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U.S. President Donald Trump is Good for the World, Dec. 15, 2020

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Our Most Compassionate Supreme Master Ching Hai, setting aside precious time from Her intensive meditation for the world, spoke with the Supreme Master Television team on December 15, 2020. She graciously answered several questions including those regarding the United States presidential election.

(Master, how come there is widespread fraud in this election? President Trump, his supporters, and Republican party members think he was robbed of his winning of the election? Could Master tell us more about that? Please?)

It’s not difficult, ah, sadly. But it’s nobody’s fault. OK? (Yes.) I don’t want anyone to blame the Democrat people. Democrat members and supporters. OK? (Yes.)

They did not mean to. (Yes.) It is a fraud. No doubt. But it’s nobody’s fault. It is these demons, we call them zealous demons, still left, I told you, long ago (Yes.) that I didn’t take them all off yet. I did take thirty more lately. But it’s kind of late. They hang around these people. And they are pushed. Oh, I wrote it somewhere in my diary. Just a moment. (Yes, Master.)

It goes like this, it’s from the Original Universe Protectors. Mine. I have two messages. First one, it says, “Trump won with flying colors. (Wow.) But zealous demons pushed workers to fraud.” Exactly no more, no less words. That’s what it is. So, I said, “Thanks. Can You fix it?” They didn’t think to do that. (Oh.) So, I hope the American people still believe in this voting system. (Yes.) Because it is still democratic. It’s just that sometimes the demons, they messed up. (Yes.) They push people to do bad things. That’s since time immemorial, it’s not just about the United States’ recent election at all. (Yes.) I can only say that the American people should not lose faith in the election. (Yes.) But I think, my advice, I say it any way for you. (Yes, Master.) You are American. The American people should overturn the election outcome and let the incumbent President continue four more years at least because he’s good for you! (Yes.) He’s good for your country and good for the world. So many things he did right. (Yes.) So many things he did good for the Americans, not to talk about for the world. Think about it, look back, see what he has done. And you will know what I’m talking about. If you really want your country better, improved, please let President Trump continue his mission. Because Heaven wants that way. (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome.

(Master, all this information about President Trump, why didn’t Master tell us sooner?) I never wanted to tell at all. Not just sooner or later. (Oh.) Because normally, I should work all quietly. Yeah. I do thousands of things I never told anybody. And many things I could not even write down into the human language. And never will. (Yes.) Because Heaven… Heaven’s mandate, it’s difficult also to explain to humans. (Yes, understand.) Because humans are so blurred and they would not understand or they would not believe, and they might even make more trouble or ridiculing and all that. (Yes.) And maybe hinder his mission and my work, you got what I’m saying, also. (Yes, Master.) It’s just because of the election has been wronged. (Yes.) So, I just had to say something before I could even stop myself. See what I’m saying? (Yes.) Sometimes it happens and things just leak out. It would have been better if I had never said anything. (Oh.) I normally work… It’s better always to work quietly (Yes.) with Heaven’s mandate. (Yes, Master.) Heaven’s revelation should be better kept quiet. (Yes.) But sometimes, cannot help it. Alright. (Thank You, Master.) Yeah. Good.

Master emphasized the importance of peace instead of fighting over land.

Even if that land belonged to another country before, but it’s been a long time already and it has been settled that this land now belongs to the other country. So it should not be taken back, just like a contract that I sign, I don’t take it back. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) And it’s already settled for a longtime. Why invade it again? Why take it back again to cause bloodshed, misery, sorrow and pain for the people who are innocent. (Yes.) You should see, even the people who live in this land right now, they had nothing to do with the contract. Right? (Right. Yes, Master.) Talking about that, just like Crimea also. You know that half-island or island, that already belonged to Ukraine a long, long time already. And Nagorno-Karabakh has been settled with the Armenian people for a long time already. You understand me? (Yes, Master.)

They don’t cause your country or your citizens any problem. They live their lives. At least you don’t have to take care of them. That should be good already. No? (Yes, Master.) My God. I don’t see any problem. Do you? (No, Master.) I ask you, the leaders in the world, do you see any problem in that? Answer yourself, your soul, your heart, answer yourself. I don’t want to answer for you, because you know the answer.

Anything at all in this world is transient. Even land could be taken away by earthquake, by tsunami, by landslide, by whatever disaster. Why, why worry about a piece of land and cause so much sorrow, suffering, and anguish. No matter what reason, you cannot kill God’s children and celebrate it as a victory.

You make women become widows. Make men become cripples. Make children become orphans. Make parents become bereaved of their beloved children. Why, why, why, why, why? The leaders of the world, answer yourselves. Answer to God! If anything happens to your life, you know why. If anything bad happens to your life because you are not honest, because you cause grievance to others, do not blame God. Blame yourself. I’m telling you the truth. It’s like that. I wish, I pray, I hope that Heaven spares you any bad consequences.

I never wanted to talk about this, because people will criticize me. I’m not into politics, I’m into humanity, I’m into humane, understand? (Yes, Master.) Decent treatment between people, between humans. As a human to human. You got what I’m saying. (Yes, Master.) And I fear God. I love humans. All these things bother me too much, I had to say it today, OK, by the way, I don’t care why. I should say it once, OK? (Yes, Master.)

Master also explained more about COVID-19. 

(Master, if a person who is sick and infected with the COVID-19 virus sincerely asks the animals’ souls, which are in the virus, for forgiveness, would this somehow help the animals’ souls and the infected person?)

I’ve been warning over these decades, but no one, not a lot listen. If they could have U-turned, Then, they would, we would have been able to avoid this. Or suffer very much less. So these people, they are the karma-ladened, heavy already. Their time is like that. They have nothing to offer. If they have something to offer, then, of course they can. If they know, if they believe in Karma, of course they can also pray. They can also pray. But it’s not that easy. You cannot just negotiate directly with these souls. It has to be some intervention from some higher spiritual person, higher accomplished person, even past or present Masters, (Yes, Master.) to intervene, to witness the promise. This person can say it inside, even though he doesn’t see the virus’ soul, he can say that “Please, if I have done you harm, if I have killed you or tortured you before because of my ignorance, please forgive me. If I can live, I will turn around. I can help. I’ll try to help animals instead. And then, I will somehow earn merit by following some righteous way, some Master, and whatever merit I have, I will share with you. And you will be liberated from this lowly existence.” Then, they can do it. Then they can be released. You understand? (Yes, Master.) Heaven has, Master power has intervened a lot, a lot, a lot already.

Master told a true story to illustrate this karmic work. (It will air with the full conference.)

Unless his time or her time is up. Then, they have to go. You see what I am saying? (Yes, Master.) If still can have some time to live, then, the Master will not let them die; intervene, and negotiate. You got what I am saying? (Yes, Master.) With the soul of that person, if they repent in their heart.

Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, You always put the world first, sacrificing Your peace, comfort and safety, to speak for justice and Love so humanity will wake up to live our destiny as beings of peace and compassion. Our deep gratitude, Master. May the Mighty Godses always protect Master, as we continue to pray that World Vegan, World Peace is soon manifested.

For the full broadcast of this conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date.

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