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Between Master and Disciples

New Year’s Eve Ghost Stories, Part 8 of 8, Dec 31, 2020

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I wish all the world to be enlightened. (Yes, Master.) After World Vegan, World Peace, they should be enlightened. That’s even better. (Yes, Master.) But right now, I don’t dare to wish so much. It’s just World Vegan, World Peace. That’s already very lucky for me. But enlightenment is the best thing that we could have.

But some ghosts are weaker, they don’t have enough power, but they could make trouble also. Like if they don’t want you in the house for some reason, they have enough power to throw your utensils, like your pots and pans, and break all your glasses, things like that, to make noise to make you go because they think that your house belongs to them. Or they just possess it by chance because that house has not been occupied for a long time. So, just like humans, some houses are empty, some people, they don’t have a house, they just go there and live until maybe the other owner comes or the police come, then they move. Just like in this story.

Ghosts and humans, similar. It’s just that they are not allowed to stay around humans because their energy will suck humans’ energy, make them tired, make them sick, or make them do wrong things, even mentally, not just physically. (Yes, Master.) So, many of the zealous demons, they are stronger than that. They can influence humans’ decision and ability.

So, some humans are possessed or affected by demons, these zealous demons so much, they could not speak well. They slur their words, (Yes, Master.) or sometimes saying this but meaning that, or saying not the correct words, the correct word but slurring. People cannot hear very well. It’s not all people in that situation are possessed by demons, but if they are, it often happens like that.

Any questions about that? No? (No, Master.) No more? (No more.) So I continue then. You don’t have to worry about these ghosts or demons. If you keep your mind straight, your heart clean, your purpose noble, no ghost can go near. Not even far away. They cannot harm you.

They like to suck energy of humans so that they can feel good, so they can sustain better their energy. (Yes, Master.) They can take your energy, make it become their energy. So, just like as you can continue living, they can continue living. (Yes, Master.) Just like in that story, we have some like that in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) also. They suck your energy until you have no more left. Some are powerful. They suck out immediately all together and they store it in their body to continue to be human for a while. And some cannot digest it, so they have to stay nearby and suck it a little bit every day, like you eat every day. (Yes, Master.) This world is full of demons and ghosts, and goblins and whatever not. Just because you don’t see it.

Lucky you don’t see it because they look hideous. If you see their real image, they’re scary sometimes. Some of them are scary. But if a person is straight and good and noble, no ghosts ever can go near or do anything to them. In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), we say: Even if the ghosts want to catch you, they have to look at your face first. It means even if the devils want to catch you, they have to see who you are first. Meaning they cannot mess with good people. (Yes, Master.)

Many of the political situations and systems in the world have been influenced also by some of these bad, powerful demons’ energy. I have been trying hard to catch some of them, but we also need the excuse. You saw that? Even you see in this story now, have to go to the court and all that, and the court has to decide that this is not your right. They have a good excuse. And there is no evidence that you are the wife. Yeah, it’s true! How can you prove it? It’s a ghost. They didn’t go to marriage council or magistrate to sign the marriage contract or anything. (Yes.) So they have no proof. It’s also a good excuse. Or if they do something bad. But not everyone can get rid of demons, though. Because, as you see, sometimes they go to some churches, some priests can do it, but some priests cannot, because they don’t have enough power. You see what I’m saying? (Yes.)

If there are no more questions, then you may go to snore. It’s three o’clock. For me, it’s a normal time, but I hope you can still wake up at six to meditate. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) I was thinking, I’m always trying to do something as a Master because after all I cannot always ignore everybody. I cannot just ignore my work. (Yes, Master.) Just like you are in a position; you have to do.

And I feel often that time is so short. Time is so short. If I don’t do this now, I don’t know when I can. And whatever I tell you, it’s like I tell it to the whole world. It’s like that. So everyone will benefit somehow through the story. Let them have something more than just this physical body or the physical existence to think of. Let their mind be, for a while, more inward and contemplating on the intrigue facts of life. Life is really too short. And also, for them to know that a beautiful appearance doesn’t always mean good. Smooth talking like the ghost trying to charm the husband into giving the possessions to her, that way, then it’s also not good.

But most people love sweet talk, therefore we have many unhappy marriages. (Yes, Master.) Sweet talk, good looks, and then fall into. That’s why they say “fall in” love, they didn’t say “lift in” love. “Fall in.” If you fall in something, you’re helpless. No? (Yes.) No good, right? (Yes.) “Fall in.” Like you fall in the pit. Worse. If you fall in the pit, you can ask somebody to give you a ladder to climb up. Fall into a bad relationship is forever, is suffering a lot.

But sometimes it’s not one party’s fault. Even if somebody gets out of the marriage and blames the husband or blames the wife, it’s not always the correct answer. (Yes, Master.) It takes two to tango, that’s what people say. (Yes.) It takes two to tango. (Yes.) It’s just incompatibility, or it’s just bad karma from the past. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise in the whole world, why don’t you fall in love with anybody else? Why him? Why her? (Yes, Master.) It’s because of that. It’s just the karma we have to go through, so nobody’s fault really.

So if your marriage is good, then you stay well, you’ll be happy. If not good, and you can get out, then also feel lucky. Better than continue in misery. No? (Yes, Master.) No matter whose fault. Just sometimes personality conflict, incompatibility, bad karma, former enemies come back, all kinds of things. So, the practitioner should know that very well. The disciples, my so-called disciples, should know that. No complaining in any situation. Just be patient and wait. When the time comes, things will settle. Better. OK, my love? (Thank You, Master.)

I let you free now. Go sleep well. (Thank You.) One day you don’t sleep, it won’t hurt you. You won’t die, I promise. I promise because it happened to me. I won’t die. Don’t be afraid that you cannot sleep that day; don’t be afraid you don’t have food that day. Afraid of nothing. (Yes.) You will get by. You will get by; you will get better tomorrow. (Yes, Master.) We are practitioners. Invincible. Tough. (Yes, Master.) Yes, we can! (Yes, we can!) Yes, we are! We are tough. Yes, we are! (Yes, we are!) We can change the world! (We can change the world!) (World vegan!) Go vegan! World Vegan, World Peace! We are talking like revolutionaries. But people aren’t scared of us. They know we are just vegetables. Weak vegetables. “You, weak vegetable, weak vegetable.”

You guys know how to act. I am impressed, I’m impressed. You’re not born actors, you’re not trained, but you did well. All of you, any of you. Just pick any of you out, then you can act. It’s because you’re enlightened. Because you’re clean inside. You have focus on your noble purpose, so all the good quality comes out. And if it doesn’t come out, that means something’s wrong with you. Nobody to blame. Just try again. Just like you stumble, you fall, just stand up, walk again. Right? (Yes, Master.) OK. Good night. (Good night, Master.) (Happy New Year.) If I don’t see you before, Happy New Year! (Happy New Year!) (Thank You, Master.) Always be better for New Years.

Any wish before New Year comes? Any special list or wish? Santa is gone; I’m still here. Any special wish? (I just want to wish Master good health!) Thank you, my love. Thank you. I wish all the world to be enlightened. (Yes, Master.) After World Vegan, World Peace, they should be enlightened. That’s even better. (Yes, Master.) But right now, I don’t dare to wish so much. It’s just World Vegan, World Peace. That’s already very lucky for me. But enlightenment is the best thing that we could have. (Yes, Master.)

When I want to thank… Long ago, many years ago, I always thank the Gods. I thank the Almighty, and all the Gods who help, “Please help them to be enlightened, even if I have to share all my merit.” I thank Them for the world’s enlightenment, for people’s enlightenment, peace, liberation, and love. And They say, “No. Don’t thank us for love.” I say, “What? Why? Love is… everybody talks about love, no? We have to love each other.” They said, “No, no, no. No! Not this kind of love in this world. Because it is attachment. It is binding. It is bondage. So, don’t wish for love for this world. The way they understand it, the way they understand love, don’t wish for that. And don’t thank us for that. Just thank for enlightenment, peace, and liberation. That’s OK.” So, I said, “Good. Good. Then I keep saying that.”

Because I was surprised. How can I not mention love here? How can I not wish for humans to have love? So They explained that to me. Because in my mind, love is different. You know what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) So I didn’t think that’s something wrong. But They say in the world, this love is not good for them. Whatever love that they think. So just pray for humans to be enlightened, to have peace, enlightenment and liberation. So you can thank all the Godses, Almighty God, every day for that. Not praying for Their love. (Yes, Master.) OK. Thank you, my love. (Good night, Master.) I should not say my love, but you are my love. Not that kind of love. (Yes.) Bye then. Bless you. (Thank You, Master.) Love you so much. (We love You, Master.) Thank you. (Love You, Master.) Ciao. (Ciao, Master.)

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