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New Era Community: From the Agni Yoga Series by Nicholas and Helena Roerich (vegetarians), Part 2 of 2



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We will now continue with a selection from the recorded mind-opening messages from Master Morya, documented by His disciples, Helena and Nicholas Roerich. “When the time comes to change the course of the ship, the indication will come. But do not expect an indication about a patch for the boot. Otherwise, we shall soon congratulate each other on our birthdays.” “It is necessary to assimilate permanently the dignity and the worth of the true work, and to relegate childish habits to the archives. Without betraying one’s principles, it is possible to find hundreds of worthy solutions.”

“It is necessary to strive toward the utmost, the absolute. The utmost absolute gravitation will be toward the far-off worlds. Earthly beauty is lost in the glory of the super-stellar rays. Earthly science, remembering with difficulty yesterday and ignorant of tomorrow, is insignificant, and contributes nothing to the knowledge about the course of luminaries coming into existence. How may one approach the above-mentioned Absolute? It cannot be done through technical means or earthly science, nor by descriptive art. It is possible only through the expansion of consciousness, when the earthly being is engulfed by the emanations from the distant spheres. Thus, those who are approaching Us, or rather the boundaries of the orbit of Earth, lose their specialty. Only in the realization of all-comprehensiveness may one endure the brilliance of the luminaries. But in order to contain this scintillation, one must set alight one’s inner fires. The element of fire is most striking, transcendental, and if you wish to classify Our Community according to the elements, refer to the great fire which gives all, purifies all, and requires nothing.”

“One may reach Us only in harmonious agreement. We need not deification but a certain quality of spirit, as a lamp of concordant tension. A flickering lamp is unbearable for prolonged work. The same laws apply in everything, and according to the law of justice a flickering lamp injures itself. I counsel My lamps not to blink. The dynamo is not damaged because of the quality of the lamps, but uncoordinated voltage often results in a grievous – zing! And the basic metal must be provided anew. The laws are identical in everything.”

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