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The Soulful World Music Artist - Liron Man (vegan), Part 1 of 2

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The term “World Music” was coined in the early 1960s and refers to the type of music that embraces a wide range of styles associated with different cultures, ethnicities and traditions around the world. The musicians use conventional or unconventional instruments and often sing in different languages. In the past decade, one of the emerging artists in this category who has attracted much media attention and global audiences is Liron Man from Israel. A self-taught handpan player and a certified yoga instructor, Liron’s music is not constrained by set rules, but rather creative, spontaneous, meditative and spiritual.

"So for me, I always loved playing music. But at the same time I like percussive playing with my hands, I also like very much melody and harmony to be able to tell a story through a melody, through some notes, musical notes. So when I saw the handpan, right away I fell in love with it. One, because of the sound of the handpan. It’s so, so beautiful and so inspiring. And two, I really liked the playability. And what I mean is that you play, you tap on the instrument with your hands, and at the same time that you tap, you get a rhythm, a melody, and harmony, and even overtones. It’s such a beautiful way to play music." Let’s now listen to the handpan performance by Liron accompanied by the guitarist, Simone Mor, and composed by Lumino. The piece is called “Qafila,” which means “caravan” in Arabic.

Liron released an album titled “Solo Con Ellos” or “Only With Them” in Spain a few years ago. “Them” in the title refers to the angels that accompany us into this world, according to Liron. "Recording the album took me about nine months, recording and editing of the album. I went to four different countries to record the album, and recorded the album with 19 musicians from all around the world, and over 30 musical instruments in the album. So it was my own journey as a musician to kind of reach out to all the musicians that I met around the world." Now let’s listen to another beautiful piece called “Noya,” which means “The Beauty of God” in Hebrew, composed by Lumino, with the handpan by Liron and guitar by Simone.

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