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A People’s President, His Excellency Donald Trump, Jan. 8, 2021

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Our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai, who continues to meditate intensively for the world, spoke again with Supreme Master Television team members. During the conference on Friday, January 8, 2021, Master graciously answered spiritual questions and also those about recent happenings in the United States regarding the presidential election certification.

(Master, recently the US congress certified the election results with Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election. Could Master please explain why this happened, even though President Donald Trump was mandated by Heaven?)

Americans, the United States of America, though it’s a great country, is a leading country in the world, but it has too much karma. (Yes, Master.) American people eat too much meat, too much beef and stuff like that. And the karma is very difficult to erase so quickly. (Yes, Master.) And also American people are sent abroad and everywhere to fight in many wars and in many countries. This is also big karma for your country. (Yes, Master.) I am so sorry. I have tried my best. (Thank you, Master.) You know I tried my best.

He (President Trump) could have done much, much more. The second term, he would have pushed more, more and more good issues and really re-arranged the system of the country and really brought more peace and prosperity for the people of the United States of America. But, unfortunately, the other side, the opposite side of God, (Yes.) they prepared too well.

And I told you, it’s nobody’s fault. It’s the demons. (Yes, Master.) They hang around many people. And they push them to do wrong things. OK? (Yes, Master.) And some souls who have been in bad affinity with the American people about the meat and about the wars, they don’t let go. (Yes, Master.) Because their anger, their hatred, all overwhelmed their angel side of their souls, so they did not want to let go, they want to revenge. (Yes, Master.) They really want to destroy America. I’ll try my best to guard it. (Thank you, Master.) Regardless or not if Mr. Trump is in office, I will still continue to try my best and pray for your country. That’s all I can do. (Thank You very much, Master.)

(Master, during the certification process, many supporters of President Trump protested and raided the Capitol Building. Why would his supporters do that?)

Oh, they were angry. No? (Yeah.) They have been trying to do it in another way like go to court many times. (Yes.) And the court always rejected them. Or just did a few times like symbolic and did not really want to do anything to clear the injustice. (Yes, Master.) They should have because if the other party didn’t do anything wrong, they shouldn’t be afraid. (Yes, Master.) They shouldn’t have tried so hard to deny it or to stop it in different ways.

Actually, not all of the supporters of Mr. President did that. (Yes, Master.) I read on the news that 90 plus percent of them just stayed calm and quiet outside. Only some of them went inside. (Yes, Master.) It just takes a few people to excite some others and they follow. (Yes, Master.)

Even though Mr. President has never asked his supporters to do anything. He always tells them to have peace. He said go home, (Yes, Master.) go home, have peace, don’t play into their hands. And who knows, maybe it’s not President Trump supporters. Maybe it’s the other group who mix in just to cause trouble, (Yes, Master.) just so that President Trump will have no more chance. (Yes, Master.)

I feel sorry for Mr. Trump. He did his best already. And we did also our best to help what we can.

He is a good president. Even to the last minute, when he doesn’t even know if he can continue to be president, he’s still brokering peace, sends people to help him to broker peace in other countries. (Yes, Master.) And then he signed the bill to protect girls from being mutilated, to stop this cruel inhumane practice to little girls. Even in America, some people still keep that practice, so he signed the bill now. And I hope that has an international effect. (Yes, Master.)

(Master, now that President Trump has accepted Biden’s win, what does Master think about that?)

What do I think? I’m scared. I’m scared for your country and for the world, getting downward. I hope it doesn’t go down too fast. But at least your country has earned some good presidents and recently, President Trump. (Yes, Master.) For him, in his heart, he did not want to be in politics anymore. Even before he did not, they just picked him. Otherwise, he did not have to do anything. He did not even need to be a president. It’s not his ambition to be famous and gain anything because he works as president for free. He did not take the salary, US$400,000. He just wants to serve. It’s just people asked, so he did it. He wasn’t aware that he’s here on Earth as an instrument of God. He’s still not aware. He helped whomever he can in his power in the short four years. So can you imagine if he continued for another four years how much more he could do for your country. So he’s really for people, for your country and for the world. (Yes, Master.) And he immediately worked as soon as he became president. He used that power to help his countrymen and help the world already, especially the poorer class in America, poorer workers. He created many, many hundreds of thousands of jobs (Yes, Master.) for them. He really cares about people. He’s a people’s president. (Yes, Master.) And that’s what I like about him. It’s a pity that not all Americans realize that.

(Master, Do you have any message for President Donald Trump?)

Yes, yes. First of all, for the public. (Yes, Master.) From the depths of my heart, my sincerest condolences to the people of the United States of America on the incident of the 6th of January 2021. To all the families who have been unfortunately affected by this event, and to the public, that the souls who unjustly died, went back to their True Home in Heaven. Forever free. (Good. Thank You, Master.) That I promise from my honor.

And now for President Trump. Mr. President, don’t be too sad. You need, you deserve, a good rest now from all the turbulence that has been in the life of your presidency up to now. And time will heal. Time will help you heal all the deep wounds that have been inflicted upon you, upon your heart, your mind, and your peace by the very people that you trusted as friends, family, relatives, colleagues and comrades in your ideal, and those who are supposed to be the pens and mouthpieces of justice and truth. The world is still full of people who are smart, intelligent and just. They know the truth behind every trick, everything that happens in your world. President Trump, you have done an impressive and great job as a president and leader of the United States of America, more than anyone could have ever hoped for. And you have tried your best, the whole world knows that, rest assured, rest assured, Mr. President. Those who harmed you, ever, forgive them, forgive them all, Mr. President. We know you do because in your heart, you only know love and peace. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry for what you have gone through.

Mr. President, those who did your, those who did you injustice, I’m sorry, I’m too emotional, and harm, forgive them. They just forget that after all, we will all face God and judgement. But you, Mr. President Trump, President Trump, you are forever the beloved President in the hearts of all the people in the world, not just in the United States of America. You are the People’s President. And this status of presidency, no one will be able to deny it. It will go down in history and no one will be able to steal it from you. God loves you. People love you, and God bless you, Mr. President.

Our deep gratitude, Most Caring Supreme Master Ching Hai, for Your immense Love and efforts in protecting the United States, the world, and His Excellency Donald Trump, as well as for helping us to deepen our understanding of the importance of doing good for others and around the globe, as President Trump has done. We wish His Excellency all the best and send much love. In Master’s immeasurable Benevolence and Mercy, may peace and compassion continue to grow in every heart to bring about a paradise on Earth for all beings.

For the full broadcast of this conference with Supreme Master Ching Hai, please tune in to Between Master and Disciples at a later date.

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