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Between Master and Disciples

May the Righteous Triumph, Part 4 of 6, Dec. 24, 2020

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Whoever wants, it’s just like humans, if they repent and change their way to more compassionate, which is more compatible to Heaven’s way of life, then they can go to Heaven. I can help them. (Oh.) But if they don’t want to, I cannot force them. (Yes, Master.) Humans and animals and beings, they are the same.

(The sister has the next question, Master.) (Master, at the last conference,) Yes. (Master mentioned how Master bound the demons bothering certain people. And that the Ihôs Kư Godses would not be able to and the Lord of the Fourth Level did not have enough worth to take them all to the Fourth Level at once. What if the Lord of the Fourth Level had taken them? What would have happened?)

Oh, number 1, He probably cannot be the God of the Fourth Level anymore. (Oh.) He could not take them up because He doesn’t have enough worth-power to bring them up. OK? (I see.) Has to be coordinated with Him, not just the Godses of Ihôs Kư. It has to be a big coordination. Understand? (Yes, Master.) And if a God doesn’t have enough worth, then He cannot do that. (Understand.) And even if He does that, then maybe the demons will take over. (Oh, wow.) And then that would not become the Fourth Level anymore, would become a demon world again. (Oh.)

It’s a funny story, I tell you what. Because the Ihôs Kư cannot get them, these who hang around those and push them to do bad stuff. And They cannot go and take them. So I had to go and do it. And then, I strung them all together and dragged them back. And then, I forgot all about it. Forgot all about them. Too busy. You know what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) You have no idea how busy I am. You really have no idea. If you live next to me 24-7, you would think, “What are You made of Master? Are You all right, Master?”

Anyway, truly I hardly have time for anything. And then, I had a little pain and I asked for some medicine and somebody delivered it. Not to my place, somewhere else. And then somebody else brought it and hung it somewhere. And I go and get it. Far away. You see what I am saying? (Yes. Yes, Master.) Far away from my so-called house. Very far, the big gate outside. But then I forgot to take it also. Sometimes I take, sometimes I forget to take and so the pain doesn’t really go away, so I thought, “Oh, never mind, forget it.” And then I forgot all about them.

And one day, I suddenly looked out of my energy field and I saw them, all kneeling, with head down and kneeling and hands tied and everything. It’s not like physical, but it looked like that. OK? (Yes, Master.) You imagine like a criminal, the police cuff them. Cuff them with handcuffs. (Yes, Master.) And then feet cuffed also, so they cannot even stand, so they have to like kneel down almost, kneel down and their head down on the floor. Yeah? (Yes.) Head looked down and all that. Almost like they chained the hands and the feet together, so they cannot even kneel up straight. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) Like they are bending down almost on the floor, the hands and the feet together with almost the head touching the knees. Can you imagine that? (Yes.) I forgot and then one day I looked out and it’s about three, four days later. I said, “Eh? What is that?” Because I asked the Gods… Ihôs Kư Godses, the protectors around me to bring them to hell. Or whoever is forgiven then goes to Heaven, lesser degree goes to Heaven, and already repented, and I said this is the last chance I give.

Normally I don’t give anymore leniency after, it was in April or something already. But I feel so sorry for them, so I said, “OK. OK. Let some go to the Fourth Level and some can go to hell because they don’t repent. So half should go to Heaven and half go to hell. How come they’re still hanging around there?” So the Gods said, “We cannot.” I said, “Just separate them. You know, separate them. And then take some to Heaven, some to hell.” They said They cannot. I said, “Why? What’s wrong?” They said, “You bound them.” I said, “Yes, but then You can take them separate then, no?” They said, “No. We cannot. (Wow.) You have to beam out some energy to destroy this binding together, otherwise we cannot do it.” I said, “Oh. My God! (Oh. Wow.) What for I have You around?” I said, “OK. OK. OK. Then can do it now. Do it.” And I even myself have to unbind them. I mean it’s not fun but it looks funny. The way they’re all hanging out like that, hanging down like that. I mean it’s kind of a sad comedy. (Yes.) I don’t know how to explain it when I saw it like that. And I forgot all about it. Many days, I forgot. I don’t remember how many days, it must be at least four days or one week or something. And then I feel so sorry, they’re hungry and all that, and at least maybe in hell they can have their own food or whatever. So, that’s how it takes a few days for Them to take them down to hell or Heaven. And then there are some still left there. I said. “What now? Why are they not all gone yet?” And Ihôs Kư told me… I also forgot. I am busy and forgot. And the Ihôs Kư said to me, “The Lord of the Fourth Level has not enough worth anymore to take care of them.” I said, “What? My God what the guy! How come don’t have enough worth anymore.”

So, They said, “Master, recently, You forgive many people, and many beings went up there, including the animals and hell beings so now it’s full. (Oh.) And even though we can expand it, but the Lord of the Fourth World had no more worth left.” (Wow.) And then I remembered. Of course, of course, the worth can be deducted; or can be minimized; or can be increased accordingly, depends. I said, “OK. OK. Oh, my God! And now, what to do? I have promised I forgive them. Who repents immediately, I forgive.” So, then I had to think, think, think. And then I said, “OK. I will make another ‘space’, another small world to accommodate some people.” I said, “OK. It is not Heaven, but it’s not hell. It’s not punishing hell. And there you will have food and everything. Just stay there until we fix it; OK?” Until the Lord of the Fourth World maybe regain his worth. Because I can give Him some, but He cannot take all. You see what I am saying? It’s just like vitamins, you can’t take the whole bottle and be strong immediately. It’s not like that. You have to take it slowly. (Yes, Master.)

Or even the (vegan) cakes I send you today, you cannot gulp them all down at same time, no? (No.) So, there are some leftover you can eat tomorrow. OK? (Yes, Master.) It’s good. Because eating too much also it will upset your stomach. (Yes.) Too much sweets and it might even cause you headache. (Yes.) You must drink water immediately. (Yes, Master.) Drink tea or coffee and then water also to dilute the sweetness, OK? (Yes.) (Thank You, Master.) I told your kitchen through somebody to make this cream without sugar because the mince pies are very sweet. So, if it’s too sweet, it doesn’t taste that good. Have to combine with that. And it was ok then? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) (I didn’t notice that there was no sugar in it, Master. I thought it was in the cream.) No. Because you mix it with the pies. Then, it just balanced it out. (Yes.)

If you don’t have that cream, then it would be too sweet. But I cannot tell the other sisters and brothers though, they’ll just have to fare their luck. I don’t know if they know how to make the cream over there. So never mind, they can eat less or more. But they also have the same like you; they have a little bit more, more pies than you. Sorry. Last time they didn’t have. You see? (Yes, Master.) All right. Good. That’s it, I told you already. Any more questions then?

(Yes, Master. How come only half of the demons repented and the rest didn’t?)

Oh, just like humans. (Oh.) Some of them can be enlightened, some of them cannot. (Yes.) And that’s why they killed Jesus. No? (Oh.) That’s why we have Christmas. To remember how the Lord has sacrificed for humans. Because most of them don’t listen to Him. They even killed Him. (Yes.) And many other prophets as well. They came to our earth and They taught us all the good things and wanted to liberate your soul and then we just turn around and kill Them or betray Them. I have some of them in my group also. (Oh.) Even recently, a new initiate. It’s like that.

Life after life, the Master never fares well. Never completely fares well. So don’t ask me about the demons. (OK, Master.) They are demons. It is surprising that some even turn around and repent. (Yes.) Compared to many humans who don’t turn around and don’t repent. (Yes.) And even wanted to harm me. OK? (Yes, Master.) It’s not that I really worry about my physical safety, but I still need to work. I need to last a little longer. As long as I can. Because I don’t have the heart to abandon humans and other beings on this planet. All right my love, any other questions? (Thank You, Master.)

(Master, about all the souls from the slaughterhouses being liberated, why could those before and during COVID-19 not be liberated?)

No, I didn’t say during COVID-19, not liberated; it is because they did not want to. (Oh.) Yes. Whoever wants, it’s just like humans, if they repent and change their way to more compassionate, which is more compatible to Heaven’s way of life, then they can go to Heaven. I can help them. (Oh.) But if they don’t want to, I cannot force them. (Yes, Master.) Humans and animals and beings, they are the same. Some are more poisoned, some are less poisoned. The less poisoned and the ones who have some merit in a former life, are easier to talk to. Some cannot be. (Yes, Master.) Not just during or before, but even after the pandemic. (Oh. Yes.) That’s why life after life, there must be a Master who comes down to any planet to help them. Otherwise, all the planets would have become Heavens already. Then there is no need for me to come down here. (Yes, Master.) Or Jesus would have come down and He would have been able to liberate all the souls already. No need for us to be here. Got that? (Yes, Master.) Some are stubborn, just like the demons. Your question before about the demons, it’s the same. OK? (Yes, Master.) Some are too much poisoned in their minds. They cannot change.

You see Judas (Yes, Master.) betrayed Jesus. And Thomas, he doubted about whether Jesus has resurrected. (Yes.) And Devadatta, he’s the cousin of Buddha, growing up with Him. But always competed with Him, even since young already. And when they were both grown up and Buddha already has the world following Him and believing in Him. Devadatta still continued to compete with Him in any way he can. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) And when Buddha blessed him, to heal him, and he even said the Buddha now wants to be a doctor. As if He’s not famous enough and now He even wants to be a doctor. See what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) The Buddha stretched His hand far away, wanting to heal him. Not only he didn’t say thank You, he even twisted it around and distorted it, (Oh.) saying that Buddha wanted to be famous now, as a doctor. I’m telling you. Even a cousin, meaning same clan right, same bloodline. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) I mean almost, similar bloodline, and clan, and maybe DNA is very similar. (Yes, Master. Yes.) Still has nothing likened to the Buddha. Nothing like the Buddha at all. Complete opposite. All right. You happy with my answer? (Yes, Master.) OK.

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