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Another Golden Age upon Earth: “America! We love you.” – A Message from the Unveiled Mysteries by the Ascended Master Saint Germain (vegetarian), Part 2 of 2



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We will now continue with the captivating selection from Godfré Ray King’s book “Unveiled Mysteries.” Following is an interesting interpretation of the real purpose of gold on Earth, as well as a memorable depiction of a scene from a great past civilization, as witnessed by Godfré Ray King on one of his many journeys with Saint Germain.

“Gold is one of the most important ways by which the energy from our Sun is supplied to the interior of the Earth, and a balance of activities maintained. As a conveyor of this energy, it acts as a transformer to pass the Sun’s force into the physical substance of our world, as well as to the Life evolving upon it. The energy within gold is really the radiant, electronic force from the Sun – acting in a lower octave. Gold is sometimes called a precipitated sunray.” 
“‘As the energy within gold is of an extremely high vibratory rate, it can only act upon the finer and more subtle expressions of Life through absorption. In all “Golden Ages” this metal comes into plentiful and common use by the mass of the people and whenever such a condition occurs, the spiritual development of that people reaches a very high state. In these ages the gold is never hoarded but instead, is widely distributed into the use of the mass, who absorbing its purifying energy, are themselves raised into greater perfection.’” 
“‘The more advanced of these people produced much gold by precipitation direct from the Universal. The domes of many buildings were covered with sheets of pure gold and the interiors decorated with brilliant jewels in curious yet marvelous designs. These jewels were also precipitated direct from the One Eternal Substance.” 
“The king was the only one in the whole empire who was entrusted with the use of such Transcendent Power. The royal family had never used these Jewels of ‘Light’ in their contact with the outer world, until that night. Such use of this power was only permitted in their private worship of the Great God Self, of Whose ‘Supreme’ Presence, they were keenly and constantly aware.”

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