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Seven Questions From Alexander the Great, Part 2 of 8, Mar 3, 2021

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So this governor, he’s single. He’s lonely. He’s pressurized with his job and he probably needs company. Maybe he likes the girl. Maybe if they’re dating for a while, maybe she likes him also. Then maybe they’re married later. Who knows?

Right. What’s the other question? (Yes, Master.)

(Furthermore, he has been accused of inappropriate behavior by three women occurring between 2016 and 2020. Two were former aides. An independent review will be launched NY Attorney General Letitia James is choosing the investigation team instead of Judge Barbara Jones. Master, are You aware of these events and what are Your thoughts? Or if You were the judge, what would You have to say?)

I don’t say anything because I am not the judge. But I will answer you because you asked me. Otherwise, you will sleep with it and then you will toss and turn with nightmares. By the way… Oh yes, I read the news, so I came across it. I came across these things. And I don’t know if it’s a big deal. They accuse him of like sexual harassment, is that correct? (Yes, Master.) Because inappropriate, improper behavior has so many levels, so you have to say it correctly. (Yes, Master.) That’s what I read. All right.

What I think is, I don’t know what to think. Because I am not a governor, I am not the women that he has been accused by, or that accused him. But I’m thinking, if it’s just like so-called harassment, I don’t know what kind of harassment he measured out to his staff or to these women, but men, they like beautiful women, don’t they? Yes? (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) And, is he single? Or married? Or widowed? (Currently, he’s single, Master.) Single? (Yes.) So, single man is looking for single woman. Is something wrong with that? (No, Master.) Just because they are his staff, it’s easier. Every day they work together. (Yes, Master.) And the staff tendency is always being, of course, very friendly, very coordinated, very respectful toward him, as their boss. (Yes, Master.) So, because of that, he feels that they are more, more lovely. More to his manly liking. No? (Yes, Master.) This is the problem. When they work together with a woman and he’s single, then things could happen.

But he didn’t… according to the report I read, he didn’t like, excuse me, molest them or force them to do anything. Did he? According to reports, yes or no? (I’m not aware of the specific allegations,) No. (but, I don’t think so, Master.) No. So, OK, maybe he said something or he liked to do something with them. Maybe he’s in love with them in the span of four years, right? (Yes, between 2016 and 2020.) Four years, only three women, that’s very sparesome already for a man his age and his position. And because he doesn’t go out, he’s too busy, so his staff is all he has. So, maybe he said something maybe he shouldn’t say, like… I saw one photo, he asked the woman if he… “Can I kiss you?” Can he kiss her. (Yes, Master.) So that is not like molestation or anything. (No, Master, that is not.)

I think they blow it out of proportion. If that’s all there was and nothing more than that, then it’s just maybe misbehavior. If all that was true, then probably also that he might be too lonely and just tried to look for love, but he probably looked in the wrong place or expressed it in the wrong way. But who knows, maybe he did not do half of what people say that he did, to the women. But it’s not much to make a big deal out of it.

I mean, it’s nothing worse than many of the stories of the Catholic Church priests. They molested children. More than ten thousands over the years in France alone, according to reports and confession archives. The little children. The altar boys and other children. And nobody said anything. They did say something but very little. (Yes.) I mean, what’s the use of all these laws to protect children, to prosecute those children traffickers or children abusers when there are revered, trusted priests who are doing it, doing the same thing. The law turns a blind eye to the helpless, innocent children victims?? And here we are, chasing a single lay person governor for taking the courage to confess to a girl that he likes her! Think about it! (Yes.) I think if we talk about the law, we should talk about the Church law first. It’s more restricted. If you are a monk, you don’t molest children. Even if you are normal people and you molest children, people bring you to court and bring you to jail. No? (Yes, Master.)

So, he’s a governor, he just asked if he can kiss her or if he can, even if he asked to go to bed with her, she can always say no. They are adults. No? (Yes, Master.) They’re grown up or not? (Correct, Master.) (Yes, Master.) A man has the right or has… not a right, but he can ask what he wants. And all you do is to say, just to say, “No, sir.” Right? (Yes, Master.) Why make a big deal and accusing him of whatever they do accuse him, if that’s all there was. He did not molest anybody. He did not force anyone into like a physical, sexual relationship or anything. (Yes, Master.) Just because now people… some people don’t like the Democrats and he’s a Democrat, so they’re trying to make it more big things. Or just to show that they care, but this is not… It’s not too fair. (Yes, Master.)

But the thing is like this, I’m thinking. In my own experience in life, men have a tendency to misread the signals from a woman. Because sometimes I had no intention or anything. I’m just respectful and friendly, and they think I like them. (Yes, Master.) Many situations like that, including my own vet doctor for my dogs before. But I did not accuse him or sue him for sexual harassment. Nothing. Even he put a hand on my knee. (Oh.) We went to see movies together with my staff also. And he insisted to sit next to me and I didn’t think anything. And then he put his hand on my knee. You know… So I just moved. That’s all. And he knew. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) Later, I scolded my staff. I said “What were you thinking, why did you let him sit next to me?” And they also said they didn’t think anything. And that man, vet doctor, was married, even. (Oh.) Later, because of an injured opossum with kids, I had to talk to him, as my other vet refused to help. It was after midnight, so I said to him first, “I forgive you. But don’t do it again.” All my staff knew about this and they are still alive! Including the vet.

So this governor, he’s single. He’s lonely. He’s pressurized with his job and he probably needs company. Maybe he likes the girl. Maybe if they’re dating for a while, maybe she likes him also. Then maybe they’re married later. Who knows? (Yes, Master.) Maybe he’s in love with them. But that doesn’t mean he’s a sexual predator. Well, according to my opinion, because men, they misread, very, very likely to misread the woman’s signal. (Yes, Master.) Because the staff, they of course, they are respectful and friendly to their boss. No? (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) And of course, every man likes this kind of sweetness, gentleness, and respectful manner. So, maybe he thinks he could try. But that doesn’t mean anything. She could always say no. (Yes, Master.) Why didn’t she say no until now? Why wait so long?

I feel sorry for the woman also; we are in trouble all the time. Because if we are friendly, then we’re misunderstood. (Yeah, yeah.) If we are so stern and strict, then I don’t know, what else. They think we are … they call us a, something else. (Yeah.) They say she’s a bitch or something like that but it’s humans’ quality and manner, sometimes very difficult to live with. (Yes, Master.)

And I never had anything to do with Mr. Cu-m, Cu-mo Cuomo. (Cuomo.) Yeah. But it’s just to be fair and just. That’s what I think. All right? (Yes, Master.) And if I get into trouble, then it’s your fault. (OK.) But I don’t care whatever, I say whatever I think and always truthful. (Yes, Master.) So, then they have to get more evidence, but if he’s just flirting or asking if he can kiss her, that is not like a bombshell or stunning picture or something like that.

I think we should not just exaggerate. We have to wait for the judge or the court to find evidence and affidavits before they can make a decision and make a judgment. (Yes, Master.) That’s why in Canada they have the law that when somebody is like a criminal suspect, yes, they don’t let the newspapers know about it. (Oh.) Because they worry that there will be like prejudice (Yes, Master.) from the readers and from the public en masse and that will be not fair judgment on the criminal. (Wow.) I agree with that. Because sometimes you can really misjudge somebody, by just his character or his personality. (Yes.)

I have been misjudged many times during my life. So, it’s very difficult to immediately jump to conclusions to judge somebody. (Yes, Master.) Unless I really know from inside. But I don’t take care much of these government officials. So, I don’t look inside so much. I just look outside, all evidence according to the newspapers.

I think it’s not a big deal. They are both adults. (Yes, Master.) And it’s nothing wrong for a man to like a woman, even if that’s his staff. Nothing wrong. She doesn’t have to like him. But that’s not harassment. (No, Master.) No. Well, it could be a different story. Like, if he’s younger or more of their type, then she or one of them would have liked him, then it would be a love story. Otherwise, it’d be labelled as harassment. Ha! Bad luck.

When I was working in the Red Cross, I told you already before, there was one of my bigger bosses, he saw me outside in the corridor one time when I went to the restroom. And since then, he kept coming to my office during the coffee break. He just sat there reading newspapers in front of me. He asked my smaller boss, who normally sits in front of me. Not same table, but the two tables together and she sits in front, so I don’t know how he asked her to go away and then he came and sat there (Wow.) often. But I never went out and sued him like sexual harassment or anything.

He sat there and I sat there. I worked. I did my work. He read his newspapers. Even though one time, a couple of times he told me that, he said something, very, very complimentary like, “Oh, we never see such a beautiful woman like you working in here.” Something like that. (Wow.) But that is not harassment. Even if he so obviously came and sat in front of me all the time. Well, luckily I quit anyway. After a while, I went somewhere else, because my ex-husband had to move to work elsewhere. (Yes, Master.) So we moved.

I don’t know what is a happy ending to tell you. It’s not the first time and he’s not the only one, but men they like women, so if they express some desire towards you, and if you don’t like him, you just do something to let him know that you’re not interested. (Yes.) I showed him my wedding ring.

There is no need to sue a man just for that, my God. He probably is lonely, just work, work, work. The staff is all he knows and he goes out nowhere. He should have gone to the bar and get chatting or something. But maybe it’s not his style. (Yes, Master.) If he didn’t do anything more than that, I think it’s decent enough of him. Being single and in his position and he’s just asking if he can kiss her. (Yes, Master.) Nowadays, he should not ask because of COVID. People, they are even writing in the newspaper. They say, don’t kiss. Even they say couples should not kiss. Maybe they should have worn masks inside the office. Then that question won’t come up, no? Ah well. My God. What a gossip. OK, it’s good.

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