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In today’s news, mobile clinics bring free health care direct to thousands of displaced Armenians, phenomena on Mars may indicate layer of ice below surface, youth start-up creates sustainable jobs for local Rwandans, ultrasound is used for treating brain diseases, United States health workers stuck in snowstorm offer coronavirus vaccines to stranded drivers, British-made documentary on the lives of slaughterhouse workers coming soon, and surfing duck becomes a local celebrity at Australian beach.

Free health care to be provided to displaced Armenians.

The Switzerland-headquartered International Organization for Migration (IOM) has joined with Armenia’s Ministry of Health to provide mobile health care teams to more than 9,000 conflict-affected individuals in and around the Nagorno-Karabakh region. Through the IOM Global Rapid Response Grant, health care, including first aid treatment and specialist referrals if required, is being provided to those in need through a mobile clinic. The five-member medical team, which includes psychological assistance, has already reached out to 15 local communities screening an average of 50 people per day. Armenia is a laureate of two Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, and two Shining World Leadership Awards for Peace. Thank you, IOM and Armenia’s Ministry of Health, for providing free and vital healthcare services via this convenient approach. In Heaven’s benevolence, may the displaced Armenians have good health and return to their normal lives.

Landslides on Mars’ surface may indicate underground ice.

Dr. Janice Bishop and team of researchers at the non-profit US-headquartered SETI Institute of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which is dedicated to searching for life in the universe, have put forth a theory that a thin layer of water ice exists just below the surface of Mars’ barren terrain. High-resolution images from NASA confirmed the existence of shifting sand and dust on the planet’s surface that appear and disappear with seasonal sun exposure. The scientists theorize that the movement occurs when the sun melts the ice below, forming changes in the alignment and color of surface particles. Studies on similar soils from the Earth’s Atacama Desert in Chile and areas in Antarctica support the theory. Bravo, Dr. Janice Bishop and SETI scientists! Your work keeps us apprised of the fascinating possibility of conditions for life on our celestial neighbor, in the Creator’s infinite grace.

Up next, youth start-up creates sustainable jobs for local community. We’ll thank the metal polishers, who meticulously grind, file or sand metals and alloys to produce useful and aesthetic items such as household appliances, automobile bodies, and metal cases for smartphones. When we return, more distinguished news ahead, here on Supreme Master Television!

Hi, generous viewers! I am Timmy the vegan Temminck’s Tragopan! People call me a hero because I am Vegan and I save lives! I know people will call you a hero too for the same reason. Wow, we are heroes and the best. Today I’d like to offer a tip for you. Did you know that the wheel located on your computer mouse serves multiple purposes? Not only does it help you scroll up or down on a page, but when you push down on it, it will also act like a third button on your mouse. Just press down the wheel button when the cursor is on any link to open a webpage in a new tab. In addition, if you hold down the Ctrl key while simultaneously scrolling up or down, you can zoom in or out on webpages, documents, or spreadsheets. This neat computer shortcut will save you some time! Thank you for tuning in and love you a lot for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Now for the weather around the globe.

Rwandan students develop sustainable jobs for their community.

Students at the University of Lay Adventists of Kigali in Rwanda have invested their own savings and created the non-governmental youth startup “Save Environment Initiative” (SEI). It was established in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic “to promote, to conserve and to save the environment through different initiatives directly linked to community needs…” Currently, SEI is arranging the distribution of 100,000 fruit tree seedlings to disadvantaged communities so that families can grow fruits for themselves and also generate income. SEI has already created green jobs for women and youth working in the NGO’s tree nursery, which is on land provided by the school. Not only is this an earth-protecting initiative, it will reduce the need for families to buy expensive fruits while helping vulnerable children receive better nutrition. Kudos, Save Environment Initiative and bright initiators, for your amazing conservation efforts! In the blessings of the Providence, may the noble Rwandan people greet evermore success and happiness.

Ultrasound used as effective treatment for multiple brain diseases.

Scientists at the Medical University of Vienna in Austria and the University of Toronto in Canada have been developing revolutionary ultrasound techniques to treat patients with various neural conditions. The Viennese approach, led by Dr. Roland Beisteiner, enhances brain function by externally stimulating functional neurons, and can be used for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and neuralgia. Techniques developed by renowned Dr. Andres Lozano and team in Toronto use ultrasonic waves to treat tremor and tremor-dominant Parkinson’s disease among other debilitating conditions. Published in the specialist journal Advanced Science, the paper co-written by authors from both universities, states that the new methods are essentially free of negative side effects to the patient, and will soon be widely available in clinical settings. Congratulations, Dr. Roland Beisteiner, Dr. Andres Lozano and co-researchers, on your profound medical advancement. May God hasten your ongoing quest for healing, and may all people someday flourish in good health.

Health workers distribute soon-to-expire COVID vaccines car to car.

After a day of administering coronavirus vaccinations at rural locations, Josephine County Public Health Director Michael Weber and 20 colleagues were stuck on a highway in a snowstorm while returning to their home base in Grants Pass, Oregon, USA. Upon realizing their remaining six vaccine doses were soon to expire, Mr. Weber and team members walked car to car to offer to administer them to stranded drivers. An accompanying ambulance was available in the rare case of an alarming reaction. Within 45 minutes, the doses were eagerly taken up by six lucky people. The happy recipients included a local employee who had arrived too late to receive her scheduled dose earlier in the day. We applaud your quick-thinking actions, Michael Weber and team. Thank you, all the health officials, who are working diligently in vaccinating the public. In Divine mercy, may such preventable pandemics like COVID-19 disappear forever through humans’ adoption of the vegan lifestyle.

Coming up, documentary to be released on the traumatic lives of slaughterhouse workers. We’re going to take some time to search online for a new vegan recipe to try, and then share it with friends. You’re watching Noteworthy News on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Generous News for a Magnanimous World.

New documentary to explore the suffering of slaughterhouse workers.

Directed by British vegan Jack Hancock-Fairs, who comes from a long family lineage of butchers and slaughterhouse workers, “The Dying Trade” sheds light on the many issues endemic in the animal meat industry that affect the people who work there. Many people have responded to Mr. Hancock-Fairs’ online crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo in support of his noble filmmaking endeavor. “When I am older, I want to look after animals.” “I want to be a scientist.” “…a movie maker!” “I want to be an author.” “I want to be happy.” “When I grow up, I want to be… a slaughterhouse worker.”

"There are three main aims of this documentary. Number one is to simply raise awareness about the suffering experienced by slaughterhouse workers. Number two is to humanize the workers. I think there’s a misconception in the animal rights community that people who do these jobs are just bad people. And after meeting and filming with several of them and spending most of my life living with one (father), it’s clear to me that this isn’t the case. The third goal of this project is to provide another reason to boycott animal products. Together, let’s make slaughterhouses a thing of the past." Our appreciation, Jack Hancock-Fairs, for your dedication to sharing the truth regarding the immense psychological and physiological effects of the meat industry on fellow people. In Heaven’s compassion, we pray for a vegan world so all humans and animals will be free to live in peace, wellness and love.

A surfing duck gains fans at an Australian beach.

Fondly named “Duck,” caregivers Kate Miller and her son Tom adopted the feathered friend during the coronavirus pandemic. Hand-raised from the time he was a baby, Ms. Miller and Tom have been bringing Duck to Rainbow Bay on the Gold Coast of Australia every day since he was seven days old. They realized Duck’s talent when he followed them confidently into the water for a swim and started riding waves back to shore. Duck also likes to cheekily hop onto the boards of surfers to say hallo and catch a wave in. His trusting interactions bring joy to many. Ms. Miller said that the local community is always “amazed and intrigued” by his unique behavior. Awesome stuff, brilliant surfer Duck! Hats off for showing us how to enjoy life and for putting smiles on people’s faces. And thanks, Kate Miller and Tom, for being such loving caregivers. Wishing you many years of fun and happy times together.

How about a joke of the day to relax with for a while? It’s called, “The King’s Challenge.”

In a faraway kingdom, the king said that whoever crosses the river full of crocodiles by swimming, will have the chance to marry his daughter. But all of the men got scared of the crocodiles. Then a man suddenly entered and swam very fast, successfully crossing the river.

"Well done! You can now marry my daughter anytime."

"I don’t want your daughter. I just want to know who pushed me in that river!"

And now we have a heartline from Chun-Pu in China:

Greetings! Venerated Master and Supreme Master TV team, First of all, I would like to thank you for your selfless dedication and love to create Supreme Master TV and continue broadcasting every day. Every scene in your program is very pleasing to the eyes. Whenever I encounter problems in life, as long as I sit down and quietly watch your programs, all questions and doubts will be answered! This makes me deeply feel Master's Love and Blessing! I sincerely hope that all people will watch Supreme Master TV and the Earth will become a true Heaven! Chun-Pu from China

Encouraging Chun-Pu, Our appreciation for your positive note! It is truly so, as we quiet our minds, the whole universe is open to us; we perceive things in greater depths while understanding the working of the Master Power. It is also scientifically proven that deep contemplation like meditation can give a sense of calm, peace and balance that can benefit both emotional well-being and overall health. We pray that the world’s people will find inner peace to do all things in wisdom and love to manifest Heaven here on Earth. May you and grand China enjoy endless serenity. In Buddha’s luminous Light, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some words for you: “Cherished Chun-Pu, I’m glad you have benefited from watching Supreme Master Television. Having the programs running 24/7 will also create a protective shield around you while receiving Heavens’ abundant blessings that is gracing our planet during this urgent time. May Divine Love be showered upon you and your determined Chinese co-citizens immensely.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

We sure have enjoyed spending time with you on Noteworthy News. May your heart be filled with the infinite love of Heaven.

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