger than my face. This one’s better. (Fits better, yes.) Guys, you do know something about luxury. It’s a good brand. I don’t want to say what. People might think I got some commission from them. Famous brand. I was desperate. I needed something, and in the airport, they don’t sell cheaper stuff. Only in the gas station, you can find. These are a little bit big, but it’s good. It’s fashionable nowadays. They wear big things. This for me? Keep it here. So next time I come, I can wear it, or maybe I take it. It’s all mine. Mine. Not for you. No, no, no, no. I forgot what brand it is. I have to look, maybe, but I’m not telling you. No more secrets nowadays, no more. Too many secrets. Wow! No wonder. You know everything about luxury and good stuff. I did not know until I bought it. The price told me that it must be famous. And I asked, “Is this a famous brand?” “Of course, Master! What do You think? The name, You didn’t know?” I said, “No.” So many names nowadays are famous. Wow! You look better. When you don’t see people too close or clearly, they all look good and feel good. OK, thank you, friends.

Love you guys. (We love You, Master.) (We love You more.) Are you sure? (Yes.) How can you love me more than I love? (Too good from You.) Cannot be possible. The fruit, give it to the new people. New people, never had? One. Never mind, never mind. First, just a banana. Sorry! (It’s OK.) Risk your life for it. It’s too far. Here. Banana is easier to throw. Wow! Incredible! Wow! Look at that! Should be on a football team. Give, give, give, give. And this one, please, give, give, give. This one. It’s just a few.

Oh, you know what? Last time the artists were here, Mitchell, she introduced the song. Oh, I liked it so much! I listened to it many, many times at home, whenever, and I was so sleepy already, but I still wanted to listen, because that was the only time I could listen. It was very cool. I listened many times. And one of our brothers is in there also. That guy. I thought it was you and I asked, and it was really you. Cool. What made you go there and mix in there? There you go. Very good. Excellent. We’re going now. Something like, “Go vegan, go,” something. Can you begin? (“Go vegan, go vegan, go.”) Not like that! You have to really sing. I forgot the... “Go vegan, go.” (“Go vegan, go vegan, go.”) “Go vegan, go vegan, go.” “No meat, no dairy, no, no.” (“No meat, no dairy, no, no. Go vegan, go vegan, go.”) “Go vegan, go vegan, go.” (“No meat, no dairy, no, no.”) “No meat, no dairy, no, no.” OK, I am going. (Take care, Master.) I am going now. I really am going. I am not joking. I am going. You should know. (OK.) Thank you. Maybe like this, safer.

Sometimes, when I meditate, things are revealed to me. Or there are some messages, and I don’t even know until later when I have time to check. See you later, guys. (See You later.) See you whenever, and you enjoy your life. Meditate. Be good. Very simple. Very simple. I told the ex-vice president of your country. I said, “Here, we live very simple,” because she asked me what we do. I said, “Here, we live very simple. Our life is very simple. Inside, we get enlightened and wisdom. Outside, we help others. That’s all.” Very simple. Inside, know yourself; outside, help other people. Isn’t that simple? (Yes.) Not just people, but help others. (Yes, Master.) It’s very simple. Is it simple? (Yes.) Inside, get to know yourself; (Yes.) outside, help others. That’s the only simple thing to do. Not complicated. I talk a lot, but it boils down only to that: inside, get to know ourselves; outside, help others. Very simple. Because you want to know yourself more, so you came here. Because you want to help others, so you help the homeless, the disaster victims, and Supreme Master TV. So, very simple life. Even I don’t need to teach anymore. Just like that. Inside, know yourself; outside, help others. Help other beings. Other beings, not just humans, but animals, insects.

(The most merciful Master.)Hallo. Nice hat. The climate has really changed. I think we really have climate change. Because Taiwan (Formosa), today I looked at the weather, or maybe not today, but I look at the weather forecast for Supreme Master TV these few days, 27°C! You’re joking! We are nearly Christmas already. It’s supposed to be very cold. 27 degrees! (Celsius) Must be joking. This is winter, isn’t it? (Yes.) Christmas is coming soon. (Yes.) 27 degrees! (Celsius) I watched the forecast for a few places on Supreme Master TV. 27 degrees C in Taipei. That means it’s about the same here. My God. Must be joking. 27 degrees C. It’s like summer. Look at me in this dress. I don’t even feel cold. I feel hot actually. I’m going. I really have to go.

Thank you, thank you. My car is here already, but I’ll go to the kitchen. I’m going to eat in the kitchen. I’ll eat with the working team. We don’t eat together every day, not every time. I thought I could not make it today. Because I fell asleep over there, I thought I would go home soon to rest. But I ended up staying for so long, and I still have to eat. How strange! (Hallo, Master.) Hallo. (Master is beautiful. You dress more and more beautifully.) SM Celestial clothes. (Master is so beautiful.) We designed this ourselves. (Hallo, Master.) It’s our own design. There’s new Celestial Jewelry. (Yes.) Are they on display? (Yes.) Anyone wears it? Let me have a look. (Elixir.) They didn’t give me any. All are for the disciples. They forgot me. (Hallo, Master.) Wow, so many Dharma guards. Wow! Look, it’s spectacular! Wow, very impressive. Thank you. Thank you very much.

They won’t let me live in that cave. Wow, they wrote so many letters, saying this and that would happen if I live in it. I don’t want to live in it either. There is a new one. I don’t have to live in the old one. I wanted to repair it to serve as a memorial. But they said it can’t seem to be fixed. (Yes.) It’s dilapidated, not easy to fix. No one can go in. It’s dangerous. Because it’s too old, it can collapse any time. Hallo. (Hallo, Master.) Long time no see. (Hallo, Master.) Long time no see. Such a long queue, as if to see a celebrity. It makes me feel very important. (Master is very beautiful.) Thanks a lot. (Master is so beautiful.) Thank you. Thank you.

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