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MeatOut Day

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Did you know that March 20 is MeatOut Day? This campaign was started by Farm Animal Rights Movement or (FARM) in 1985 to honor and protect our animal friends, respect their rights to live, as well as introducing the plant-based diet. The main MeatOut message is clear: Take Action today for the animals. A group of vegan kids affiliated with the charity are here to voice their concerns for the animals’ wellbeing. “I don’t think pigs like living on factory farms.” “When you look at them, they look very frightened. You can tell how scared they are.” “I feel that it’s very sad for these animals to get turned into food.” “The vegetarian population in South Korea has increased 10 times over the past decade to 1.5 million, and the vegan industry, which was limited to food, is expanding to all fields such as clothing and cosmetics. Being vegan is no longer difficult. Prepare flour, water, yeast, salt, sugar, grape seed oil, ketchup, vegan cheese, and toppings you prefer. Now I'm putting down the (vegan) cheese Vegan pizza is complete!” Three beautiful girls from Taiwan, also known as Formosa, will demonstrate for us how to make it at home. “Today, we are going to make the most classic food - vegan pearl milk tea. For brown sugar pearls: 100 grams of tapioca flour, 50 grams of brown sugar powder, and 65 grams of water.” “Now the dough is ready. Then you can make small pearls, medium pearls, and large pearls according to what you like. Now we are going to cook them.” “Apart from adding soy milk, we can also add tofu pudding to the pearls.” “Our pearls can be made from different fruits.” Here’s a toast to Bubble Tea for MeatOut Day! So, what can we do to celebrate MeatOut day? We can be vegan and encourage our family and friends to go meat free. We can send letters to our local government or newspaper and ask them to proclaim MeatOut day in our hometown.
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