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Countries That Are Kind to Animals

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In France, most of the restaurants, cafés, shops and public transport are open to companion animals.

According to Italian law, no condominium regulations may prohibit pets in condominiums.

The Netherlands is the first country in the world to have a Party for the Animals, prioritizing the interest of all Earth inhabitants, with about 80 elected representatives at European, national, regional and local levels to date.

In Norway, it is mandatory for a citizen to help an injured, sick or helpless animal one comes across, whether wild or domestic, as far as possible.

According to Poland’s Animal Protection Act, if you find an abandoned dog or cat, you are required to notify an animal shelter, fire authority or police.

In Switzerland, social animals, such as guinea pigs, parrots and mice, must be kept at least in pairs by law for their well-being.

The Interior Ministry of Turkey instructed all local councils to “bring food and water to animal shelters, parks, gardens and other areas where animals are found” in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the United States, California is the first state to prohibit pet stores from selling commercially-bred animals. Pet shops can only sell rescued animals from shelters, for adoption.

The US states of Alaska and Illinois have adopted divorce laws by which the judge determines who will get custody of pets, taking into consideration the pets’ best interest, similar to how children are treated.

Many countries have also banned animals in circuses…

While other nations have prohibited cosmetic testing on animals…

…and/or have implemented bans on fur farming. Etc…

Supreme Master Ching Hai (Vegan): In the night when all things are quiet and most humans are asleep, I often pour my heart out to the animals, telling them how much I care for them and how much I would do anything to stop their suffering.

And if any of you know what I know about the animals, you will also love them so much. You would never want to harm even one of their feathers. You would treasure them, respect them, want to protect them at all cost. THE DAY WILL ARRIVE WHEN WE HUMANS AND ANIMALS CAN LIVE TOGETHER LIKE FAMILY MEMBERS.

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