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In today’s news, Turkish Red Crescent provides food aid to Afghan families, polar vortex explains extreme winter weather in Northern Hemisphere, study determines lab-grown wood a possibility, researchers find largest ever land animal fossils, kindhearted 74-year-young man in the United States sews and donates over 2,000 masks, Indian professor creates plant-based egg alternative from lentils, and trained dogs in Germany can sniff out COVID-19 infection.

The Turkish Red Crescent assists migrants in Afghanistan.

Turkey’s largest humanitarian group, the Turkish Red Crescent Society, has donated food support to 500 Afghan families residing in the northern province of Balkh. The beneficiaries, who are migrants due to economic and safety challenges, received such essential food items as beans, rice, sugar, oil, salt, green tea and biscuits. Since 1868, the organization has helped improve social well-being, health care and food security as well as shelter and protection among other vital issues in 137 nations. We are so grateful, Turkish Red Crescent Society, for your timely and compassionate assistance to our Afghan brothers and sisters. May the faithful people of Afghanistan thrive in peace, security and prosperity, in Allah’s compassion.

Splitting of polar vortex explains extreme winter in Northern Hemisphere.

Recently, an unusual and strong warming occurred high in the atmosphere above the Arctic, with temperatures surging by 30 degrees Celsius between late December of last year and early January this year. This sudden stratospheric warming caused the polar vortex, a pattern of cold winds that normally spins over the Arctic region, to be split into two vortices. The resulting altered jet streams then allowed the cold air to be carried southwards, bringing icy weather and snowstorms across North America, Europe, and even parts of the Middle East. The United States in particular suffered dozens of fatalities, along with power outages affecting millions. Our appreciation, scientists, for monitoring and sharing your knowledge with us. May we cultivate a vegan lifestyle that promotes benign conditions for the protection of all life on our planet, in God’s grace.

Up next, study led by researchers in the United States determines lab-grown wood a possibility. We’ll pause to give thanks to the train attendants, who collect tickets and help the passengers with boarding, finding seats, and staying comfortable during their train ride. When we return, more leading news ahead, here on Supreme Master Television!

Hey, optimistic friends, how are you doing? I’m Hank the vegan Ornate Hawk Eagle! Do you know why people are crazy about me? Because I’m vegan!! Here’s a computer tip for PC users who use the screenshot function often. It’s a keyboard shortcut to help with your daily workflow. Pushing the Windows logo key + Print Screen key together will screenshot the full screen and directly save it to your drive. The images are saved as PNG files in the Screenshots folder within the Pictures library. This shortcut is much easier and faster than pressing Print Screen alone and then having to paste the screenshot into an image processing app to save it. Thank you for tuning in and much love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Now, the weather around our beautiful globe.

Scientists explore method to create wood in a lab.

Research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States has determined that wooden objects such as furniture could be grown in a lab from plant cells in a similar way to lab grown meat. The process would use the cells of a flowering plant called the zinnia, which would then be made into a solid material by utilizing plant hormones. Furniture could theoretically be produced in one piece, without the need for screws or nails. This would also help to curb deforestation. Such a fascinating idea, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to safeguard the environment. In Celestial wisdom, may such technology soon be developed for the world’s forests and their inhabitants to thrive in peace and good health.

Fossils found may be of the largest ever land animal.

Paleontologists from Argentina and Spain have discovered in southern Argentina what may have been the largest dinosaur to date to ever roam the earth. Belonging to the titanosaur species that had long necks and walked on four legs, the new dinosaur may exceed the size and weight of the Argentinosaurus, a previously found individual measuring about 36.5 meters long and weighing one hundred metric tons. The 24 vertebrae of the tail that were unearthed so far indicates the titanosaur’s enormous size, while further digging of the leg bones will reveal how much he/she weighed. These dinosaurs were also herbivores, thus sustaining their massive bodies purely from plants. What an exciting discovery, paleontologists! The story of the great titanosaur leaves us in awe of Divine creation and also reminds us that the biggest and strongest Earthlings have been vegan!

Caring man gives away self-made face masks.

Darden “Pops” McGlothlin, a 74-year-young man from Dallas, Texas in the United States, has sewn and left well over 2,400 face masks in his front yard for people to freely take. At the onset of the pandemic last spring, Mr. McGlothlin decided to help others and watched YouTube videos to learn mask-making, using pipe cleaners and sheets that neighbors donated. Assembled on an embroidery machine, the carefully crafted masks are then enclosed in plastic sandwich bags, and placed on a metal tree that the skillful gentleman had welded. Mr. McGlothlin hopes his endeavor will remind others to love one another, saying, “We want people to remember their neighbors. That’s what you’re doing it for, for other people, not for yourself.” Your kindness warms our hearts, Mr. Darden “Pops” McGlothlin. God bless you. In Heaven’s radiance, may your altruistic spirit spread out far and wide.

Coming up, Indian professor creates plant-based egg alternative from lentils. We’ll step outside for a moment to listen and enjoy the sound of the running water from the fountain. You’re watching Noteworthy News on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Splendid News for an Uplifting World.

Indian professor awarded for developing plant-based egg substitute.

Dr. Kavya Dashora of the Institute of Technology Delhi in India has won the United Nations Development Programme Accelerator Lab India contest for creating a lentil-based vegan egg. With taste, texture and nutritional content closely mimicking a chicken egg, this delicacy is gluten-free and has zero cholesterol. Dr. Dashora received a US$5,000 award for her innovation that is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals focusing on improving global health and well-being as well as reaching food security for all. Her research team is also working to develop plant-based meat and fish alternatives. Congratulations, Dr. Dashora, for your ingenious success. May the Divine guide your future endeavors in helping create a compassionate vegan world.

Sniffer dogs help identify coronavirus.

The University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Germany has been coaching sniffer dogs, including three-year-old Belgian Shepherd Filou and one-year-old Cocker Spaniel Joe Cocker, to detect people with COVID-19. The talented canines have had an amazing 94% accuracy rate. With their acute sense of smell, the dogs identify the signature odor from the virus-infected human cells, including those of people who are asymptomatic. COVID-19 sniffer dogs have already been working at airports in Helsinki, Finland; Santiago, Chile; and Dubai, United Arab Emirates as well as at sports events in Miami, United States. A big thank you, amazing canines and University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover. In the care of the Providence, may our loving dog friends always be respected and cherished as they continue to bless us with their impressive life-saving abilities.

Please take it easy and laugh with us at this joke of the day called, “Advanced Age.”

Sara was having trouble with the idea of turning 40 and was oversensitive to any signs of advancing age. When she found a prominent gray hair right at the front, she pointed to her forehead.

“Have you seen this?”

“What? The wrinkles?”


And now we have a heartline from OGFeliz in Sweden:

Thank You so much, Master, for bringing all the good, beautiful, and loving news to Supreme Master TV. Seeing nature, the ocean and the animals makes me feel relaxed and good. I love You. My TV is mainly on Your channel! It brings calm and happiness to the world. Thank You, Master. OGFeliz from Sweden

Nature-loving OGFeliz, Thank you for sharing your appreciation for Supreme Master Television. We wish you many more happy hours of viewing.

Supreme Master Ching Hai has a message for you: “Peaceful OGFeliz, we must respect our exquisite planetary home and the beings that God has placed here for us to dwell in harmony with. I thank you for reveling in the positive energy Mother Nature so selflessly gives, and I pray that you, the angelic Swedish people, and your progressive land, may always know Divine Grace.”

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Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May you always be embraced by Divine love.

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