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In today’s news, our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai presents Shining World Compassion Award to Jeremy Hess for his animal-rights advocacy and vegan outreach, Egypt and Qatar move forward in restoring ties, fast-working robots assist in sorting recyclables in United States, Singaporean ocularist helps patients regain self-confidence, two New York police officers are thanked by man whose life they saved, Nestlé launches vegan KitKat, and orphaned koala gets new prosthetic limb.

In Shining World Compassion Award News from the United Kingdom…

Jeremy Hess is a dedicated animal-rights advocate and founder of the informative website veganinteractions.com, which supports and mentors new and existing vegans, in addition to supplying helpful advocacy resources. His outreach extends to social media via his YouTube channel, and writing copy that inspires respect for animals and the vegan lifestyle. A highlight for Jeremy is volunteering at FRIEND Farm Animal Sanctuary, which was established in 1994. As well as being a loving forever home for the animals, the sanctuary provides education to visitors, and sets an example of building ecological sustainability through activities such as growing food and planting native trees. “About six years ago when I started living vegan, I was really excited to talk to others about it. I realized the importance of communication, and that’s really kind of the spirit behind Vegan Interactions I think deep down there’s a vegan inside all of us, it’s just a matter of tapping into all of that. And it just kind of went from there. I started doing mentoring, and obviously this place [FRIENDS Farm Animal Sanctuary].”

Upon learning about his caring efforts and deeds, our Cherished Supreme Master Ching Hai, “Lovingly present Jeremy Hess of Vegan Interactions the Shining World Compassion Award, plus a US$10,000 humble contribution to further this inspiring, noble work.” Our Association members in Surrey, United Kingdom, joyfully presented the Award letter, crystalline plaque, Master’s financial contribution as well as Her publications and DVDs. “You said, ‘I started Vegan Interactions to help us find ways to inspire people to respect other animals and their rights.’ In addition to the vast amount of supportive information on your website and the brilliant mentoring you provide to the public, you are also an active helper at the FRIEND Farm Animal Sanctuary in Kent. Some of your inspirational videos include a heart-to-heart with turkeys and their ability to cuddle and bond with a human. Their innocence, gentleness, social interaction and trust have a calming effect on us, showing the Divine intelligence of animals – ‘their lives are irreplaceable.’ Promoting animal rights, you highlight their individual personalities, commonalities with humans and familial lineage. ‘This means seeing them as someone verses something regardless of their species.’”

“Thank You so much, Supreme Master Ching Hai. Thank You so much for this award. I think a lot of us as animal advocates cannot always know the impact we’re having, and this just means the world to me, to know that other people have been impacted by the work I’m doing and to help build respect for our fellow animals and their rights.” “In addition, this is a check from Supreme Master Ching Hai to you Jeremy forUS $10,000.” “Thank You so much. This means the world to me, and I think it’s only appropriate that this money goes to where it’s needed the most, which is our fellow animals. I spend a lot of time here at FRIEND Farm Animal Sanctuary, which means a lot to me and especially to the animals who call this their home, so I’d like to re-direct this gift to them and to help care for all the animals. So to accept this award on behalf of FRIEND, I’d like to introduce Mark Eaton.” “Thank you, Jeremy. This is a huge amount of money. We feel very honored that you’ve donated it to FRIEND, and as you know, every penny will go to the animals, without a doubt. Especially in these unprecedented times, it’s been very, very difficult for animal charities especially to raise money, so this will go a long, long way to securing the future of the animals. So yes, thank you again so much.”

Our elated congratulations, Jeremy Hess, Mark Eaton and all of the kind-hearted FRIEND Farm Animal Sanctuary volunteers. May the light of God shine brightly on you, with boundless blessings. For the full presentation of the Shining World Compassion Award to Jeremy Hess please tune in to our Shining World Awards program at a later date.

Egypt and Qatar continue strengthening ties.

During the 155th Arab League Council gathering in Cairo, Egypt, Qatari Minister of Foreign Affairs, His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani and Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs, His Excellency Sameh Shoukry discussed furthering reconciliation efforts. His Excellency Sheikh Al Thani said, “We in the State of Qatar and the brothers in Egypt look at matters positively and strive for a return of warm relations.” This discussion comes after a historic deal made at the Gulf Cooperation Council summit in Saudi Arabia in January at which Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates agreed to restore diplomatic ties with Qatar. Egypt is a laureate of Shining World Leadership Awards for Peace and Earth Conservation; Qatar is a Shining World Leadership Awards for Peace and Compassion laureate; Bahrain is a Shining World Leadership Award for Peace laureate; Saudi Arabia is a laureate of two Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, a Shining World Leadership Award for Peace and a Shining World Leadership for Loving Care Award; and the United Arab Emirates is a recipient of the Shining World Leadership Award for Good Governance and a laureate of Shining World Leadership Awards for Peace, Environment Protection, Protection, and Compassion. We celebrate your harmonious commitment, Egypt and Qatar. May this friendship bring your nations and the region everlasting peace and joy, in Divine abundance.

Up next, fast-working robots are sorting recyclables in United States. We’ll pause for a moment to thank the industrial designers and engineers that design beautiful cases for smartphones. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more exciting news.

Lovely viewers, how are you doing? It’s Beth the vegan Babirusa. Guess how old I am. You can’t. I look half my age, because I’m vegan. I’ve got an eco-friendly tip for you today. Instead of purchasing toothpaste with non-recyclable tubes, make your own! In a small jar, mix together three tablespoons of coconut oil, 1.5 tablespoons of baking soda, and about 5 drops of alcohol-free peppermint extract. Soften the coconut oil if it is hard by mashing it with a spoon. Lastly, just apply some of the newly made toothpaste to your toothbrush and brush away to get clean teeth and fresh breath. Lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Thank you for watching. Now for the weather from around the world.

United States company invents recycling robot helpers.

Artificial intelligence business AMP Robotics has unveiled a three-hand robot that can sort through recycled items about two times faster than humans with the accuracy of 99%. The brain and eyes of the robot are built with an AMP Neuron, and the hands and body with an AMP Cortex. The system can correctly identify the type of recycled waste and put it in the appropriate bin at a speed of 80 items per minute. The AMP Robotics team has deployed its innovative advancements across more than 20 states since last year, and says it can reduce recycling center costs by approximately 70%. In addition to decreasing landfills as well as health and safety hazards, the company has estimated that its technology has lowered greenhouse gas emissions by half a million tons. Wow! A big thank you, AMP Robotics. In Heaven’s support, may we develop even more wondrous ways to ensure a thriving, green planet.

Singaporean ocularist helps patients restore self-confidence.

During the past 14 years, Suriya Abu Waled, an ocularist at the National University Hospital of Singapore, has created eye prostheses for over 200 people. One of Ms. Waled’s patients, 31-year-old Norshahira Bte Amat Paiman, lost the sight in her right eye from an accident when she was two-years-old, and in adulthood, the discomfort in her eye became severe. After consulting her doctor, Ms. Paiman decided to replace her defective eye with a prosthesis. Since the procedure, Ms. Paiman has been able to continue her job as a nurse comfortably and with new self-assurance. Describing ocularistry as a combination of science and art, Ms. Waled said she enjoys witnessing the happiness it brings to her patients. Our warm appreciation for your important work, Suriya Abu Waled. May all individuals lovingly receive the support and care they need, in Celestial upliftment.

Hero police officers save man’s life in New York.

Salvatore Sgroi, a department supervisor at Home Depot in New York, United States, experienced heart failure while in the retail store’s parking lot. Officer Jason Milman and Detective Dominick Ciaravino, who were off-duty at that time, hurried to help him, carrying out CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) for about 10 minutes until paramedics arrived to take him to the hospital. Mr. Sgroi received treatment for around a week and then continued recuperation at home. Later on, together with his wife and three children, Mr. Sgroi had a chance to thank the officers personally. Detective Ciaravino said, “It’s truly nice to know that you saved a life.” The two officers recommend that all individuals learn CPR. Our humble respect, and God bless you, Detective Ciaravino and Officer Milman. In Heaven’s comfort, may Salvatore Sgroi enjoy many happy and healthy years with his loving family.

Coming up, Nestlé launches vegan KitKat. It’s time for us to go feed the fish some leafy green veggies in our outdoor pond. More comforting news coming up on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Happy News for a Joyful World.

Nestlé brings vegan KitKat to market.

Switzerland-headquartered leading food and beverage company Nestlé has revealed the launch of its vegan KitKat V bar. It will be available first in the United Kingdom, where it was created, followed by several countries across the globe this year. The much-anticipated chocolate-covered biscuit treat is made from rice-based milk and 100% sustainable cocoa. Nestlé already manufactures non-dairy vegan ice cream, coffee creamers, burgers and more. Our cheerful salute, Nestlé. May delicious vegan offerings continue to grow worldwide, as we strive together for an Earth-kind and compassionate future, in the light of the Providence.

Koala gets new foot thanks to dental prosthetist.

Veterinarian nurse Marley Christian rescued a koala in New South Wales, Australia. She cared for him at her home for six months before he was moved to the facilities of the rescue group Friends of the Koala, where Ms. Christian is a rescue coordinator. Triumph, the orphaned young marsupial, was born without a foot, and Ms. Christian went through an extensive search for someone who could make him a prosthetic one. She eventually found a local dental prosthetist, Jon Doulman, who created a rubber boot with a grip tread for Triumph. Once fitted with the boot, he jumped for the first time and now climbs and moves around freely. Ms. Christian said, “I would do anything for that boy. He is worth it.” Bravo, Marley Christian and Jon Doulman. Heaven’s blessings for your caring work. In Divine goodwill, may delightful Triumph be blessed with many joyful and love-filled tomorrows.

Let’s have a hearty laugh together with the joke of the day. It’s called, “Money.”

“Hey, mom, can I have $100?”

“Well, Sammy, money doesn’t grow on trees...”

“But what is money made from?”


“Where does paper come from?”


And now we have a heartline from Amila in Mongolia:

Hallo! Most Beloved Master and beautiful Supreme Master TV team

My mother, myself and two initiates went to a place called Gunt today. This place is full of trees and flowers just like in a fairytale. We went there to meditate, and also got our vegan food supplies for cooking and vegan goods, etc. When we arrived at the spot we meditate, there was a herd of cows and I approached some cows, but they were scared. But one cow was not scared of me and let me stroke her, and then she smelled and licked me. Oh, I was so happy. Later, when we brought out our food, one black cow was staring at us, so I gave her a spoonful of food, she liked it so much she wanted more. Soon almost all the cows came over for food; they were just like dogs, and they ate a lot of our food; I didn't know they would do that! They were so cute! They looked at us the same as dogs and cats do when they ask for food! When we went a little way from them, they followed. While we were meditating, they ate all the veggies (mushrooms, potatoes, cabbage, vegan meats, even the kimchi!) I learned that they're just as smart as dogs; they can smell, they understand, they have feelings just like us. I'm just so sad people are still eating animals. May all humans be vegan and may our Earth become Heaven. Amila from Mongolia

Blossoming Amila, Thank you for relating your experience and growing understanding of how all Heaven’s beings are equal, in every way, on our glorious planet Earth. We pray that all humans may come to know this truth and that all animals may live life free and abundantly, able to enjoy all things, even your picnic lunch! May the Buddhas bestow peace and prosperity upon you, your loved ones, the noble Mongolian people, and your magical country. In Universal Love, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master writes: “Delightful Amila, what a special picnic you shared with the cows and amazing experience. Animals are truly like that. They are just like us. It’s a pity that many humans do not experience their likeness to our race! I love them soo dearly because of their interaction with me in various ways in their loving and intelligent manner! May all people come to recognize animals’ Divine souls and right to life! My loving embrace goes out to you all and the cows. May Buddha’s Grace bring much joy to you and your adventurous Mongolian co-citizens.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via


Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May your path be enriched with inner peace and contentment.

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