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Between Master and Disciples

The Snake Inside Humans, Part 5 of 12, Feb 18, 2021

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It’s very sad. Every day, if I see the news, people die, over millions already. But that is the minimized number. The real number is more. Even the real infected number is also more. And it’s the time for retribution. No one can do anything about it. I can rescue the souls only if they repent. Physically speaking, they have to go through this time of cleansing and payment.

There is a story in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) also. We had a story about one man. Somehow, he lost himself and went into a kind of paradise or Eden. There he met beautiful girls and he kind of coupled with one. They were very happy together. The houses were like palaces and he had anything he wanted. Anything that he didn’t want, he also could have. He had anything. But there was one room, one door, that she said should never be opened. He could go anywhere, anywhere, anywhere, anywhere, except that room. Not open. One day, she had to go away to have like a conference with other fairies or celestial beings. He stayed at home alone and then, you know. You know men, right? You know what he did, right? (Yes, Master.) I don’t need to tell you, but I’ll tell you anyway. He opened that door. Guess what? He saw the world down there. He saw our world as it is. And then he began to remember all the memories that he had before – coffee shop, cakes in Paris.

Like me, I remembered it when I saw the video, the show that you wanted me to edit. (Yes.) Wow, all these (vegan) cakes in Paris. And the host even asks such a lovely, silly question: “Wouldn’t you like to live next to it, near this (vegan) cake shop?” I said, “I would!” automatically, because I remember all these tastes (Yeah.) and the brewing smell, the fragrance of the coffee from the shop, (Yes.) all the Parisians sitting outside on the sidewalk or under the little canopy or something, drinking coffee, eating these delicious creations of cakes, talking and happy. (Yes, Master.) When I saw that, I remembered and I wanted to go to France, and rent a room next to that vegan cake shop. Oh! Tell you the truth, I have to confess. You saw it yourself, right? (Yes, Master.) From Landemaine, Land & Monkeys shop? (Yes, Master.) Oh, my God. He’s really excellent, making all kinds of cakes, vegan! (Yes.) Oh, so beautiful-looking also. (Yes, Master.) I haven’t had the luck to taste it, but it looks so beautiful and I know it would taste good. (Yes.)

Because I remember when I was in Europe, some vegan shops offer all these vegan cakes. Not all of them like that, but some. Or some of my favorites, like (vegan) cupcakes, (vegan) muffins. (Yes.) Oh, I'm sorry, I reminded you also. Well, we are in it together. OK? (Yes.) We are on the same boat. (Yes.) I also don’t have anything like that anymore. And don’t think that I am tougher than you. I do miss them. Only when I see them on our TV. I really hate it when I have to edit these kinds of things. Or like the cooking shows, where we saw so many good people cooking delicious stuff? And by the way they explain the ingredients, I know it’s delicious. Then I was thinking, “Oh, I have to hire a chef who can cook all these kinds of things for me every day!” Well, I don't know if I have time to eat it, to be honest with you. Because sometimes I have to rush the shows. I am slow in typing and in computer. When the mouse runs away, I have a difficult time to chase him back. He runs outside of the screen! I don't see him anywhere! And the more I move, the more he disappears! (Oh!) Oh, man! And God had to choose such a person like me, so low-tech to be a Master and has to have a television, global television, to take care. And luck has it for me, I have to even edit them.

All the shows that people see all day, I have to see them all. All the things that you show on TV, I have to see them all before we show it to the audience. Imagine how busy? (Yes, Master.) Yeah! And if I don't catch up, then if it’s time… Because we have time issue. It’s not forever that I can hold on to a show. I have to do it. Sooner is better than later. Because you will have to correct it if I do correct. You have to add something if I have added something. And the subtitlers have to do the subtitles, the translators have to do more translation, more or less, or add it or minus. (Yes, Master.)

I have to hurry and do it, so that you guys can be more comfortable to take care of your job after that. Then the schedulers have to schedule it. (Yes, Master.) And arranging all kinds of things. I cannot just say, “Oh, I'll do it in two, three days.” I do as quick as I can. It’s just that I’m not that fast. Because I also have to think whether or not I delete this or I keep it or add this, or not adding that is good or not good. Sometimes it takes some time. And in a rush like that, or if I have to have a conference inside or meditate a lot, then I cannot eat, I cannot sleep. I can’t afford that. (Yes, Master.)

So, it’s just a dream to live near the (vegan) bakery shop like that. But even if I live there, as long as we have Supreme Master TV, I don’t have any chance. (Yes, Master.) And you either, so don’t bother. Paris is very expensive. Anyways, I just don’t need. I just take what I need and not what I want. Very, very minimum. Not just for food, but everything I use. Only the clothes, because I’m modelling it. And the jewelry as well because I design them. I design the clothes and jewelry. I need to do it. Always hiring a model for every set of clothes is very expensive. (Yes, Master.) And it’s not always suitable to find them. It doesn’t matter. I don’t have such a big business anyway, so I just model my own. Also to look decent, to look, like, refreshing for your eyes – I mean, not just you, but everyone – so that they don’t always have to see the same old face and the same old clothes.

We are in a modern time, we should be more lively. Colorful. No? (Yes, Master.) To cheer up the miserable world that we live in. (Yes.) So, I’m also reading. When I read all this, I was thinking I save it until when we get out of COVID and read it to the congregation, in New Land. (Yes.) Every Sunday, or Sunday, Saturday, or whenever. But then we have the pandemic, like forever. So, I thought maybe I read it now. At least you can see me, can hear the story, we talk, and the outside disciples especially, to cheer them up. (Yes.) And maybe others, who are non-disciples, also cheer them up in this time of troubled waters. (Yes, Master.)

It’s very sad. Every day, if I see the news, people die, over millions already. But that is the minimized number. The real number is more. Even the real infected number is also more. And it’s the time for retribution. No one can do anything about it. I can rescue the souls only if they repent. Physically speaking, they have to go through this time of cleansing and payment. (Yes, Master.) And it’s good enough that our planet has not been destroyed already. (Yes, Master.)

That people still have hope. We keep it afloat until then, till whatever time necessary, if I can. I did many things to protect the planet, to protect people, as much as I can. (Thank You, Master.) And continue. I still continue to do it on a daily basis, just like you have to eat every day in order to keep your body healthy and functioning. Not just one time that you can do it to protect the planet. One time is a general, a big one, but every day, the planet has to be protected in different ways. (Yes.) (Thank You, Master.) Also, I cannot use all the power all at once. My body cannot bear it. It has to go through the body. Do you understand that? (Understand, Master.) (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, there’s no need for any Master to come to the world. (Yes, Master.)

Even, for example, like, sometimes the Heavens want to tell me something, but I am busy with other things in the physical, like washing, cleaning, or something, then They send the bird or the squirrels, because They need their physical body to make noise so that I will notice. I say, “Ah, what is it now?” and then They tell me. Today a bird came, for example, told me what, what, what. Or yesterday the squirrel “chip, chip, chip,” so that I pay attention. (Yes.) Because I cannot just sit and meditate all the time; I have other chores to do and work, Supreme Master TV work. So They have to use a physical means to do that.

The same with all the Masters that came to the planet or any physical planet. Need a physical pole. (Yes, Master.) Just like electricity, it’s in the air. Right? (Yes.) But it needs an electric pole, electric equipment in order to capture this electricity for us to use. (Yes, Master.) In the physical dimension, it’s like that. (Yes, Master.) Just like now, we can see each other all right. We don’t have to sit next to each other to see each other, but we need a computer. (Yes.) We need camera, we need telephone – all these are physical instruments. (Yes, Master.)

Just the physical body of the Master is a more sophisticated instrument, and it has a soul, it has the Holy Spirit in it. It has the Heavenly energy through it. (Yes, Master.) The electric cord is just an inert kind of element or instrument, but the Master’s body is not just that. Just more, it’s a higher, higher dimension, higher equipment. (Yes, Master.) I was trying to tell you something else before. I forgot. Never mind then. Maybe next time.

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